Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shopping Find

Afterwork, Rae & I headed over to Tinseltown to check out the “bargins” at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. I rarely shop at Aritzia on a regular basis and I haven'’t bought anything from that store in a few years. But I have not been to the famous Ariztia Warehouse Sale that everyone has been to or spoken of. Too bad, I might never get a chance because we didn'’t even make it into the front door. There was a crazy lineup outside and I did not feel Ariztia deserved my time and to make me stand in their line up when the place holding the sale wasn'’t even busy! To me, the sale is not that great or worth my time. Instead we headed upstairs to my fave. art gallery (Ayden Gallery) which carries a huge selection of local designers with very unique pieces. Boy, I did not leave empty handed! My fave. Vancouver designer had a few fall pieces displayed on the rack and I ended up buying a pair of dark grey striped pants (wide legs) which fit me so nicely and a beautifully fitted velvet top in a silver/blue sheen. These are an amazing find and what'’s even better is that both pieces were ON SALE. I love the colour and how both pieces look on me. Oh yes and the back of the top is amazing! What a great shopping day!

Monday, August 28, 2006

What an evening!

This evening, I went over to mom's for dinner, she made chinese style spaghetti which was a mix of different sauces. Not too bad, a little too salty though. She also served chinese soup, what an interesting combination. After dinner, we headed over to IKEA in Richmond. Gosh, it's a good thing I left my IKEA credit card at home or else I could have done some major damage! I wanted to pick up a shelf for the bathroom because we have NO COUNTER SPACE in our bathroom so I decided that I am going to put a decent size shelf in there so we could have some space for our make up and stuff. After spending a good hour or so in IKEA, we headed over to Superstore to pick up some stuff. I can always end up spending over $50.00 there on little stuff. After Superstore, we decided to stop at No. 9 for a chinese cold ice tea. Phew, what a night! I'm sooo tired and it's def. really quiet around here, I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight without Kay.

Oooh another Louis Vuitton Purchase.

Quiet ....

that's how it's going to be around here while Kay is off to Belcarra for her camping trip.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


What a day we had! Today, Kay and I decided to head over to Metrotown for a little school shopping and to pick up some items that Kay needed for her camping trip this week. The mall wasn't too crazy busy but gosh, after stopping at a few stores, I became so tired that I couldn't walk into anymore stores! I had to give up on Mexx, Jacob and MAC because I was too pooped out. It's also hard shopping, it can take a lot of work esp. looking out for hot deals. Kay and I did find some good finds, one being a pretty necklace from Blue Ruby. We picked up a few items for school (Kay) and I picked up some cute fall fashions. I love fall, it's my fave. season. Kay has a $300 school shopping budget and within this budget she needs to pick up a pair of runners or two, two or three pairs of jeans, some long sleeve shirts and maybe a sweater. First stop, Blue Ruby because I saw a huge sale sign ok not huge but a red sign, up to 70% off, HELLO, my current addiction is necklaces esp. ones on sale! I was standing there for a good 10 minutes deciding on which colour I wanted even though I really wanted to buy 2 or 3, I decided 1 is good enough. After Blue Ruby, we stopped by Dynamite because it's on the way to Zellers (which is were we were trying to get to) and I found some really pretty fall pieces to add to my wardrobe. Zellers up next to check out the sleeping bags but they didn't have any (at a great price) and strolled through the kids clothing section and Kay was not impressed on the idea of picking up some school clothes from there. Apparently, it's now too cute for her (last year, we bought a few pieces from there but I guess she is now too grownup for Zellers). Right beside Zellers is Shoe Warehouse and they were having a shoe sale, buy one and get 2nd pair half off (selected items). SW had a sale rack and Kay found a pair of Baby Phats that she wanted to buy but they were like $90.00 on sale! I reminded her of her $300 budget. We didn't find anything else in there because they either didn't have her size in the shoe she liked or the size they did have weren't the ones she liked. Moving along, we headed over to Garage Clothing cuz Kay likes the stuff in there but this season, they have a lot of teenager / highschool stuff and I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of her shopping in there. La Senza was the next stop because there is a new smooth bra available, brand new but after trying on a few different sizes, I decided to keep going (and getting tired of trying bra on after bra). Towns Shoes has a huge summer shoe sale (although I've already gone through the rack previously, weeks ago and didn't find anything) but we were looking for fall shoes, not too much at the moment, I think they are trying to get rid of the summer stock before replenishing the shelves with the fall season shoes. Old Navy, which is one of our fave. places to shop at because they have the best deals even at regular price. Kay picked a few items and I myself couldn't help but to pick up a couple of items. One item being a rosy short sleeved knit sweater to match my tweed (wool) a line skirt from Dynamite. By this time, I was pretty darn tired and skipping a few stores along the way because we still hadn't found any shoes for Kay. We did end up at Payless Shoes and it was BOGO time! She found two pairs, thank goodness, it's hard finding shoes for Kay. She's somewhat picky and choosy. Had a small snack at Cinnabonz (cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing and no raisins!). Superstore to pick up some groceries and bathroom supplies. After all this, we decided it was time to leave the shopping centre and find her a sleeping bag, she has outgrown her cute pink sleeping bag. Stopped by Canadian Tire to pick up a sleeping bag before heading home for dinner.

