Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Diamond Rings

This afternoon, I decided to go out for a walk as the clouds were vanishing and the weather started warming up around noon. Apparently, it's suppose to hit as high as 20 degrees and I do have to admit it was quite warm out there. I decided to walk towards the waterfront and away from the shopping district. And I ended up at a little jeweler's storefront that had designed E's ring, the one jeweler she kept telling me to go see for my own engagement ring. WOW! What beautiful rings he designs. Plus he can make any design you bring in to him. I will def. have to check him out when Rich decides when he wants to marry me!! *sigh* I want a diamond ring.....

On another note, Kay finally decided to call me this afternoon. She has to come home tomorrow. I told her that she should probably stay the one night at her grandpa's place. She doesn't really want to but I think it would probably ease my mind a little to know she is not all alone.

Gosh, I'm feeling so tired. I need to take a nap.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Purse I am aiming for Christmas..... *sigh* love this purse.... Posted by Picasa

Jobs in Taipei

I'm surfing the site to see what sort of jobs are available in Taipei as Rich was saying maybe I should be a housewife. Uh, no.... I could adjust living in Taipei but I would have to work! So I found this link:

And I can't believe you need a BA to teach English! Of course, I'm sure it would be good to have one but you really need one? Plus I can't believe the starting salary for one position is $65K and that's USD! Wow....I'm in the wrong field... but of course the catch is you need to be under 35 - what is up with that??

Well I guess I could try to look on exphat sites for work. I think Intel or another techy company were advertising jobs in their Taipei offices. And if I can't find anything, I guess I could do volunteer work.

I should really be cleaning the house tonight as Marie is finally coming OVER for a visit! I can't believe it, can't wait to hear all about her trip to Paris and catch up on her life. She's got so much draMAH happening! Plus I got to give her the scoops on my current life. Hehehee... we are going to kick back and sit on the couch and BLAB BLAB BLAB away the nite.

Kay is at her friend's, Lucia, for a sleepover for the next few days. She actually did quite well being on her own yesterday. Of course, I'm the BIG worry wart. She did alrite. I'm so proud of her. She's growing up so fast, it's crazy. I can't believe it. But she's a good girl, with a good head on her shoulders.

Raining outside, blah, all day. And no sun. Just clouds. It's getting dark at 8:30 now. But it's been pretty gloomy all day.

Work was stressful. Not that I get stressed out much but when my project director is stressed, I try to stay out of his way. There were some issues with shipments and contract breaching. I was running around making sure notices/letters got sent out and by registered mail. Who does register mail nowadays? But apparently, it's in the contract with the client. They must be a hundred years old. It might be a few dollars cheaper, but it takes 3 to 4 days extra and I have to literally go to the Post Office. Luckily I beat the rush, as soon as I got to the cashier, there were 10 people behind me!! What a day!

Well going to start my house cleaning.

LIFE is sweet.

Fresh Tomatoes

OMG, I just got some fresh cherry tomatoes from my friend, Erin's garden... and they are soooo yummy!! I can't wait until we buy a house where I can have my own garden. Last week, she gave me a couple of cucumbers from her garden and I made the best greek salad EVER.

Monday, August 29, 2005

3 days til end of August

It's been a great month. The following things have happened or has been achieved:
  • Turning 30 and surviving it
  • Quit smoking by the time I turn 30 (which I did, in June)
  • Quit drinking so much coffee (in Feb. this help to cut back smoking and eventually leading to quitting)
  • Realizing my daughter is no longer 10 (which is still quite hard for me to adjust)

I am looking forward to the next 30 years. I am happy with who I am and what I have except I could use that LV purse I have been eyeing for months :o) But besides that, I am very happy. LIFE is good.

Today, Kay stayed home alone. I, of course, am the worry wart. She was totally fine and was very responsible. She finished her laundry (she did not finish folding last nite), ate her lunch, took her shower and of course, did some reading.

Gosh, I am so tired. I cooked dinner and then plopped onto the couch. I almost fell asleep.....

The sun is still shining and it's starting to get a little chilly as the sun sets. Vancouver is beautiful in the fall and it will be a nice change to have some tolerable weather even if it means rain.

Belly Dancing

I am thinking about taking belly dancing lessons. It sounds like a lot of fun and I'm sure it's a great workout. I think it will really help tone down my tummy area as it needs a little bit of work.


Should start running again. I haven't gone for a run in quite sometime. The weather is a little bit cooler now. I think I could start running in this weather.

