Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pont-Neuf GM in Glossy Finish Epi - Black

OMG, I am in LOVE with this handbag! It's the perfect travelling handbag with lots of room and pockets inside for documents and travelling essentials :) Plus I love this new epi in the glossy black finish, very sexy and so unique with the shine! I can't wait to get it, I have to give up valentine, birthday and christmas gifts for this ONE HANDBAG but it will be so worth it!!!

Add a daring twist to a favourite outfit with this glamorous accessory. The large Pont–Neuf comes in Epi leather with a glossy finish and is the perfect bag for dynamic and stylish women everywhere.

Size: 14.7" x 12" x 5.9"

-Refined microfibre lining
-Shiny silvery brass metallic pieces
-Zipper closure, flap and press-lock
-Three compartments including a central zipped pocket
-Hand-held with smooth leather handles

$2570 CDN

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

Tonite, HonHon and I headed over to Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar for our "date" night cos we hadn't spent one dinner nite out just the two of us. For the past week, we've been visiting family or friends for dinner so tonite was just about us and even though we had a very late lunch at Spiltz Grill on Main Street which made us super full but HonHon has been craving for a giant burger so we had to go! Luckily, I could move our reservations later and later, we ended up at the restaurant at 8:30pm, yes late for dinner but our schedules have been messed up on this visit. Coincidentally Kay and her "serious committed relationship" were also having a "date nite" so I didn't feel so bad about heading out without her. Her "serious committed relationship" came by during the day and they hung out while HonHon and I ran errands thru out the day. It was nice to finally meet him since they've been together for a while and even tho he's a geek, he's def a nice momma's boy and those are the "safe" ones! It's weird that she is now "dating" and in a committed relationship cos to me, she is always 5 years old. We didn't embarrass her much cos her father is too nice, altho I did throw in a few embarrassing moments for her cos that is what mommas do! Hehehe... I was hoping to meet up with them for dessert but Kay was not at all down with it, oh well :S At Blue Water Cafe, we ordered a dozen raw oysters to start and gosh, do I ever love those, deliciously sweet and I think it's going to be one of my fave things to eat! I ordered the sable fish and that was amazingly done, we also finished off with a chocolate cake for dessert. It was an enjoyable nite and it was nice to try out this restaurant, I was trying to get us into Coast but it seems they were completely booked up until 10PM!!! Oh well, maybe next time! Blue Water did not disappoint and I would def go back again, altho next time I hope to go with a larger group cos we really wanted to try the seafood tower but there was just way too much food on there and no way the two of us could finish it!! Hmmm...maybe for my next birthday??!!??

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day after Boxing Day

Metrotown was so crazy busy today and I didn't think it would be soooo busy the day after boxing day but who was I kidding? We went into the mall to look for a specific item for HonHon's father but couldn't find it at the The Source which is the place we thought we might have luck finding it. We didn't stay long in the mall cos the crowds were too crazy and insane. I would have liked to pick up a few things but I was getting a headache from the crowds so after wandering around a bit, we decided to leave and head over to London Drugs cos they were having a really great boxing day sale on electronics and I have been waiting for the Sony 7" digital frame to go on sale. LD had it marked down to $88.12 from $150 so I went over there to pick one up for myself but when I got there, I noticed that the photo frame did not have the clear photo LCD. I didn't like how the photo frame looked without it so I decided to pick up the 8" instead and for the price of $129.98 which is a great price cos Sony is selling it for $149 on sale. It is so beautiful and the extra inch is def worth it. I can't wait to use this!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Tonite we celebrated Xmas with my mom and family. This year's gathering was quite large, we had 9 people in total for dinner, that's 3 extra persons and 3 doesn't seem so much but we had to figure out how to fit that many people at our 6 seating dining table! I decided it would be a good idea to bring up my small table and set it against my mom's or else we'd have to split up the party. For our dinner, I made fresh cranberry sauce and mash potatoes (local organic market potatoes), TT brought over fresh cheesecake (from Cheesecake etc.) and strawberry sauce, Mom of course made TURKEY and all the fixings! It was a huge turkey, 21 lbs of meat mmmmm...... after our dinner, we dug into cheesecake and my mom's HK style coconut dessert. Gosh so much food..... after dessert, we opened presents - yeah! Lots of great presents and it's so nice to celebrate it with so many great people!!! One of the coolest gifts I got was a nike sport band that keeps track of my workouts, I really wanted one to keep track of my running and grouse grinding! It's so cool, can't wait to use it. It was a great Christmas and I hope every Christmas can be like this!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve

