Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Food Feast

Wow, what a day we had! Kay and I met up with Ed (my cousin's hubby) for a day of JUST EATING OUT. OHMYGAWD, we had so much food!!! First, we started off at Crystal Mall food fair cos apparently, they had the best Siu Long Bao in all of Vancouver, this place called Wang's Shanghai Cuisine, makes all their dumplings fresh! Three women standing right up the front preparing the fresh dough and meat, it was pretty cool and OHMYGAWD super busy!! But we didn't just order the dumplings, he ordered a whole load of stuff from there!! Plus we had to try the Taiwanese beef noodles which happened to be right next door cos for the price, it was pretty decent for a food fair meal! After finishing off our "lunch", we headed off to Starbucks for a coffee and chit chat. Once we were done coffee and chit chatting, we decided to head over to Metro to see if he could get any gift ideas for his wife's birthday next month. He still had a few weeks to go but his father in law stole his gift idea which was the newly released iPad, my cousin is a huge apple junkie. We didn't see anything she would like at Metro so we decided to head downtown to Pacific Centre but Kay needed to go home first to change cos she was dressed like a bum and she didn't want to risk the chance of seeing anyone dressed like that. Once were in downtown, we went straight to the Apple store and those 2 were there for almost 45 minutes cos they were playing with the iPad. I figured Ed would have taken one home but he didn't want to ruin my cousin's b'day gift but he and Kay tried to convince me to buy one. Yes it's pretty neat but it was not cool enough to spend $500 on it! He is trying to convince me to cross over and to buy an Apple from his friend who is selling a barely used MacBook for $300. I responded politely NO THANK YOU as I am not a huge Apple fan and I have recently purchased an awesome kick@ss Toshiba notebook. Besides, I'm not a MacBook user, if I were to purchase an Apple, it would be the top model of the Mac line like the MacBook Air or MacPro. After 45 minutes, I managed to get them BOTH out of the store (with a bit of annoyed whining) cos I was about to lose my patience with them and once out of the store, we headed straight into Browns. A huge shoe sale to clear out the summer stock, the D&G pumps I've been eyeing were priced down to $199 from $695 but not in the fuchsia :( only in the black and I didn't want another pair of black shoes plus the heart cut outs were not as distinct in the black versus the fuchsia. Over to Holt Renfrew, to my surprise HR was having their end of season sale plus the 2nd mark down was today so many beautiful clothes in my size and at such a great price but the few pieces I did pick out did not fit me too well :( which means I didn't end up purchasing anything :( Over in their shoe selection, a pair of Jimmy Choos in this beautiful turquoise colour and in my size, marked down from $1295 to $495 but I could not justify spending THAT MUCH money on a pair of shoes! Even tho they were so beautiful and looked great on my feet! Also many pairs of beautiful Louboutins on sale again in my size but still at the sale price, not within my shoe budget or maximum price range for me to purchase unless of course I won the Lotto Max then I wouldn't think TWICE! Not surprising, I found my SWs and Coach shoes but even with the 2nd mark down, it was still more expensive than what I had paid for them on sale at Zappos and Coach store! Oh well, nothing for me again! :( After HR, Kay was getting a bit hungry so we headed outside and onto Robson street for a crepe cos Kay was craving for a sweet crepe. I didn't want a crepe cos I was still full from lunch but I could use a drink and since the sun finally came out, we decided to head over to Yaletown to check out the new Keg cos I haven't been. Ed was shocked that I had no idea about all the places that he talked about or haven't been to or heard of it cos I'm such a foodie :P The new Keg in Yaletown had a really cool rooftop patio so we decided it would be a nice place to chill for drinks and appetizers. Wow it's a very different scene from the downstairs restaurant and if I lived closer to Yaletown, I would probably come up here for drinks more often! After a couple glasses of wine and a couple of appy's, I was craving for dessert so he insisted on taking us to Kits for the best banana parfait in Vancouver! OMG, never ending day of eating and drinking! Fuel on West 4th revamped itself and became reFuel, Ed and his eating buddy used to come here all the time for the calamari but they had taken it off the menu so he didn't come in for a while but when we arrived, another disappointment! It seems, the Banana Parfait Ed was talking about was also not on the menu any longer! He was so disappointed and felt so bad that it wasn't available since he had convinced us it was the best dessert in Vancouver! The executive chef suggested the chocolate brownie on the dessert menu cos he guaranteed us that it was the BEST decadent chocolate brownie dessert I'd ever have so I gave it a try since I love chocolate! Gawsh was it ever decadent and delicious! Super rich but so very yummy!! Ed also had another beer and tried pork dried ribs with the executive chef's own homemade BBQ sauce. OMG, the BBQ sauce was amazing and we both agreed that he should def bottle that stuff cos it would fly off the shelves if he did!!!! I will def have to go back there again, yes that's how amazing the BBQ sauce is!!! We were sitting at the bar cos Ed like sitting there so he could chat with the executive chef, Ed found out that this coming Wednesday would be a pig feast which meant for $50 a person, they would have 2 roasted pigs for the eating and 2 kegs of beer for the drinking. Now I would have totally wanted to do this but starting this week (Monday in fact), I'm going on a very strict diet of chicken breast and vegetables cos I could not button a pair of pants last week!! I've had way too much good food and have not done enough cardio or swimming! I have been meaning to hit the Grouse Grind as well but I haven't really been motivated to since I've heard the GG has newly added a staircase up the trail. Also, it now costs $10 to catch the tram back down the mountain! WTF?!?!?!?! Oh well, I will try to do it once or twice with Charly this summer. He's been going to the GG at least once a week I think, good for him! After reFuel, it was getting late and I still had things to do at the condo so we asked Ed if we could call it a nite. The chef convinced him the BEST chicken wings were at Campagnolo Restaurant on Main street and he really wanted to go to try them out, one last stop, but I could not eat anymore and even tho I was stuffed, if we had gone to Campagnolo's, I would not have been able to stop myself from eating the wings!!! So I had to decline :( He was good about it and I'm sure he and his wife will go there sometime this week to try them out :) Gawsh it was such a fun and entertaining day but we were pretty tired and ready to pass out! Wish I could go to the pig feast :( Oh well next time! I def learned a lot about food and the restaurants in Vancouver from Ed. I think he really should blog about his eating adventures!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diving Board