What a day! Time to get some sleep....

For our shopping finds, click here!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Views from the 19th Floor at the Renaissance Hotel

Views from the 19th floor at the Renaissance Hotel. An afterwork party held to congratulate a retirement & to wish good luck on a new position elsewhere to two very important guys in my division.

Lunch with Erin & Katy

Erin and Katy dropped by for lunch today! It was so nice to see them both and even though Katy was a little grumpy (she missed her morning nap), she is still adorable! Even with the crying and fussing :) We headed over to a little authentic Japanese place for lunch. Very yummy food! I have not had Japanese in a while! Luckily we beat the lunch hour rush (an early lunch at 11am) which meant the restaurant was pretty much empty. Erin decided to comfort Katy by giving her a breast and she eventually calmed down. I had forgotten how babies can cry on and on and on. Just when I was thinking about having another one, baby reality kicks in! Mine's almost a teenager and quite independent. I guess one day, I'll be ready for another one....

It was a really nice lunch date and I really miss having Erin
around, I can't wait until she is back from mat leave!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FW: Learn Chinese in 5 minutes (You MUST read them out loud)

A friend of mine forwarded this to me this afternoon, hilarious!!

1) That's not right ....................................... Sum Ting Wong
2) Are you harboring a fugitive?................... Hu Yu Hai Ding
3) See me ASAP........................................... Kum Hia Nao
4) Stupid Man ............................................ Dum Fuk
5) Small Horse ............................................ Tai Ni Po Ni
6) Did you go to the beach? ......................... Wai Yu So Tan
7) I bumped into a coffee table .................... Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni
8) I think you need a face lift ....................... Chin Tu Fat
9) It's very dark in here ................................ Wao So Dim
10) I thought you were on a diet .................... Wai Yu Mun Ching
11) This is a tow away zone ............................ No Pah King
12) Our meeting is scheduled for next week ... Wai Yu Kum Nao
13) Staying out of sight .................................. Lei Ying Lo
14) He's cleaning his automobile ................... Wa Shing Ka
15) Your body odor is offensive ...................... Yu Stin Ki Pu
16) Great ...................................................... Fa Kin Su Pah

Skin Crisis

I have a sun allergy called photosensitivity and it can be quite painful at times. In Vancouver when I get sunburned, it's usually a small burn contained only on my arms, neck and face. The sun is not so harsh in Vancouver but in LA (I guess with the smog and congestion, there is no ozone layer) the sun is much stronger. It seems that I may have 3rd degree burns on my arms. The skin on my arms are the worst, my skin is flaking and under the flakes are red raw skin, it's so gross and painful. I have not had such a bad burn before and thankfully, I'm on a prescriptive drug and using a medicinal cream for the skin but it's still quite sensitive and painful. I also feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. Last night, I went to bed early but this morning I did not want to wake up. I feel so yucky and I want to go back to bed. Well it's at least Wednesday, only two more days of work before the weekend. I would post a photo of my damaged skin so you can see how badly burned I am but it looks so gross! Oh well, only a few more hours until I can go home.....