Tonite we celebrated Xmas with my dad cos he's in Vancouver this year for Xmas and it's the first time in years since he's been here for this holiday. HonHon and I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up too late to pick up my dad's Xmas gift which is a Samsung 32" flat screen TV, we were clearly disappointed that we could not make it so I had to improvise on his gift. I ended up printing a colour copy of the TV with the specifications and wrapping that with the receipt in a tin chocolate box for him. We headed over to my dad's for dinner as he insisted on making us dinner instead of going out for dinner cos he really wanted to make abalone. Next year (if he's here) we are going to make reservations to go out for dinner cos it's way too much work for my dad and he does not have enough space for everyone to sit down to eat. We all ended up scattered around the living room and dining area for dinner. Once we were done with dinner, we had a lovely apple pie with ice cream (thank you T for this, my brother's girlfriend brought it over) for dessert. That was super yummy and the pie was full of organic apples, one of the best store bought apple pies I've ever had. She picked this pie from Whole Foods, I will def have to go and pick up one the next time I'm craving apple pie. After dessert, we surprised our dad with the gift and at first, he thought he got a box of chocolates until I made him put on his glasses so he could read the piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the tin that was his real gift! I think he loved it and is very excited to pick up his gift, hopefully on Boxing Day! Can't wait to hear what my dad thinks of his gift :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello Kitty and HonHon!

HonHon arrived today! Yeah!! And he brought back a whole bunch of Hello Kitty goodies for me :) Out of all the gifts, two of the gifts he brought back are so cool!! One is a limited edition sparkly hello kitty plushie and the other, a travelling bath essential kit from the Grand Hi Lai Hotel, this hotel are known for their Hello Kitty rooms! Love it and even tho he didn't get everything, it must have been hard for him to pick up so much Hello Kitty stuff, carrying those pink bags out of the Sanrio store!! Hehehe :) He also brought back chocolates from Germany, the ones I asked for :) so happy and gonna get FAT but so worth it :) PLUS it is so nice to have him here for the holidays esp Xmas and part of NY, he hasn't been here for Xmas in the past 4 years!

BBM killed the BlackBerry Networks!

I have not been able to surf, check email or message all day!!! How annoying. I can't believe how old school my blackberry became, all I could use it for is making phone calls and text messages!! Wow, how I've become so dependent on my blackberry......

RIM statement regarding the outage on

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Le Petite Spa, Cactus Club and Metrotown

Today, I had a spa appointment at Le Petite Spa on Broadway for a Brazilian wax and gosh was I ever super nervous. I took a couple of advils and slathered on some numbing cream to that area before heading over to the appointment on West Broadway. TT (my brother's adorable and sweet girlfriend) came by to pick us up, I didn't want to drive in case I experienced too much pain and would not be able to move. It nearly took us 40 minutes to get there cos the traffic was so bad but it was nice to catch up with TT and her drama. Poor thing, she is such a sweetheart and it makes me mad how some people can be such jerks and treat others so disrespectfully!! Once we arrived at LPS, I sign a form and questionnaire while doing so, also worked on calming my nerves down. I shoulda had a shot of SOHO lycee liquor or Stoli Vodka before leaving the house cos I was shaking!! Once inside the room with Marta, she calmly spoke to me and encouraged me to stay relaxed. It really wouldn't be as bad as I thought and she was very good at what she does. At first, it stung a bit but then it wasn't so bad EXCEPT one area which we will call the "canal" was the most pain but everything went pretty smoothly. After the wax, it was a bit strange and I felt slightly naked but thru out the day, I realized I am really liking this new and CLEAN feeling! After the wax, Kay and TT were a bit hungry - poor TT, she didn't even eat lunch or breakfast cos she was in such a rush to pick me up and drive me to the appointment on time! We decided to head over to Cactus Club since TT doesn't ever get the chance to go (my brother is stubborn, one bad experience puts him off) and Kay loves the butternut squash ravioli there. After Cactus Club, TT dropped us off and Kay and I decided to kill some time at Metro before she went for her babysitting job. I ended up finding some really good deals on belts (for oversize sweaters and such) and coloured tights, all on sale! The mall was pretty busy due to the last minute Xmas shoppers, it being so close to Xmas Day. After shopping a bit more, I dropped Kay off at home and spent the rest of the nite chillin at home.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday Rhoda!!!


We celebrated Rhoda's birthday with dinner at Nu Restaurant under the Granville Street bridge with a group of friends but our party was so large that we had our own room to dine in, this room is meant for small events and such, bonus is that it's complimentary. This turned out to be really nice and it was so awesome to see and catch up with everyone even though it was such a large group, I did find it a bit hard to mingle with everyone. The menu was simple and it was cool to see a number of 100 mile entrees. The food wasn't too bad but I def think brunch at Nu is much better than dinner. The service was not too bad altho by the end of the nite, we had some issues with our bills and it took them forever to get them organized and straightened out. Right before the end of the dinner, our friend, Tim picked up a 3 D Hello Kitty birthday cake for her and it was the coolest birthday cake ever but it was super sweet and the cake inside was just so so. After dinner, some of us headed into the downtown core..... a new club called Barcelona (previous known as Crush) night club. It was a bit difficult to find parking but Rhoda and I found a small and shady lot not too far (walking distance) from the club. The front entrance of the club was crazy packed and even tho we were on the guest list, we'd still have to wait in the VIP line up! OMG, I am too old to wait in line to get into a club!! Some of the girls "greased" the bouncers to get in first but I would never ever grease to get into a club! Luckily, Fel managed to track down a friend of hers and he managed to get 7 girls in but the guys had to wait and it was suppose to be only about a 15 or 20 minute wait time but they ended up waiting for almost an hour!! They were not pleased and left even tho they were the next ones to get in but it was a super freezing nite so I don't blame them for leaving :( Once inside the club, we manage to get free cover and it was time to party. Since I was in charge of the birthday girl, i did not drink one ounce of alcohol and kept a close eye on her, many people were buying her birthday shots, I even had a guy from Calgary buy her a birthday shot altho I manage to give it to one of the other girls cos by that time, Rhoda was too wasted to be drinking any more alcohol!! There was a guy who seemed to like Rhoda cos he was very protective over her :) It was a fun nite and I don't club very often which I know why cos girls don't know how to hold onto their glasses nor do these drunk asses have any manners!! The floors were disgustingly sticky and lots of broken glass all over the floor plus people kept spilling their drinks all over the place or people were just shovers!! Besides all that, it wasn't too bad of a nite and all that was important was Rhoda had a great time! She looked like she had an awesome time and everyone came out for her tonite and she totally deserved it! Every year, she looks younger - amazing!! I got her home at the end of the nite safely and almost into her bed :) Happy birthday and love you tons!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holt Renfrew & Burberry