Even with all the drama going on in my life at this moment, I still made it to my last swimming class. I really needed it as well, it was a nice short break for me. I was a bit sad as this was my last class and hopefully, I'll be able to take Aqua Adult 2 in a couple of months but for now, I will practice my front and back crawl. Tonite, we practiced our front and back crawl in the shallow end and then we got to try on flippers, oh my that was super fun! Flippers magically turn you into a mermaid, you move so quickly and smoothly in the water and I was instantly comfortable in them. Altho some of the others were having a hard time using them, I really love them! I think I need to pick up a pair for myself! After swimming and practicing with the flippers, it was time to finish off the class in the deep end of the pool. We swam across, I did it very quickly while the others were having to do it on their back or with a flotation device. I did my front crawl all the way to the deep end and by half way thru, I was a bit shocked by the depth of the deep end but quickly regained myself to get to the end :) After everyone arrived, it was time to jump off the diving board! She did have a flotation device to assist but I went twice without it and it was such a RUSH! I am so excited, I can't wait to swim lengths across the pool!!! By the end of the class, she handed us a pamphlet on what we had learned and a guide to help us with our techniques. I asked her if I was ready for Aqua Adult 2 and she said yes but for the rest of the class not to worry about going back into Aqua Adult 1 since this class is 6 classes condensed into 1! I can't wait to do Aqua Adult 2 and I'm so proud of how quickly I accomplished this goal! I can't believe just a few weeks ago I was terrified to put my head into the water and now I can do the front and back crawl the right way!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Emergency

Oh dear, we got some bad news tonite and I will have to call into work to take the rest of the week off..... hopefully, we will get it all sorted out by this weekend......