Wish I had thought of buying some sun/UV protectant clothing before heading out to LA. Something like this or this.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Back from LA

With a really bad sunburn, less money in my bank account and with an extra 7 pounds later, I am back from LA!! Very happy to be home, really missed Kay and my bed. Have a ton to post and I will try to get at it as soon as I can. Will only be posting the highlights and low points on my trip as in the beginning (while staying at my friend's place) I tried to post my trip daily but for some strange reason after typing up my post, I would lose it! That is why it's been so quiet on my blog for the last week. Missed reading everyone's blog and will catch up to them real soon :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

More Good News from LA

I am traveling to LA tomorrow and of course, there would be some more interesting news before I head out there.....

like this


just watched the 12:00 news on CNN which stated Downtown LA is currently experiencing a blackout. Probably because everyone has turned up the air conditioning as it is 78°F (26°C).

GREAT. I am so looking forward traveling..... (sarcastic face)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Running Errands & BBQ

Kay and I had a slow and late start to the day. We both woke up pretty late this morning and both lounged around on the couch or computer. It was another hot hot day today and we were feeling quite lazy. We were suppose to see my mom and aunties but they were going to do some more shopping around at the flea market and yard sales. Kay and I are not interested in doing that esp. in this weather!! We decided to cancel on them and go to Oakridge Shopping Centre instead. We were looking for a sleeping bag for Kay (she has outgrown her cute pink one), a better suitcase lock (for my suitcase, it came with a really crappy one) and some Ms Vicki's potato chips (for my cousin in LA). We ended up picking up a suitcase lock and a few other items but not the sleeping bag (Zellers had a very small selection), we also forgot the potato chips!! I'll be sure to pick them up tomorrow after work. I still have to PACK for LA!! Aaah! I also checked the weather and it's going to be crazy hot and humid out there. Ugh! I am quite excited though even with the terrorist scare. After shopping, I picked up pizza for Kay's dinner as I was heading out for a work function (BBQ at the boss's house - not my boss) with KD. She invited me to go because she can invite up to 2 people to attend this with her. But the BBQ's invite did not include children, kids stay home. KD picked me up and we headed out there, it was a long road trip (the BBQ was in Surrey), to me that is a road trip. It took us about 40 minutes without traffic, I don't know how people live out there and work in the city. I have to say, her boss's house is beautiful and the backyard was amazing but I still wouldn't move out there. His place is hidden away from the major road and it could almost look like the nice part of West Vancouver except for the fact the houses were so close together, ok so now really like West Vancouver, more like Vancouver West except that your neighbor's place is right next door to you. Literally. Small plots with huge homes and yards..... the BBQ is not your typical BBQ, it's an East Indian BBQ. What is an Indian BBQ, you ask.... well, it's BBQ tandoori chicken (soooo yummy!!), spicy potato salad, spicy corn with butter, spicy fried rice, pita like bread, yogurt sauce and green salad of course! It was delicious, I had to go back for seconds minus the bread and rice. Also included in an East Indian BBQ is an unlimited amount of alcohol, they had a bar set up with martinis, sangria and wine. Unlimited. I didn't drink much, only had a glass of red wine and sangria, although I wasn't driving, I didn't feel comfortable enough to drink more than two glasses. After a couple of hours, we decided to call it a night because we both had to work the next day. Overall, it was a pretty good day and I at least left the house. Saturday, I did nothing but sit around in nothing because it was so darn hot outside. Kay on the other hand, enjoyed a day at Cultus Lake Park, lucky brat!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Richmond Nightmarket