Today I met up with Rhoda at lunch cos we went over to check out the new flagship store for Aritzia at Pacific Centre and gosh is it ever huge plus I love the modern decor, it's more suitable for the downtown crowd. It's nice that there is also a lot more store space which means there will be a lot more stock (hopefully!) and hoping the clothing will be more business casual or dressy and not so bummy. We just wanted to wander through to see the new store but since there was no promotion with the grand opening, we didn't purchase anything. After Aritzia, we headed over to Browns Shoes to check out the winter sale and I have been pretty good at avoiding all the winter shoe sales. It also helps that there isn't anything that has caught my eye and I recently picked up a pair of beautiful shoes by SW at Saks Fifth Avenue so I am all good :) We quickly strolled through Browns and Rhoda didn't find or see anything she liked so we headed over to Holt Renfrew to use her 25% discount card. I would finally be able to pick up my Burberry scarf and at a 25% discount!! Only with the HR American Express card though and it was for this weekend only, it's 25% off on all winter and fall items which means my Burberry scarf was included and at a really good price, less than $200!! It is so soft and pretty plus it matches my Burberry rain boots! This was the last one in the store, still quite a few trench small checkered skinny scarves and small check camel skinny scarves but that one did not match my rain boots. So thankful that Rhoda is such a great friend to me cos she let me charge it and pay for it next month (Xmas is here and budget is tight) plus I would have ended up going to the Burberry store to purchase this and it would have cost over $300 to match my boots! I would have picked up the larger scarf but I am good with this one, it will do the job and keep away the winter chills :) Thanks Rhoda, Love You Babe!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Breakfast at Pan Pacific

Taken with my BlackBerry that's why it's a bit fuzzy :)

This morning I met up with Rhoda and we headed over to the Pan Pacific Christmas Wish for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. This happens annually in December for the toy drive, you arrive with an unwrapped toy and PP serves you a wonderful hot breakfast. The breakfast buffet at the Pan Pacific is one of the best in the city and for as little as a $20 toy, you can have a lovely platter of freshly baked croissants, breakfast potatoes (ohmygosh, these were soooo good, it came with shredded sweet peppers to add colour and flavour!), grilled juicy thick sausages, and fluffy scrambled eggs served with orange juice and coffee!! Plus there was quite a number of entertainments happening all over the floor, lots of hunky firefighters, Santa Claus and more! Also Jack FM was broadcasting live at the event and I saw quite a few local celebrities (from the evening news). Christmas Spirit is all around! What a great way to start off the day!!

From their website:

Pan Pacific Christmas Wish Breakfast
Join thousands of friends for a complimentary hot breakfast. Bring a new, unwrapped toy for a child/ teenager and enjoy entertainment and the spirit of Christmas as Global TV and 96.9 Jack FM broadcast live from the lobby.December 9,2009. 6:00am – 9:00am