Front Crawl

I officially learned the front crawl tonite! It was awesome, I'm so excited and I can't wait to actually go swimming in a pool!! Our instructor was not here today so we had a sub, she noticed how quickly I was swimming and taught me 2 new steps, well one is to prepare me for the "front" crawl :) I had an exercise where I bring my arm up from the water and brush my finger tips along the water, this is to let me know how it feels to have my elbows up in the air. After a few laps of this, she directed me to point my fingers and slant my arms like a curve as my hand hits the water to pull back, it feels like I'm scooping the water. No longer a straight arm crawl :) It was awesome, can't wait to use my new front crawl move in the pool!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Tonite, we took my father out for Korean BBQ, Jang Mo Jib in Richmond, originally my father wanted us to stay at his place so he could cook dinner cos he didn't want us to spend any money but it doesn't feel right that my father cook on this only day that he doesn't have to! We were going to do take out Japanese but I decided it would not be good to do take out cos Kay and I were planning on heading over there earlier to spend some time with him. I managed to book a last minute reservation for 7.30pm at JMJ Korean Restaurant on Alexandra Road. We have never been there before but Kay gave it good reviews and I noticed that this Korean chain is all over Vancouver! I did some googling and it seems that they have pretty authentic and yummy dishes but the lack of customer service has turned some customers off. Well it was def not the best CS and we were very disappointed that we did not get our side dishes or rice or drinks until after the first dish arrived to our table. We had only ordered 4 dishes, 2 bbq meats (one being top quality ribs with a $15 extra charge for AAA+), a Korean noodle dish and their version of gyozas. Luckily they forgot our gyoza order as we were very full from the other 3 dishes! It was a nice evening with our dad and he looks like his disease isn't progressing too quickly but he still isn't in the best health. Must make an effort to go out and visit him more often. Happy Father's Day!

Great Uncle Daniel's Funeral

This morning, I attended my Great Uncle Daniel's funeral at Ocean View with my mom and grandma. I'm really shocked and surprised he passed this week since we will be celebrating his 100th birthday this August. But the dinner party will still go on as the family has decided it will be a celebration of his life. The funeral was very touching esp when the eldest grandson gave his eulogy. After the service, followed a tea / coffee reception in the next room and I met up with so many family members that I haven't seen in many years plus I got to catch up with my cousin, Laurene and her new husband, Ed. It was really good to see all the family and how strong and close they all are. It was heartbreaking though to see my grandma cry and distraught over her brother's death. The siblings are very close and with so many of them, how could one not be heartbroken to see all the grandmas crying. I know it def runs on my grandma's side that they all live a very long life, my grandma just turned 91 this May and she is going to keep going for another 10 years I'm sure! Apparently, the secret of long life is to enjoy every minute of life and never think about your age or how old you are cos age is just a number. This man drank a beer with every meal and danced his entire life, he was a very happy, positive and generous man. He will be greatly missed but his spirit will continue you on as he watches over everyone in his family. R.I.P. Great Uncle Daniel.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Artizia, Megahair, IHOP