This evening I went to my mom's to visit my mom and her friends, my aunties whom are visiting from Alaska & LA. We were going out for dinner (again!) and after dinner, they wanted to check out the Richmond Nightmarket as they have never been. This is my auntie Eva's first trip to Vancouver and Auntie Cece's hundredth time but only the first time for Auntie Cece visiting during the summer and Richmond Nightmarket Festival. When we arrived to the nightmarket, it wasn't as bad as it usually is and that is because it's a Friday. So if you ever want to go to the nightmarket on a slow day, apparently Friday is the slow day. Well not as crazy busy as the Saturdays or Sundays. We did a bit of shopping and walking the whole market which took us about 2 hours. My aunties were looking for some cheap webcams and they ended up making a really AWESOME DEAL! I ended up with these very great deals! But boy, do our feet HURT! Now it's time for bed, I am so wiped out!!! After an 8 hour day and walking / shopping with my mom and aunties, I'm ready to catch some zzz's.....

OMG, another attempted bomb....

When you think it is finally safer to travel, it really isn't because these @ssh*l*s are planning this.

Next week, I am travelling to LA and it seems that I may need to change our travelling arrangements. It looks like we are going to have to drive ourselves to SeaTac instead of taking the Quickshuttle....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dropping A Bomb

This morning my boss announced to the FM Project Group that he was resigning his position as the Project Director. A new person (whom we met in our meeting this morning) will be replacing him and will move onsite to finish the job. My boss, of course, will still be in our Vancouver office working on other projects and will be available to the FM project as needed. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I heard this. What does this mean for me? Do I now report to this new project director who is out onsite? There is a three hour time difference, does this mean I will have to come to the office earlier? Where do I stand? What is going on??!!??


PS. My Birthday Post is still in my Drafts but I will have it posted soon!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Birthday Dinner at the Watermark

Today, it was a crazy hot day! Even though it was a long weekend and my birthday, I could not bring myself to go out in this heat, I probably should have gone for a bike ride or walk or something but it was just way too hot. I did leave the apartment for a bit to pick up my birthday cake from Anna's Cake House and gosh, I had no idea that the Canada Line changed the Cambie route AGAIN! Avoid Cambie street at all costs, seriously, it's so messed up. I picked up some dinner for Kay because I figured Kay would not find anything on the menu (at the Watermark) pleasing to her taste. She got some Pho and boy did it smell good and I realized how hungry I was getting (we had a light lunch). After picking up the birthday cake and Pho for Kay, we waited for Jasmine and KD to arrive. Jasmine on time as always and KD running a tad bit late. I was a nervous wreck about this party even though I wasn't throwing a huge party. Yes, it is a small group but it takes a lot of effort to arrange reservations, making sure your friends know how to get there, getting to the restaurant before your friends arrive and hoping and praying everyone will get along great! Also, I did not have a reservation because I tried booking the reservation too late and the girl on the phone told me to show up a little earlier to get a table for 10. Apparently, they are only allowed to reserve half of the restaurants in the X:30pm time slots and my slot, 6:30pm, was already taken, the next earliest reservation was 8:30pm and that is way too late!! I headed over to the restaurant a little earlier hoping to snag a table for 10. Kits beach was C.R.A.Z.Y. busy!! The parking lot and street were filled with parked cars and I had to drive around for 10 minutes to look for a spot. As I was heading back into the parking lot to drop off Jas and Kay so they could line up for a table, I lucked out and someone pulled out of a spot in the parking lot. Must have been a lucky day or the Parking Gods were watching out for me and decided to give me a parking spot. When we arrived at the Watermark, the restaurant was quite busy and it looked like we were not going to get a table for 10 as the group in front of us had a group of 8. But the hostess managed to pull a few small tables together to make a table of 10!! Yeah!! Lucked out AGAIN!! Jas, KD, Kay and I sat at the table and we had about 30 minutes before the rest of my group would be arriving so we enjoyed the view, had a couple of drinks and appy's. The menu was somewhat expensive for a "Clubhouse" style restaurant but I guess you are really paying for the view because the view was MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. As my friends started arriving, I was a little worried about how comfortable my friends would be. But everyone got along really well with each other. That was a relief, this is the first time that I have gotten all these people together. I feel very lucky to have such great people in my circle of friends, I def. felt the positive vibes given off by everyone and the love surrounding me and Kay. My birthday meal was not so bad but def. a little on the expensive and I had a glass of wine with my meal. Although the food wasn't amazing and a little overpriced, it was def. really beautiful to finish off dinner with the sun setting. I recommend going to the Watermark if you live in Vancouver maybe not for a meal but def. have a drink and soak up the view. We live in a very beautiful city and I feel very lucky to live here. After dinner, we all parted ways and it was def. a spectacular evening with wonderful people.