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dinner with Brother & GF

Tonite, Kay and I met with my brother and his not so new girlfriend, we haven't officially been introduced to her yet but I had recently found out that the two of us have a lot in common. Recently, I have been sending goodies (i.e. local organic veggies, muffins and sorts) with my brother when he goes to see her so she can enjoy some of the organic items that I like to eat. She wanted to send something back to me and as a gift so she baked an organic cake for us! My brother was originally suppose to bring it to me but he suggested that she should give it to me in persona and we could all go for dinner too. I was so surprised and couldn't believe all the effort she put into this cake, it's the cutest and sweetest cake I have ever received! It is so impressive and she really put a lot of work into this cake to make it represent Hello Kitty! Wow, how impressive! The cake was made of organic chocolate and the Hello Kitty face in white frosting, she decorated her face with bits of candy and pocky. It is so cute and I don't want to cut into her!!! Altho, I can't wait to try it cos it smells so delicious and it looks so tasty. My brother said they'd be dropping by around 7pm but I know him and I know him well, 7pm is more like 8pm which the time he ended up coming by. I guess this means he's on time cos that was the predicted time he'd arrive! After some thoughts and not quite knowing where to go, we decided on Joey's at Broadway cos the menu had a selection of everything. She doesn't eat meat except for eggs and fish, occasionally chicken or turkey so we didn't want to go somewhere where there were no vegetarian options. Once we sat down, we started talking and getting to know her. After about 20 minutes, I realized we def have a lot in common esp on the way we view foods and we have similar career paths. I really really like her and I hadn't liked one of my brother's g/f's since Kitty (his first long term girl). TT is very mature 20 something year old, you def would not have guessed she was in her early 20's cos she is so mature. I was a bit shocked when my brother told me his girlfriend was in her early 20's but I can see she is much more mature than he is! She is smart, witty, charming, polite and a well rounded person (also she is gorgeous!) and my brother really lucked out meeting her. I hope they stay together for a long time and even if they don't, I'm going to stay friends with her but it would make us all very happy if they did stay together forever! Hehehe... can't wait to try her cake....

Company Christmas Party

After work, our company Xmas party was being held at the Hotel Vancouver aka The Fairmount Vancouver in a beautiful decadent room on the second level. The company party is very low key and it's an after work function for the employees only, no spouses, usually the party is scheduled for about 3 hours with a huge raffle and prizes at the end but I didn't stay very long this time. There is no formal sit down dinner, more like a selection of hot appetizers, sushi, smoked and glazed salmon, choice of turkey or lamb, and a dessert buffet. There is an open bar but you do get your one free drink from the company - the bonus of the year. I ended up dumping my bonus down the drain as I received the wrong glass of red wine (a glass of Jackson Triggs Merlot instead of the Pinot Noir). I made sure I went at least 3 rounds at the appetizer tables, skipped the meat table but one large plate of chocolate dessert! I didn't want any turkey or lamb cos the line up was much too long (planned to stay 20 minutes only) and I had dinner plans with my brother and his girlfriend at 7pm. I think I managed to stay for about 30 minutes before calling it a night, making my way around the room to say good bye and wishing them a happy holiday.

Once I got home, Kay and I headed over to Superstore to pick up a couple of items and also a couple of toys for the Pan Pacific Christmas Wish breakfast. Kay and I found some great toys within a reasonable price and I don't know how I would have found or picked these ones without Kay cos she is a little kid at heart, she wouldn't let go of the Crayola bath toy :) We ended up staying longer than we anticipated but that's ok cos my brother didn't end up coming until almost 8pm (he said he'd be there around 7ish). It was a really freezing night and I swear my hair was freezing up while we were walking from the car to Superstore and so forth.... brrr.... freezing weather for the next couple of days! This dry weather is not good for my eczema! It's so dry!! Plus our hands and lips are becoming flaky due to this dry dry freezing air....

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fun filled Sunday!

For most of the morning and afternoon I was playing around with my new BlackBerry Bold. Rhoda and I had a msn video conference so she could help me me set up the basics for the phone and figure out why my Wifi or mobile internet was on or off. I had called Fido in the morning to set up the data plan, for $25 extra dollars a month, I get 500MB of data or for an extra $5, I could get double that but I doubt I will use 1GB of data for the month so I opted with the $25 plan. It could take up to 2 hours before it started working and boy did it seem longer than that! Another reason I didn't go with the 1GB is cos I have Wifi at home and work so I'll def set it up for an automatic selection to Wifi and save the network/passcodes in there. MSN video conference is pretty cool even tho I don't like how I look on the webcam, webcams are not very flattering, it was simple, easy and quick to use. I def have to start learning how to use it more often cos if and when Rhoda moves to HK, we will be doing a lot of msn video conferencing! We were on msn for a bit and once everything was done, I realized that it was getting late in the afternoon and I still had a couple of errands to run. I hadn't even noticed that Kay was no longer in the house, altho I do remember she mentioned she was heading out and I am pretty sure she gave me a kiss and said good bye :S By the time, I was ready to head out, it was close to 4pm and I messaged Rhoda to see if she wanted to get out of the house for a bit cos I was heading in that direction. I like shopping at the Coquitlam IKEA cos it's so much bigger and there is plenty of stock in their very large warehouse, much bigger than Richmond IKEA :) We picked up a few things for the home and I am happy we got out of the house a bit so we could enjoy the sunshine altho it was super freezing cold! On our way home, we decided to make a pit stop at Lougheed Centre so we could pick up a Starbucks to warm up and we walked around the mall for a bit cos I hadn't been to Lougheed Centre in ages! After our quick stroll through the mall, my brother PIN'd me and asked when I would be coming home cos we had plans to eat dinner with my mom and grams, we headed back over to Rhoda's place and she downloaded the coolest BB theme for me, it's pink Hello Kitty and Louis Vuitton wallpaper, the two of my most fave things! :) Thanks Rhoda!!! I am so excited to use this......