Today, I had a hair appointment at Megahair Salon at Metrotown with Kelly, I've seen her work and she seems pretty good at what she does but I was still a bit afraid to get my hair cut after the last time but it's been 4 months which means it's time for a haircut as it's getting unmanageable. Kelly did a great job at keeping the length and giving my hair more volume and shape by add multiple layers in my hair. My hair is pretty thick and heavy so it was weighing down on my face esp the length. I was comfortable around her and I enjoyed talking to her about my hair and other things, I think overall she did a really great job and altho I am not used to having my hair so thinned out, I think I'll keep going to her plus I can't believe how reasonably priced her fees are! At $40 a wash, cut and dry, that's very reasonable and I can def maintain my hair at that price :) After my cut, we headed over to IHOP cos Kay was craving it and the last time I told her I'd take her but I ended up having to run errands with my mom. Gawsh, it was yummy and very filling but so worth it cos we don't do it often :) After brunch, we headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart cos Kay wanted to buy a box of colour for her hair. We decided to head over to Metrotown and we headed back into Aritzia cos the last time we were in there, we really didn't get a good look at the entire store as I was really just looking for my 3 specific items. While we were in there, we bumped into Jas and she was in there to check out the new store plus take another look at the boyfriend blazer in the dark grey which she has been eyeing for some time. Kay found a couple of more items to purchase, she picked up a white collar button top and a white tank top to go with her navy blue shorts while I was convinced by both Jas and Kay to pick up a black tank top cos it's suppose to be the most comfortable tanky ever. After our purchases, we decided it was time to go home cos I was getting really tired from the little sleep I got that nite cos the boys woke me up this morning at 9.30 when they left our place. I needed to go home and take a nap cos I was soooo sleepy. After my nap, Kay was getting pretty upset with her Blackberry Curve as the trackpad kept freezing up so we headed back into the mall to the Fido store for a sales assistant to take a look at it and see if they could fix the issue. It looks like this is a common problem amongst the Curves and she said it was best to call the CS line to ask for a replacement. She mentioned that I should tell CS that I had brought the phone in to a Fido store and the SA recommends replacing it cos she's taken a look over it and it's def something wrong with the trackpad. Kay is addicted and glued to her berry so she'll be pretty upset when we have to return it for a new one. Oh well back to her Samsung if she wants to stay in touch with her friends! Once we were finished with Fido, we headed home to make dinner and clean the condo a bit. We need to clean this place up before HonHon's next visit and we are hoping to see him at the end of July or the beginning of August. Maybe he can be here for my birthday, that will be a real treat! He would have made both of our birthdays this year and he hasn't made it our birthdays since he left Vancouver but if he's here for my birthday, I can't expect him to pay for the entire LV handbag cos I sorta made that the deal that he would have to pay the entire bag if he left a week before my birthday! :( Oh well.... guess we'll see when his next visit will be!

A-team & Kay's 1st Summer Party

Tonite, Kay and Tash held their first summer "end of school year" party with 4 of their friends. Since I did not want to be around 6 teenagers all nite, I decided to head out for a movie with Jas. We wanted to catch SATC2 but missed the early show and the next show was way too late for us so we ended up having dessert at Joey's before catching A-team at a more reasonable time slot. A-team was ok, a lot of action and I could have rented this one instead of watching it in the theatre but I really enjoyed watching Bradley Cooper on the big screen :) I have such a crush on him oh my! When I arrived home, I expected the kids to be gone and done with but that was not the case. Apparently a light weight, Klye, had passed out on my living room floor cos he couldn't take his alcohol (they were drinking SOHO and Sourpuss which IMO is not really that strong!) and Jessie stayed behind cos those 2 were going to go home together. But by midnite, Kyle was still passed out so I decided it would be safest for them to just stay the nite. There was no way J could carry Kyle home even tho J was a big white dude. At first, they just left him on the floor to sleep it off but I mentioned that the weakest person to pass out first and on the floor should get their face drawn on. Oops me bad. Not only did they draw all over his face, they gave him nightmares as he was sleeping by whispering "the clowns are out to get you" in his ear and he started running in his sleep on the floor! It was kinda funny but eventually I told them to leave him alone cos he's in a subconscious state and they might really screw him up! Poor guy is terrified of clowns! It's been a long day at work and I'm pooped so I left them be in the living room to sleep, altho I'm pretty sure they won't get that much sleep tonite!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farmer's Market & Aritzia

Wow what a great way to end a work day! Kay and I went over to Aritzia on Granville Street before hitting the Farmer's Market at Main Street. I had asked her to pick up the discount postcards that Aritzia sends for their summer sale and since we moved I forgotten to update our address so it has been sitting at my mom's place for almost a week! This year, I got a free towel - FINALLY! I've spent enough money in that store to get a free gift and to get the VIP discounts that start this week :) I didn't find anything at the Granville store so we headed off to the market and boy what a great market! There were so many veggies and I was super excited to head over to Fresh Off The Boat to pick up my spot prawns and sable fish :) I spent a $100 on fish / prawns! I also got a great big basket of local strawberries and a few different kinds of asian veggies which was surprising cos I didn't think I would find asian veggies at the market! After the market, we headed home to make a quick dinner and headed over to Metrotown's Aritzia to check out some of the items I was hoping to find so I could purchase them with my discount!! Wow, the newly renovated Aritzia is so huge and they had every item I wanted!! I found my Community sweater (mix of cashmere & silk), a very cute Community dress and I picked up another silk top by Central Park West in black cos I have one in purple and I love it! All 3 pieces for a total of $260! That's an awesome price since if I purchased all 3 without the discount, it would have costs me over $350! I also bought Kay her black TNA hoodie cos she's been eyeing mine for a while and I didn't want to share mine. After our purchases, we walked around and decided to head home but not without dessert :) We picked up a frozen yogurt each from Qoola :) Mmmm....frogurt! It was a great shopping day!! Now must stay away from Aritzia ......

