Monday, August 25, 2008

Chris Rock

Chris Rock ROCKS! Tonight, Jas and I met up with Vince and Meryl to catch the No Apologies Tour at the Orpheum on Granville street. Although we had balcony seats (again!) and we were hoping to get orchestra seats, we ended up with lower balcony right centre seats that were not so bad! The seating is quite cramped in there and I was a bit uncomfortable cos I realize my legs are way too long to be sitting in those seats!! But it was worth it cos the show was hilarious! He never ceases to disappoint! What was a disappointment was our dinner at Sala Thai on Burrad street and we ordered our usual dishes which came in a timely manner but was shocked to see the size of them! We are not used to seeing such small portions esp from Sala Thai on Cambie!! Overall, it was a great night and we had a good time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super Hot Weekend

What a super hot and humid weekend we had! It was too hot to do anything but I managed to get up and head downtown with Jas on Saturday afternoon. We headed over to Holt Renfew's Chanel make up event for the introduction to the Fall 2008 make up collection. Oooh how very pretty! Jas received a mini make over and the make up artist did an awesome job with the new colours! Jas ended up purchasing the palette! I, of course, am a huge fan of Chanel's nail polish and could not resist picking up a new limited edition kaleidoscope nail polish, I love it! The colours are always so unique and different. After HR, we headed over to Gucci and Louis Vuitton cos Jas is looking into purchasing a new larger handbag for work. I convinced her to research the handbags and find out which one is the right handbag for her. That is what I always do before making a huge purchase, I look at different styles and designers before settling on the one. I already know what I would like for Xmas and showed Jas my (near) future handbag, this handbag will complete my collection. I am in need of an every day black handbag and I finally found it at the Gucci boutique! Jas is still debating if she wants to spend that kind of money on a handbag but I convinced her that she spent $$ on Coach handbags and if you tally them up, she could have owned one beautiful LV or Gucci!
Leather $2410 CDN - First Choice

Fabric $1685 CDN - More Affordable Choice
After the browsing, we headed over to the newly renovated Milestones on Robson street for brunch and ended the afternoon with our last make up stop at HBC, Dior was having their make up event and I picked up another limited edition eye palette from Dior from their Fall line. I also wanted to pick up the other eye palette but the SA couldn't find it so I just ended up with just one. Jas was getting another mini make over at Dior so I headed over to the Chanel counter and picked up another eye palette (blue hues) cos I gave my MAC stuff to Kay. Gosh, what a great afternoon it was! I love make up and it's always nice to get a couple of new items for your make up bag! I can't wait to try out the new Chanel nail polish!! Although, I was really looking forward to picking up the Dior LE Impression Cuir palette (one piece with three colours - bronze, brown, and beige), I know HR will have it next week at their Dior Make up event so hopefully, I'll get it there. I headed home with a bit of a headache from the heat and lounged on the couch in front of the TV cos the heat was making me really tired. After a bit, Kay was getting hungry (even though I was not hungry and I didn't want to cook cos it was so freakin hot!) and we decided to check out the neighborhood bistro called The Tipper (formerly known as The Bottle Tipper). Once inside, no air con, the owner greeted us with a friendly smile and a story about the restaurant. Very Milestone's, Earls, or Cactus Club feel with a simple and fresh menu with daily preps and cooked to order. They serve breakfast from 8am to 3pm or I would say BRUNCH!!! I love BRUNCH!!! My fave meal of the day! We ordered a burger platter and beef dip platter to share and it was super yummy! Kay choose home cut fries and I went with the yam fries, super delish! Overall, it was a great dining experience and we are happy to see something like this in our neighborhood! We will be back from breakfast or as I call it BRUNCH!!! YumYum!

On Sunday, it was an errand day, mom and I dropped Kay off at Richmond Centre so she could watch "The Dark Knight" with her friends while we drove around Richmond to run our errands. We headed over to an asian pet shop that specializes in small breed pups but all the pups in the store were mixed breeds. All the pups were very cute and adorable but mom wants a pure breed and she decided that she wouldn't purchase any pups from this place cos we didn't trust them or find them reliable. We did pick up a nail clipper for Ginger cos it was priced better than any of the big department pet stores. After visiting the pups, we headed over to Daiso, I love that store and picked up some much needed items and a few neat things, even though this is a $2 store not everything stocked is $2!! Some items are priced higher and I was a bit shocked. But everything I picked up was $2 and my total? $20 in a $2 / item store!! But most of these items were needed :) Since we were in Aberdeen, I wanted to check out those cream puffs by Beard Papa's in the food fair, this place has been here for over a year but I never got a chance to try them out cos the line up were ridiculously long for cream puffs! They are hugely popular in Asia and everyone is raving about them. Today, the line up wasn't too bad although it was still pretty busy. Mom and I decided on the chocolate covered cream puff (their version of an Eclair) and gosh, they are bigger than the normal size cream puffs we eat but they were pretty good and different from the original cream puffs. Good enough for a short line up but def not for an hour or longer line up!!! I think the hype has passed and people are not so crazy over them anymore! After cream puffs, we headed over to Superstore and Starbucks before picking Kay up. Once we arrived home, Grams and Auntie Ingrid were waiting and it was so nice to see Grams smiling! She just got her hair done and it looks awesome! Plus it def brighten her spirits up since she is such a lady and she has been moping around the house, complaining about her hair. They were all heading out for dinner but Kay and I didn't really want to go cos we have been eating out for the past couple of days! But Grams was treating all of us so she wanted us join them. After dinner, I had to do some baking, I need muffins for breakfast every day! I think I finally baked a perfect batch :) Mmmm.... yummy muffins!

Casual mentions: Friday, Kay and I headed over to Voltage Land on Main street so I could pick up the other Hello Kitty by tokidoki, we also walked up and down Main street cos it was a lovely evening and I needed to pick up some tea for a friend. We ended up deciding it was a burger night so we hit a true gourmet burger joint on Main street called Splitz Grill and gosh was it delish! It was also quite a good size burger with the works! Love it! You must try it, much yummier than Vera's burger shack!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

Wow, what a surprise! Kay, Jas and Rhoda had been planning my birthday for weeks and none of them blew their cover nor let on that something was going on. I was expecting a quiet dinner with the 3 of us (Kay, Rhoda and I) but ended up being surprised by all my close friends at the table! I feel so lucky and grateful to have such great friends surrounding me. It was a lovely dinner at Hell's Kitchen and I got SPOILED!! I don't think I need to say anymore, the photos say more than enough! (check out more photos on my flickr account!)