Friday, December 04, 2009

Blackberry Bold

It has finally arrived and I am so excited to use it! I am going to be connected and really connected to HonHon at all times of the day! Muahahahahaha... watch out HonHon, I'm gonna PIN you all the time!! :)

Louis Vuitton, Las Vegas Lightshow

Wow, this is amazing! Must go back to Vegas and see this light-show!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Louis Vuitton Going Green

Today, I dropped by Louis Vuitton for a visit since I will probably not be able to buy another piece for a long time cos Kay's braces are going to cost me at least a couple of years worth of Louis's. My fave Louis Vuitton SA greeted me and while I was looking around, I mentioned that I might pick up another item before Xmas (maybe a small key chain?) and she told me that LV is going eco friendly by phasing out the nice sturdy brown boxes given with your purchase. Good news and bad news, I for one enjoy collecting those little brown boxes (can come in quite handy) and good news, I'm sure there will be less of those boxes in the waste yard cos I'm sure many customers (who buy a lot of Louis Vuittons) probably just throw them out! Must get another box before they are no longer available!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ohmygosh, we just got back from the orthodontist (Dr. Brian Hong & Associates) and I can't believe how much it will cost to straighten Kay's teeth!!

Breakdown of Costs

Records Fee (x-rays, models, photos) $400
Initial Fee (braces) $1200
Monthly Treatments $4800
Grand Total $6400

The record fee has to be paid upfront which thankfully, my father has kindly offered to cover but I will have to pay for the extraction of her teeth (luckily my dental covers 80%) and the braces $1200 probably in January or February 2010. After the $1200 fee, we will be paying monthly installments for the next 16 months (on a pre authorize credit card or cheque) $300, yikes!! You can get a small discount of 5% if I have the money to pay in full which is $320 off. Asians never pass up on a deal but I do not have $6000 to pay off that amount or I would! After the x-rays are done, I need to make an appointment to schedule Kay's extractions. Gosh that won't be fun. She needs to make room in her mouth cos her teeth are overcrowding. This overcrowding has resulted in a slight overbite and caused the teeth to come in crooked. Luckily, her bottom jaw does not require any surgery or else that could run up to $20K!! In 2 years or less, she will have perfect teeth and her confidence level will be greatly boosted which is PRICELESS. That is what I'm telling myself..... Since my extended dental does not cover the orthodontics, we will be paying this entirely out of our own pockets but it's worth it right?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dinner & Dessert

Tonite, Rhoda came by for dinner cos we haven't seen each other in a month! The last time we saw each other was on Halloween so we had so much to catch up on! We caught up on her life and her career over sable fish, organic purple kale, and brown jasmine rice with a glass of red wine or two. It was so nice to see her and it def was much too long but it was so nice that she made the time to come over for dinner. She's been so busy with so many things that it's hard to get together with her. Besides work, things are going good and she's got lots planned and going forward. After dinner, we headed over for HK style dessert and did some more talking. It was a great nite and so good to see her!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Kay and I headed out to HonHon's place for a 30 minute swim. We (well I mostly) are trying to get as much cardio in as we can cos the weather has been pretty cold and it's hard running the dark. I have been meaning to find a route on the street with street lights so I could get my 4 km in but it's hard when it's been raining 20 days straight and it's been so cold. After our swim, we get to sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes that is so much nicer than running and then trying to finish up the rest of my workout before jumping into the hot shower! Altho I think I was def burning more calories running and my strength training, it's hard to get outside when it's so crummy out there. This upcoming week the pool will be closed for 5 days due to maintenance so I am trying to get as much in as I can before taking the week off. Maybe I'll try to run this upcoming week....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coolest Gift EVER

What a surprise! This morning, I got the coolest gift ever. A huge Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser! It's been a long running joke that one day, one of the managers will bring one back and I can't believe he actually bought one and carried it throughout the airport for me!!! So funny! He brought it in the office in a white plastic shopping bag cos the one from the shop was clear and he was quite embarrassed lugging it around with him. The Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser is soooo cool.

Friday, November 20, 2009

2012 & Tires

I finally got new tires for my VW Bug and it was long over due. I can't believe what a difference a new set of tires can make! Hopefully, these tires will last another 10 years and the tire guy said it would last at least another 70K =) After picking up my car from Big O, I headed over to Metrotown to catch the movie, 2012. John Cusack is an awesome actor, I love the roles he takes on, sorta like an unsung hero or the underdog. The critics and the fans have been giving it great reviews so I was keen on watching it. Wow, amazing special effects and the storyline never boring. It is a very interesting and keeps you literally on the edge of your seat. No dull moments here and it is def recommended to watch in the theatre.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stuart Weitzmann Pumps!

Oh my pumps are here (click photo to enlarge)! They are so much prettier in person than on the website and are the EXACT BLUE SILVER I wanted!!! It did not look like that colour in the photo on Saks Fifth Avenue and I am so thrilled that it's the colour I wanted cos I was going to purchase another pump to get that colour cos I thought THESE ones were more grey!!! Love love them!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas in Vancouver!