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Kyle!

This afternoon, Jas and I went to a party held by Fran & Ryan to meet their little guy, Kyle. Wow, he looks like a white baby boy and I don't see any asian in him but I'm sure as he gets older, he'll have some asian features. It was good to catch up with Fran and I saw people that I haven't seen in years. Altho I don't really have much in common with these people esp when it comes to their babies and kids, it was still good to see everyone. Thankfully, I don't have to do these sorta things too often. It's really strange to see Fran as a mom since I've always known her to be so career oriented and not so interested in raising a family. She still plans on heading back to work real soon and they will be getting a live-in nanny when she goes back to work. I also saw Bryan and his new family which is cool since I can't believe how grown up we all became. I remember the days of partying in Seattle and now all these guys are married and having babies! I think it was hard for Jas to be surrounded by kids and babies since she's not interested in having any. I also felt a bit uncomfortable since I've already had one and mine is a teenager! With all the kids running around, I def did not feel the baby bug and I think I'm done with having any more babies! Mine is almost out of the house! After the gathering, we were suppose to head out for dinner with Fran and family but it looked like everyone was leaving and Jas and I decided to take off as well. I'm sure Fran will have an awesome time raising her little boy and hopefully, she'll be able to juggle baby and career!

Granville Island, DT Shopping, Swimming & Dinner!

Wow, what an awesome day!! Today was the first really warm and beautiful day in Vancouver so I headed over to Granville Island with Jas to pick up some fresh veggies and fruit. I missed the Trout Lake market as I didn't get up in time to make it out there. I forgotten how expensive the produce is at the market on Granville Island! I picked up a few items before we decided to head into downtown so I could look at the Louis Vuitton handbag that HonHon is going to buy for my birthday :) There were only 2 left in the LV boutique, I couldn't help myself, I had to charge it right there and then cos this one is not a displayed model and it was made in France!!! It's a nice casual over the body purse which is what I'm looking for and it will be good for traveling (once I start!) and it wasn't too expensive about $900 including taxes! Before purchasing the handbag, we had walked around downtown Robson street and went to Coach cos Jas got a Coach gift card for her birthday from her co-workers. She hadn't found anything in there and she was hoping she could find something this time but I ended up using her GC on a pair of cute Coach flats! What a great sale, 50% off and the total cost of the shoes? Only $70 and they didn't even look like Coach shoes. We decided after the shopping, it was time to call it a day and I still had to get home to meet Marlo cos she was going to help me with my front crawl. Once she arrived, we decided to swim first and then we would eat dinner since we'd burn off a lot of energy in the pool. Wow, she's an awesome tutor, she really helped me with my swimming and pointed out some things to me like relaxing my shoulder and blowing air out more evenly in the water. The next time we go swimming, we decided it would be very beneficial for Cece to come with us cos she could really help her out with her swimming. After our swimming, gosh were we surprised to be swimming for more than an hour, we decided it was time to head back upstairs for dinner. Dinner menu were sauteed fresh local veggies and steamed sable fish with a little bit of sea salt, black pepper and fresh lemon. Once we finished with dinner, we went off to rent a movie, Valentine's Day and pick up some bubble tea for dessert. We had a long night of chatting and she ended up staying the night since I didn't want her driving home at 3am!! When I woke up this morning, she had already left :( I was a bit saddened that we didn't get to say good bye but I knew she had to get back to her dog, Kanye and she had a date with Mr. D. It was an awesome night and I always have a great time with Marlo! She and I are so much alike it's crazy! She can even sense me when I'm thinking of her!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aqua Riva