LIFE is good.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

MTV Awards

OMG, I can't believe Kay is such a tween. We are sitting on the couch, watching MTV Awards and she is babbling about EVERYthing... from supastars to gossip like who's dating who etc. Gosh, I can't believe she's a TWEEN~ it's crazy, I can't believe she's grown up so fast....

Rain in Vancity

Rain rain go away come again another day .... PLEASE .... Vancity was short on the summer days.... aah who am I kidding??

Today was a good day. I went to Shanghai "Something" in Richmond for dim sum and it was pretty good. And reasonably priced. We were suppose to go to Sun Sui Wah but they did not open until 10am and Mom/Aunt C were early. Of course, Kay and I were running late. Gosh, it was 10 to 9 when she called us. ONE bathroom between us. No way we were leaving the house within the hour :o) Every time, Aunt C is in town (she's from Alaska y'know), she must do the following things:
  • eat as much Asian food as she can
  • play mahjong for HOURS every nite she is here
  • shop, shop, shop especially in all the Chinese malls
  • go to at least one yard sale / flea market / pawn shop (her hobby)

Did I mention she needs to eat Asian every meal? She's so much fun though. And her granddaughter is the most precious little girl. Next summer, we may go to Alaska for a visit and do some fishing. My mom went up for a visit last week and they brought back lots of yummy things for us. Mmmm.... Deer sausage and halibut fillets.... yummy!

After all that talk about fishing and seafood, Kay and I had to stop over to Superstore to pick up some frozen fish. I know it's not the same but hey, it's as close as I get to fishing in the ocean. I could not believe the crowd at Superstore. It was crazy busy in there, as if we, Vancouverites were getting ready for a hurricane or snowstorm. And why is it that it's always sooooo bright in those darn supermarkets??

Finished with the shopping and stopped by my father's new condo. Reasonably clean and at a convenient location. But I'm not so sure I would ever ever live in Richmond but I guess it's suitable for my father. With his friends out there and being semi-retired. I think he will be happier there. Of course, my father has been in the condo for 6 days now and only two boxes are unpacked. He said ah, no rush. But I cannot stand boxes in my place. Whenever I move, everything gets unpacked within the day! Yeah, I'm a freak.... all I really have to say is, I don't like the area he is in but I guess it does not matter as long as my father is happy. And he seems to be.

We had an early dinner at some HK Cafe and it was edible. Uncle T, came out for dinner cuz apparently he had nothing to do and he was trying to hide from his wife. He quit his job again (or did he get fired? I think he got fired) and he kept calling my dad to come out to eat. The man is like a woman I tell you. He bitches like one, acts like a girl when people are running late, gossips like a girly girl and sometimes I swear, he acts like my father's girlfriend instead a his best friend! Uncle T bugs me sometimes. I think he can be a real arse sometimes, ok lemme take that back... many times.

Well it's getting close to the end of the day. Kay is doing her chores - yes now, it's getting a little late and I'm not sure she's going to make the deadline which means she forfeits her allowance. Her own decision to do it so late into the weekend. I should have tidy the house but now I'm tired and I still have to separate the meat I bought. I think I'm going to sit back and watch the MTV awards (not by choice, Kay already marked it on the calendar so I have no choice) and relax with a cup of tea.

Hope the weather will be nicer tomorrow as I think we deserve it :o)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Summer is almost over!

Today we went bike riding and I can't believe it got dark and cold so fast! You know summer is over when at 8:00pm it starts to get dark quickly.

Went to a new chinese restaurant for lunch with mom and Aunt C. Sun Wah on Kingsway next to the KFC.... yuck!! Not very good. My mom's friend recommended it. Hung out with my mom and Aunt C for a little bit, she is going back to Alaska tomorrow. But she comes back every year. Sometimes twice a year! She brought back some "beef" sausages. Oh yummy! My mom went up with her last week and she went fishing and brought back a lot of halibut. Huge halibut! I love fish!

Kay and I biked to Future Shop on Pine/Broadway. It was a really nice bike ride. We rode down 10th Avenue. Beautiful homes, heritage homes. I can't wait until we buy a house. It will be so nice to have a yard and a bigger kitchen. Kay wants a dog but I'm not so sure about that one. Anyways, we went to Future Shop so she could pick up a cd. They have expanded the Future Shop on Broadway, apparently it's the biggest one in BC.

We also went over to Rogers Video to pick up a video. Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. It's a 7 day rental so now I don't have to rush to watch it.

Ok back to AMW. Gotta be aware of the bad guys.