Saturday, June 19, 2010

A-team & Kay's 1st Summer Party

Tonite, Kay and Tash held their first summer "end of school year" party with 4 of their friends. Since I did not want to be around 6 teenagers all nite, I decided to head out for a movie with Jas. We wanted to catch SATC2 but missed the early show and the next show was way too late for us so we ended up having dessert at Joey's before catching A-team at a more reasonable time slot. A-team was ok, a lot of action and I could have rented this one instead of watching it in the theatre but I really enjoyed watching Bradley Cooper on the big screen :) I have such a crush on him oh my! When I arrived home, I expected the kids to be gone and done with but that was not the case. Apparently a light weight, Klye, had passed out on my living room floor cos he couldn't take his alcohol (they were drinking SOHO and Sourpuss which IMO is not really that strong!) and Jessie stayed behind cos those 2 were going to go home together. But by midnite, Kyle was still passed out so I decided it would be safest for them to just stay the nite. There was no way J could carry Kyle home even tho J was a big white dude. At first, they just left him on the floor to sleep it off but I mentioned that the weakest person to pass out first and on the floor should get their face drawn on. Oops me bad. Not only did they draw all over his face, they gave him nightmares as he was sleeping by whispering "the clowns are out to get you" in his ear and he started running in his sleep on the floor! It was kinda funny but eventually I told them to leave him alone cos he's in a subconscious state and they might really screw him up! Poor guy is terrified of clowns! It's been a long day at work and I'm pooped so I left them be in the living room to sleep, altho I'm pretty sure they won't get that much sleep tonite!

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