We just got some great news! HonHon will be in Vancouver for the first time in 4 years for Xmas!!! It's for sure too cos it's a business trips and those are almost pretty much set in stone. Altho I am not usually too happy with all his business trips, this one, I'm not going to complain =) He can only stay for a week cos he has another business trip due out at the end of the month but I'm going to take what I can get! Hooray HonHon in Vancouver for Xmas!!!

Richmond Centre

Tonite, Kay and I headed over to Richmond cos we needed to pick up dad's meds (to be couriered to HK) and my brother was suppose to pick up some shoes for our cousin, A'Choo. After a quick dinner of organic & local kale, onions, carrots, garlic stir-fried with pasta, mmmmm... delicious! We headed over to my dad's to pick up my brother then over to the pharmacy and to Richmond Centre for the shoes. My brother ended up doing a bit of shopping, Kay ended up with a dress from Plenty that she has been eyeing for some time cos I had a 25% discount card so I picked it up for her AND I ended up with a Hello Kitty mimobot from J2! An anniversary edition for Hello Kitty's 35th birthday! After shopping, my brother was getting hungry so we headed over to Dinesty cos he hasn't been there yet and wanted to try it out. We ordered 3 dishes, a couple of sides and lots leftover cos Kay and I only had a little bit, it was so delicious! We ended up taking the stewed pork with tofu home cos my brother insisted :) It was a fun nite and good seeing my brother!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cinnamon Buns with Cream Cheese Icing

Tonite, I used the scone recipe and made cinnamon buns so I could use some of the cream cheese icing I made this afternoon for the market's cinnamon bun (we always miss the ones with icing). Gosh, my cinnamon buns turned out much yummier than the ones from the market! They were so good, I ate 2 1/2 buns - thank goodness they are small! So yummy and so easy to make!

4 cups of flour
5 tbsp of baking powder
1 tbsp of sugar
1/4 tsp salt (I always skip the salt cos I use salted butter)
1/2 to 3/4 cup of butter (softened)
Enough cold milk to bind, approximately 1 1/2 cups of cold milk - I use soy milk and it's just as yummy!

Sift together dry ingredients. Cut in butter until pea-sized. Add enough milk to form into a ball. Roughly form balls into the size of your palm and drop onto greased sheets. Bake in 350 - 375 C oven until done (about 15 mins). Best eaten warm with butter and jam. Add grated cheese for Cheese Scones.

Cinnamon Buns
Take the above recipe and roll batter into rectangular square on floured counter top. Cover with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (raisins and nuts if desired). Roll into a log. Use thread to cut thru log and place swirl side up on greased pan. Bake in 350 - 375 C oven until done. (about 15 mins). When cooled, add icing sugar or homemade cream cheese icing.

Cream Cheese Icing
1 package of cream cheese (softened)
1/4 cup of butter (softened) - you may use more butter for richer icing
3/4 cup to 1 cup of icing sugar (I always use 1 cup)
1 tbsp of vanilla

Beat the ingredients together until creamy. Unused portion should be kept in the fridge.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Winter's Market @ Wise Hall

Wow, what an awesome first Winter's Market at Wise Hall! There were so many vendors and even tho it was raining and a bit chilly, the market was super packed! Kay and I picked up some great veggies and I am gonna attempt to make squash soup and stem kale for the very first time. Can't wait to try out the kale, it's suppose to be full of vitamins and it's really really good for you. We also picked up some spinach, cauliflower, apples (super inexpensive, 4 lbs for $5!) and of course, we finished our shopping with a hot dog and a cinnamon bun (to go!).

Friday, November 06, 2009

Benefit for Parkinson's Disease

Tonite, Jas and I headed over to The Press Box for a charity event in support of Parkinson's, both of our dads have this disease so this hits close to home. All the proceeds for the dinner goes to Parkinson's Society of BC. For $20, you get a burger platter with fries and a beer or wine. Jas and I were long over due for a get together so this event was the perfect opportunity to catch up and support a great cause! I wasn't expecting much from the burger but ohmygosh, pub food is super good! The burger is one of the best I've had! The place was packed with friends and family of the organizers and they had a silent auction and a 50/50 draw. It was nice to see Shauna too since I hadn't seen her in ages! Her mom was part of organizing and holding this event for her friend who has been diagnosed with this disease. The quick word and power of FaceBook , Shauna sent this invite to all of her friends and it def brought in a huge crowd of people! After dinner, we went over to her place to catch the Rihanna interview with Diane Sawyer. It was an interesting interview and it's awful what happened to her but at least she is bringing awareness to young women that this is not ok. It was a great nite of catching up!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This Is It

Wow, an amazing documentary about Michael Jackson and his This Is It concert, it would have been a spectacular concert! My fave part was the Thriller and Billie Jean, I think those would have been incredible on stage. I can't imagine all the costumes, gosh it would have been incredible. Def a must see, it's really cool to see him on stage and watch his vision. He is an incredibly talented and it's too bad, we will never know what the concert could have been.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

United Way Bake Sale!