Included in this post are a few of my fave. photos, for more, click here.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am celebrating my 31st birthday today!!

Dinner at the Watermark with friends, photos to come.....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shopping and Dinner

This afternoon, Kay and I headed back downtown to return the overpriced Roots suitcase at Sears. I also decided that I needed a new summer dress for my b'day dinner tomorrow night. We headed over to the Sears clearance section and found a pretty brown chiffon dress that would be perfect except for the wrinkles and mishaps of the chiffon in the front and back. Even at $15.00 (a great price for the dress), I could not buy it the way it was. We went to a few different stores but eventually finding one at Le Chateau of all places. I never shop here but I remember seeing a huge summer dress selection and lucked out by finding something pretty. Not a great price but at least it was on sale. After the mall, we decided to head over to Robson street for accessories and shoes. Kay is looking for a pair of ballet flats or something. Wow, Robson street was super busy! I had forgotten that downtown was hosting a Gay Pride Parade and Robson street was crazy busy with the flow from the parade and tourists. Before continuing on shopping, we decided to make a pit stop at the hot dog stand and picked up a Blenz milk chocolate mocha to go. Slowly making our way through Robson street, we did not end up find Kay's shoes but we did end up with a few accessories at Diva on Robson. Kay bought me a necklace that I had decided on (to match my little summer dress) for my birthday, what a sweet girl! I bought her a small gift and a thick headband for myself. After Robson street, we decided to head home because we were meeting Grandma and Auntie Ingrid for my 2nd b'day dinner.

We had dinner at this little Italian place in Richmond which my aunt picked out. She has been there for lunch a few times and said it was pretty good. I found the place to be a little dark and empty but the food was alright, I have had better Italian but I didn't want to say that to my aunt or grandma. After the meal, we headed back to grandma's for some tea and we called it an early night. My aunt brought over a movie but Kay and I decided to pass on this one and head home.

Now I am going to get ready for bed because tomorrow is my b'day and I need to catch some beauty sleep ;)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Early B'day Celebration...

Another exciting day for Kay and I! Let me start off with I'm celebrating my 31st b'day on Monday but I am having an early start :) I have purchased two new b'day gifts to me from me :)