A birthday dinner with KD at the Aqua Riva, Jas and I shared the Seafood Trio, omg so delicious! It was a good time for Jas and KD to catch up since they hadn't seen each other in over a year. All in all, the meal was decent altho the dessert was gross! And expensive :( Oh well, next time, no dessert! It was a great way to end the long work week.....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frontcrawl & Backcrawl

OHMYGAWSH! I finally managed the side float without a kick board! I'm so happy and proud of myself! At first, I was using it but trying not to grab it instead pushing the board away from me as I did the front crawl and barely touching it while on my side. I can't believe it, I'm so happy to finally not have to depend on the board. I think I will get a lot more practice on this move this coming Saturday. I was really happy with my improvement and the sub instructor noticed how advanced I was so she asked me to move from the shallow water over to the deeper end of the pool. What an improvement! I guess my arms are too long for the shallow end so I kept hitting my hands on the bottom of the pool which may have caused me to lose balance on my crawl. But after practicing in the deeper end, it really made the difference! We also learned a new item, the back crawl which is much harder than it sounds! Balancing on my back is one of my best skills but trying to move the arms back and forth in opposite directions is HARD! But I'm sure I will get this move in no time as long as I practice, I'm so excited!! I'm really learning to SWIM :)


My bebe is the bestest! She is so thoughtful and picked up this mini Hello Kitty for me cos she knew I would just love it! And cos she's a sweetie and loves her mama :) Now my tanned Hello Kitty has a friend! Hehehe

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dinner with Lil Sis :)

Tonite, T came by for dinner cos I haven't seen her in AGES!!! We had lots to catch up on so I suggested I'd make a nice healthy dinner and she can bring a healthy or non healthy dessert! She was going to bake but ended up picking up yummy brownies from Capers :) Dinner was baked wild salmon with fresh organic dill, local organic spinach quickly sauteed with organic garlic and brown basmati brown rice with organic cilantro. So delish! It was great catching up with T! We are going to try to do this more often :)

Summer Slingbacks!

My new Stuart Weitzman slingback pumps, Stiltsslings are here!! I'm so excited and wish the sunshine would show up so I can wear them!! They are perfect for summer and will work very well with my summer wardrobe! Also, due to my shoe addiction, I'm a VIP member which means I get free NEXT DAY AIR shipping!! Sweet!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Deep End!

Tonite's swimming lesson ended with a BIG SPLASH in the deep end of the pool! We had a great class and we are starting to learn the front crawl which is very exciting! I am hoping to float on my side without the kick board altho I am having problems doing so right now. Also I am trying to blow the bubbles out of my mouth instead of my nose since I have to open my mouth when I do my side float to suck in fresh air before dunking my head back into the water. Right now I'm trying to get as much practice as I can, I realized in the previous class that I am tensing my shoulders and having too many things to think about as I'm doing the side float! Like blow, kick, arms moving forward, side turn, kick harder, BREATHE!!! Hahahaha, oh well it'll probably take me years of practice before I'm really comfortable and smooth but right now the goal is to manage the front crawl without sinking on my side! Before ending our class, the instructor made each one of us jump into the deep end as she wanted us to get comfortable with the idea of it. Of course, we all wore life jackets and there were a few of us that managed to jump in right away while others had to take their time and did not make quite a splash, another option to jumping in was to get in off the ledge. I was so excited in fact that I started to bounce up in down in my life jacket hoping to catch a glimpse of HOW DEEP the water was! My instructor was impressed that I was so excited to be in the deep end and let me tell you, it was super deep and a bit scary! But it's so much fun and I'm so glad that I decided to take swimming classes. I'm enjoying my classes and swimming so much more than hot yoga! Luckily, I have quite a couple of intense swimmer friends so if I ever feel lonely in my own pool, I can have a "swimming" gathering! :)


Monthly visit with the orthodontist! Purple which really stands out!! Wow, her teeth are looking pretty good and I can't wait to see them when they are completely done. I am now thinking about taking on a part time job so I can get braces too!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Val!