I volunteered to bake up some muffins for the United Way Bake Sale tomorrow! Mmmm...the house smells so lovely with all this baking. I've made raisin bran muffins and chocolate chip muffins, hope they do well!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Running the Park

Wow, I am impressed! I just found out that I run 4 km in 30 minutes! Erin has a site where it can calculate the distance (very accurately!) and I usually run about 10 rounds which is 4km and I used to run 13 which means I was at one time doing 5 km!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hello Kitty Apartment

Ohmy! How I would love to see this place in person! More photos at Three Apples Apartment.

Halloween Hookup at Hennessey Lounge

Tonite, Rhoda and I headed out to Hennessey Lounge to hear G spin and it was amazing! Rhoda and I dressed up for Halloween and I used her "cop" accessories to be a naughty cop this year. It was so much fun to dress up and I couldn't believe how hot the cop outfit looked! Before we headed over to the lounge, we stopped by Cheesecake Etc. to have dessert cos we didn't want to get to the lounge to early since G would be spinning at 11.30pm! We met up with Rhoda's friends at the cafe and after having cheesecake, we all headed off to the lounge. It wasn't a full house but still a large crowd showed up. Lots of great costumes and we all had a great time! Nice to catch up with everyone and to hear G spin, it was a fun nite and I think I'll def have to go out next Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reunion at Joey's

Tonite we had a surprised reunion! We got pretty lucky cos originally we were going to meet on Wednesday but ended up meeting on Thursday. All 4 of us have not been together at the same place in 2 1/2 years! Jen just recently got back from Australia and Karli was in Vancouver for just the one day / night! This meeting was meant to be and we feel so lucky to be able to all see each other to catch up! Jen and Karli are doing great and Karli is busy as ever. Jen is still looking for something but I'm sure she will find something soon with all her experience. Hopefully, she'll be in the downtown core and then we could have our lunches again!

We had dinner at the new Joey's on Burrard and Pender and it is very interesting how they set up this new restaurant. Designed a bit different from the others and I'm not sure I like where they put the washrooms cos they are far from the main dining area. Behind the main dining area and bar is another bar but a bit darker and more reserved, feels like it's set up for an older crowd, men in suits. The decor throughout the restaurant is unique and interesting plus I notice the crowd (after work) is a bit older and way more suits than I expected. I tried something different cos the menu is the same at every restaurant, I decided to go with the Ahi Tuna Club, mmm... that was pretty delish and I would order it again. After dinner, it was still early but we decided to call it a nite cos Karli, Rae and I were a bit tired from the long day. Even tho we didn't get to spend much more time together, I was happy to have the chance to catch up with both Karli and Jen! We miss them so much!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

Another Taste of Yaletown dining experience at Goldfish. This is another restaurant I have been meaning to go to but never had a chance. The menu for TOY was reasonably priced and there were quite a few options to choose from which impressed me. The dishes were well presented and the food was delicious and mostly local. The decor is trendy and modern and the cuisine is asian fusion. A very comfortable place to enjoy drinks and appetizers with friends after work but I probably would not go back for dinner cos the dishes are a bit pricey for asian food.

I started with the premium raw oysters (a bit small but super sweet!), entree was the oven roasted sable fish (served as Hoisin-sake glaze, caramelized onion and black bean coconut jus), and for dessert, I chose the Creme Brulee with white chocolate and jasmine shortbread cookie. All for $35 not including my drinks. I would def recommend going during TOY cos you get to sample a bit of everything at a reasonable price.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Canucks Go!

Rhoda had won tickets from work, yeah! She hasn't been to a hockey game in 2 years which is quite unbelievable but true. We decided to have dinner at Fat Burger since we hadn't been in a while plus it's close to GM Place. It's either White Spot or Fat Burger, only junk food at the hockey game. Thankfully, every game that I've been to, the Canucks wins the game and this time they did not disappoint. Altho, the game started off a bit slow and disorganized but in the end, they got into the groove, played like a team and won the game. Go Canucks Go!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taste of Yaletown had a really nice and reasonably priced menu ($25 / person). This was my first time at this place and I have been meaning to go but never had a chance to. It was a full house tonite and our table wasn't quite ready so we were offered the "red room". The red room is a room with a white leather couch, a few cushioned stools and a coffee table, the room was equipped with a TV and iPod dock and you could have the privacy away from the noisy restaurant by closing the door. We didn't do that tho cos it made the room feel really small and claustrophobic. The room is nice if you are having appetizers and drinks but not so comfortable trying to eat your dinner. The food was well presented and delicious but I was not impressed with the dessert. Overall, it was a good meal at a reasonable price and I think I would def go back again for dinner. I loved the decor and the restaurant setting. Plus the staff was incredibly attentive which we really liked and the manager gave me another dessert cos I expressed that I didn't like the dessert I chose off the menu. After dinner, it was still early (2 hour time slots for TOY) so we decided to try and get into a lounge or bar in Yaletown but it was impossible cos it's Saturday nite and we had no reservations. We walked through Yaletown to take a chance to see if we could get into Glowbal but it was packed, even Yaletown brewery had a huge line up, we decided to stop in a Blenz to have a coffee and chat some more. It was a good nite with good friends and it seems like we hadn't seen everyone in such a long time! Next dinner, it will probably be at Shel/Kitty's or Vince/Meryl's new place.