First place to: Downtown Shopping. We headed over to Future Shop and London Drugs to pick up the camera I had decided on because I need it for my trip to LA and to blog my daily life with photos :) First stop, Future Shop, the sales associate stated the Sony Camera DSCH5B did not come in black, only colour available is the silver and I told him, nooooo it does come in black, I saw it in black (in person at Sony store Granville) and on the website it's black. FS told me I was looking at an older model with less features. Whatever. I decided to leave at this point because they obviously had no knowledge on the products they stock or carry and were also not willing to work a deal with me if I purchased the camera at their store. London Drugs next, the camera guy also did not seem to know too much about this model. LD didn't even have one on display for customers to look at, he also told me that the camera was sold out and are still waiting on a backorder from Sony. The sales associate went to his manager to ask for ETA and was told by the manager that there are no Sonys available in the lower mainland. Yeah Right. Ok, again, WHATEVER. To Pacific Centre we went, Sony Store in the mall, the Sony sales associate was very helpful, had both colours in stock and gave me a pretty sweet deal on the camera. I ended up purchasing the black camera (the colour I wanted), a telephoto conversion lens, a 5 year warranty on the camera / lens, 2GB memory card and some cleaning products for the camera lens. Ok, I know it seems a little excessive but in order to get such a good discount, I had to purchase these accessories and I figured I would eventually purchase the lens (because it's pretty cool, more and better zoom). Also, I had decided on the 5 year warranty because a year ago, R bought me a really nice Sony Walkman and I dropped it, destroying the motherboard, just over the one year warranty. I figured no loss in having the extra 4 year protection. After Sony store, Kay and I headed over to Louis Vuitton at Hotel Vancouver to purchase my 2nd b'day gift to me, my new (camera bag) Damier Canvas Speedy 30. Made In France, dated February 2005. I love it! It looks so classy and my little make up bag matches it perfectly because it is also in a Damier Canvas. We headed over to Winners to pick out a new suitcase because Winners had some new colours in (originally looking for a Heys suitcase) and I found one in a dark blue colour which I quite liked. After our purchase, we headed home to drop off the stuff and get ready for dinner.

Birthday dinner #1 at Big Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Richmond with dad and brother. Apparently, they offer a great seafood dinner at a good price. The service is not so good, the food was alright. Crab was served quite nicely and tasted good but you can't really go wrong with crab esp. if it's fresh. The veggie dish was not good, the veggies were old and chewy. The pork chop dish was over cooked and the flavour, not so good. But it was really nice to see my brother and father. After dinner, KD took Kay and I out for bubble tea on Victoria street. KD and I chatted about life with the guy (aka confused little sh--) and I think she is finally coming around to understanding why I am so passionate about CLS being a JERK. But as I have said before, she is an adult and she needs to make her own decisions.

Overall, it was a pretty good day and night. I am so excited about turning 31, it's strange but I am really happy with the direction of where my life is at this moment.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What a day!

Gosh, what a day I had! Let's start from the beginning....

I left work early today (couple of hours) because I had to go to HSBC to pick up my cheque. I closed my stock portfolio with them because I was unhappy with the services they provided. Ok to be more honest, the financial advisor that looked after my account was telling my father what was going on with my account. YES she did. I bet you are shocked, eh? Yep. Isn't there some sort of confidential clause in there somewhere? Ummm.. no, not with her.... that's another story I am not going to get into. So leaving work a couple of hours earlier to drive out to the HSBC which is about 20 - 25 minutes away from my place (in rush hour traffic on a long weekend) when I get there to pick up my cheque, I noticed they spelt my last name wrong! HELLO, how bloody dense are you??!!?? How do you close my stock portfolio which clearly states my last name and still screw up??!!?? I demanded they fix this IMMEDIATELY because I am not taking any more time off work to pick up this cheque. The receptionist was a little scared as I was pretty damn angry and she spoke with the account manager that I spoke with earlier (on Tuesday - my financial advisor is on holidays until the 16th of August). She tells the receptionist to take it to the teller and issue an overdraft for the amount. The receptionist guides me to a bank teller, hands over the cheque and gives the instructions to the teller but the teller insists she can't do it unless I have a bank account with HSBC (and I don't because I HATE THIS BANK). I am about to lose it when the receptionist explains to her the situation and it has been authorized by the account manager to issue an overdraft. The teller did not speak to me while working on this overdraft and no one (the receptionist nor the account manager) apologized for this mistake. As I was walking out of the bank, I was ready to swear them all to financial bankruptcy and doom but there was a security guard standing at the front door >_<