Today we celebrated Val's birthday at Coast Restaurant and it was yummy. I decided to try something different so I went with a mango California roll with real crab and 3 raw oysters. The roll wasn't as good as Irashai Grill on Alberni Street cos they have amazing sushi / rolls but not too bad for lunch and just enough to keep me full til dinner. Besides, I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing for Val's birthday but they didn't really turn out so I only brought a few to share esp one for the birthday girl. I hope she had a great birthday!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

1st BBQ of the Summer

Late this afternoon, I met up with Rhoda to catch up since we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks. Wow, what a change, she cut 13" off her hair and I was shocked how short it looked. She looks really good though and so much younger! Once she got her nails done, she was getting a manicure and pedicure at Brentwood, we weren't quite hungry yet so we decided to head over to Metrotown Centre to walk around while we decide where to go eat. We wandered through the mall and chatted about what's been going on before deciding that we would eat something close by cos she may have to go out clubbing with some out of town friends who were in town for the weekend. Before heading over to the restaurant, she got a bbm from her god-brother inviting us over for a (very last minute) BBQ and wanted to know if she wanted to swing by for food. Luckily for us, we had not left for the restaurant so we decided to head over there, who would turn down a BBQ?? Altho he was holding the BBQ, he was holding it at someone else's house! Cathy & Benson (old friends from high school) just moved into their newly renovated house and Rhoda missed out on their housewarming party the week before so it was the perfect opportunity to see their new place. Also, we wanted to see how much baby Chase has grown, oh my has he grown so much since the last we saw him! He is soooo cute and so chubby, perfect for kissing and hugging! The BBQ started late as it was a last minute but once the grill was set up and food was cooked, it was a great evening on catching up and visiting old friends. The inside of the house is beautiful and you wouldn't be able to tell from the outside what it looked like on the inside. An amazing job and I can't wait to see what they do on the outside! It's too bad that their neighbors don't take good care of their side (it's a duplex) cos it would be nice if they could repaint the entire house. Also, the next thing to be renovated is their patio, it's a bit old and feels unstable like it's going to fall down, luckily we didn't fall through! Altho he said as long as we didn't put too much weight, it should be ok :) Good times!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

MAC Cosmetics

On my lunch hour, I went over to MAC Cosmetics to pick up a couple of gel liners (fluidline) in blacktrack (solid flat black) and dipdown (deep dark flat brown) and a new eyeshadow brush, #214 a short, rounded, double-chiselled brush with soft, natural bristles which can be used with shadow to line and smudge around the lash line and very effective for densely shading lids. I am so excited to try this new brush and I'm really excited to go back to the fluidline, I'm not liking the eye pencils for daily use as it's not as precise as using the fluidline! I heart shopping for makeup :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Main Street Farmer's Market

YEAH!! The first Main Street market started TODAY! Kay came by my work and we headed to the market together, this is something we do every Wednesday when the summer markets start. It's kinda tradition now and I really enjoy having her shop with me picking out our fruits and veggies plus getting to spend quality time together. I was super happy to see all the fresh local veggies and fruits but slightly disappointed with no berries since we haven't been having the best berry season so there were none :( But I did see familiar faces and fave stands like Kay @ The Other Eden (best handmade soaps ever!), Honey Stand with handmade honey chap stick (for Kay) and Fresh Off The Boat (best freshest frozen fish ever!). I think I spent half of our grocery budget on FISH! But so worth it and I plan on ordering 2 lbs of spot prawns (only in season for 2 months) to be picked up on her next Wednesday market. I am very excited to try those and I know they are going to be so delicious cos Spot Prawns are amazing, I was lucky enough to try some last summer at Hamilton Street Grill. It's also tradition for Kay to pick up a apple cider from the market stand and a sweet item before heading out. There was a new baked goods stand that were selling 2 kinds of yummy cinnamon buns, one with cranberries and one with nuts. Of course Kay picked the one with cranberries. It was an awesome first farmer's market!