Dim Sum and Shopping

Today Kay and I met up with Clare and Cass for dim sum at Victoria Restaurant in downtown to catch up on each other since there have been many changes since we've last saw each other. Clare and Cass moved downtown and being downtown means you don't need a car but since Clare had another appointment in downtown, we decided to stick in the downtown core (Kay and I usually don't have dim sum downtown since there are so many less expensive and yummier places closer to home). We ordered a bit of everything from the menu and Clare ordered a couple of glasses of white wine to go with her dim sum. After catching up and getting full from all the dim sum, Clare had to head over to her next appointment while Kay, Cass and I decided to walk around downtown to burn off the meal. I ended up picking a couple of items like a cute silver sparkle shrug from H&M and a pair of tights from Urban Outfitters. It was nice to be outside in the sunshine as we won't be getting much more of it. After shopping, it was time to head home cos I had dinner plans for the night. It was interesting catching up with Clare, a lot has changed since I've last spoken with her.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jay Z | N.E.R.D

Jas got tickets for this concert for half price and even though these were not the best seats in the house, Jay Z is awesome! Not huge fans of N.E.R.D tho esp their new stuff (not yet released) but did enjoy the 3 songs that I was familiar with. Jay Z is an amazing performer and def worth the money, he even spent 15 minutes looking into the crowd and thanking the fans for coming out. I have a lot of awesome photos and videos but just don't have the time to edit and go thru them so here are a few of my fave shots!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonite, we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. We had quite a meal, there was so much food and I was in charge of mash potatoes and cranberry sauce. I had picked up some purple potatoes at the last Trout Lake Farmers' Market with Kay and was very excited to surprise everyone with purple mash! The turkey was almost cooked perfectly, we should have left it in the oven a bit longer but we managed to slice the top part and enjoy some turkey before the second helping (turkey back in the oven)! Gosh, we have lots of leftovers cos mom picked up a 18 lb turkey! We love this time of the year cos we get turkey and spent quality time with the family and it's even more special cos my mom dos this for us, she and grams aren't huge fans of turkey like we are! :) (more photos on my flickr)

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Hoodie

Kay and I went down to Super Bored to check out the Hello Kitty LE hoodie and it was so cute that I had to have it! I felt bad that she didn't have any money to purchase a cap so I bought her a SuperBored cap as well but she's paying for half which I will be docking off her allowance. My hoodie came with a free phone strap also LE and celebrating Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary! After SuperBored, we headed over to Granville Street so I could pick up a body butter for my eczema at Rocky Mountain Soap cos the body butter works awesome and with the drier air and the office heating, I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a lot of body butter! Once we finished, we headed home cos tonite is out Thanksgiving Dinner! Mmmm....turkey, mama's stuffing and spaghetti, butter corn, purple mash potatoes and so much more!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooking Mama II

Sex and the City - The Movie

Wow, what a great movie! I am so in love with the ladies of Sex and The City .... must must visit New York, New York... can't wait for the next one......

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Taking away the mid week blues....

with shopping ... how else do you get rid of the blues? Hehehe...

After work, Kay and I headed over to Holt Renfrew's Louis Vuitton boutique cos I had a LV limited edition book called "Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture" on hold for me. This is a large format book that explores 80 collaborations with the likes of Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse. It is def. a collector's item and something every Louis Vuitton fan should have. The book is priced at $130USD or $160CDN and I had a few HR gift cards so I only had to pay $20.29! Gosh, the book is HEAVY and we still had quite a bit more to do so we took turns carrying the bag with the heavy book. After HR, we headed over to H&M cos Kay wanted a boyfriend blazer which she found for only $39.95, I found a cute sparkly silver shrug for $24.95 and it's perfect for my silk Kenzie dress which I want to wear during the fall/winter but need a little something to make it more wearable in the cooler months. After H&M, we walked through Browns and I found the perfect blue silver (SW colour: bluebird) shoes, this colour I have been eyeing for the past couple months but HR did not have my size and I am not in love with the style. At Browns, the style is more mine and it's dressier than HR's style plus it's a bit less expensive than the ones at HR! I will try them on when I'm ready to make the purchase :) Still on the shoe theme, Kay and I headed over to Payless cos they were having BOGO (buy one, get one 1/2 off!) and Kay really needed to replace a pair of grey flats that I threw out cos they were completely wrecked! She got a pair of black flats with a button detail (very pretty) and a pair of pink summer sandals for only $8 cos they were half off! After Payless, we headed over to the Main Street Farmer's market cos we are getting close to the end before the Winter market starts, we picked up some more candy tomatoes, romaine lettuce, apples and had a snack of bison smokie and an elephant ear (?). It was nice spending some quality time with Kay and we got a lot done this evening!

World's Oldest Hotel


Wow, this place looks amazing and I think one of these days, HonHon and I should def stop by to enjoy their hot springs, this place looks so romantic, peaceful and relaxing. Apparently this is the world's oldest hotel and has been operated by the same family for 46 generations!