Metrotown Centre/Picking Up Kay

After the bank, I headed over to R's place to check his mail and to Metrotown centre to use up some time. I am going to pick up Kay from C's place but I knew it was much too early for me to get her before she flipped out. I did a little bit of window shopping, nothing I really wanted to buy as I am heading to LA in 1 and a half weeks, a shoe sale did catch my eye but there wasn't anything left in my size. Wandering over to Winners to look at their suitcases, I found a Heys suitcase priced cheaper than the one I bought from Sears. But they only had one left and it wasn't the colour I wanted so I decided to head over to Richmond's Winners because it's bigger and they usually carry a lot more stock than the other two (Metrotown or downtown). I picked Kay up a little early and she was a little upset but she dealt with it. We headed over to Richmond and there were no suitcases at Winners! We headed over to Future Shop to check out the camera deals but I missed the Sony deal which was purchase a Sony camera and get $50.00 towards any accessory! Darn!!! After that we could not decide on what to eat so we headed home. V called and we decided to head out with him for dinner.

Dinner at Rugby
V is not able to make my birthday dinner on Monday so he took Kay and I out for dinner tonight. We headed over to the Rugby restaurant on Broadway and boy has it changed! It's now a high charging Cactus Club, yes seriously. I could not believe how much our dinner cost him and it wasn't even that good. We expected the food to be like the last time we were there (which was a year ago) and it used to be a unique dining experience. Their menu was set up in three main categories, carbs, meats and veggies. Now they serve all different kinds of stuff plus a small section on carbs and veggies. So weird. Apparently, they changed their menus about 6 months ago. Well, this is the last time we are ever going to eat there! Not too impressed.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Hair Style!

Choppy Layers

Highlights in my hair, very subtle, he only used about 15-20 foils


Today I had a hair appointment with my hair stylist, Jimmy Lapointe and wow, did my hair turn out awesome. I don't have a camera to show off the beautiful hair cut and highlights but I do have some from my webcam (photos from above). These photos do not show the true beauty of my hairstyle / highlights. The price was a little more than I expected ($160.00+$10.00 tip) but he did a really great job. Tonight, I'm going to be very careful and try not to move while sleeping on it. I want to show it off to the ladies at the office tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dinner with Grams

Tonight, I went over to my grandma's for dinner because my mom is out of town (she's in Alaska visiting family friends for a week and a half) and my grandma is all by herself in that huge house of theirs. I ran a little late for dinner because I had to drop off something for Kay at C's place out in North Burnaby, Kay is sleeping over at C's again! The traffic was INSANE. I hate driving during rush hour in Vancouver. People are so impatient!! Anyways, dropping stuff off to Kay, I headed back to East Vancouver to my mom's. Grandma prepared steamed white fish with ginger, green onions, and light seafood soya sauce, stir fried peas with onions and pork, and curry potatoes. Yummy!

A wonderful quality my grandma possess is a way she has with plants, she's got an awesome green thumb. I have a little plant (can't remember the name but it's green with splashes of pink & purple leaves) that seems to be struggling. I removed the plant from the original pot and potted it into a pretty asian pot but it doesn't seem to like it. I asked my grandma if she could take a look at it and fix it up a bit. I wish I had my camera so I could post the before and after shots but I don't because someone stole my camera. ARGH! My grandma took the plant out of the pot and told me I was drowning the roots, that is why it's struggling. She stated that the pot should have holes in the bottom so the water can leak out and does not settle into the dirt, apparently the water could damage the roots and roots can become moldy. Oh!! That's not good. My grandma replanted my little plant into a pot with holes and we placed the little pot into my asian pot because I really wanted this plant to sit in that pot. It matches perfectly (the purple/pink leaves with the purple/pink pot)! After replanting my pot, Grandma and I sat down with some tea and chit chatted for the rest of the evening. It was a nice that we could spend some quality time together as grandma and granddaughter, we never really sit down to talk. My grandma did mention that my mom did not call her when she landed safely in Alaska. I think mom is having too much fun out there and just forgot to call. My grandma was not too pleased.