Sunday, April 30, 2006

Van Dusen Garden's Annual Plant Sale

(More Garden Photo Shots HERE)
Every year, Van Dusen Gardens has an annual Plant Sale which has over 40,000 plants for sale. Both my Mom and Grandma are gardeners and both enjoy looking and planting flowers especially Rhododendron PJM and Japonic Azaleas. I am not sure if we were too late or if they just didn't have them this year because we could not find any for my Grandma. I ended up purchasing some Herbs (Basil - Thai, Sweet, and Lemon) for myself because I like to use basil whenever I can. Basil is also quite expensive if you are buying it at your local produce store. But if you head over to Granville Island's Market, you can usually find it at a pretty reasonable price. I also purchased an Orchid because I killed the beautiful Orchid R bought for me last Mother's Day. I feel so guilty so this time, I'm going to try very hard to keep this plant growing. I received some great tips & advice from the expert gardeners at the Orchid table. She gave me detailed instructions on how to care for this plant, hopefully it will outlast the last one (a month & half). The price of the plant was quite reasonable because I have seen the cost of Orchid plants at the florists and it is not cheap! Hopefully, I can keep this one alive and going.

My Mom thought it was strange that I picked a white orchid and not one with splashes of colour. But I think the white is simplistic and beautiful. Besides, this one had 5 more buds to bloom and it's a pretty good size (& healthy!) plant. Just Beautiful.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dakota Group Sample Sale

Only the BEST Sample Sales in Vancouver :) Dakota Group in Yaletown holds the awesomest sample sales three times a year. I discovered them some years back and have been addicted to sample sales every since. Of course, I am on the mailing list and I receive a notice of their sales. These sales are time limited, only run for five days, I try to get to the sale at least once during that time. This week, I aimed for heading over there right after work but I ended up being too tired from work so I could not get myself off the bus and to head over to Yaletown. I figured, oh well, this time I will have to miss the sale. But on Friday night, I received an email from Dakota stating that on Saturday, there is an additional 25% off the last ticketed /mark down price. WHAT?!?! Hell, yeah, I'm heading over to the sale!!! I picked up some amazing items at ridiculous prices! Cream top (top photo) by Zokai for $17.50 + 25% off, Black Sheer with funky designs Peasant top (middle photo) by Sinéquanone marked off four times at $18.00 + 25% off, and Oxmo black pants with silver pinstripes (bottom photo) marked off four times to $23.00 and additional 25% off, the grand total? $47.00!! I have never spent so little at any of their sample sales!!! I usually have to withdraw $300 cash (cash only at these sales) from my bank account before heading over there because even though these sample items are marked down to 50% off retail, depending on which designer, it can still cost quite a bit of money (worth it!). Especially the European or British designers, the imports cost a little more :) This time, I was only in there for about 20 minutes because my parking meter was up, I can normally spend up to an hour, but I also had to move it along because my father was expecting me to pick him up at the airport. I didn't realize Dakota had moved store fronts (obviously, I did not read the email or else I would have noticed the address change) and ended up walking around Yaletown looking for it. Eventually, I found it and realized I only had a few minutes left on my meter (was shopping and hitting other sample sales on the blocks). But I could not NOT go in as this is the reason WHY I was in Yaletown! So lucky for my bank account, I only ended up with a few items and total cost was under $50. I love the new store front, beautiful and much bigger than their last venue. I guess they just moved into this suite because it was pretty messy. I spoke to the lady who runs this group and she told me it would be really organized and ready for the next sale. She carried a lot more accessories this time and I would have loved to pick up a scarf or belt or make up purse but I was focused on running my eyes along the clothing racks. :) I love shopping and I love clothes and I really love these sample sales.....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Erin's Last Day

and she is off on Maternity Leave for a year. I am going to miss her and her tummy so much. I have grown very attached to her tummy. Every morning, I am comforted by her and tummy, I hug the tummy, speak to the tummy and yes, rub her tummy. I am having tummy withdrawl....

Much hugs and kisses TUMMY!!

On the very bright side, she will be having this baby girl in TWO WEEKS!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am a HUGE America's Next Top Model fan!!

Good bye Nneena!
I am a little surprised that Nneena was the one who got sent home. Between Nneena and Furonda, I think Furonda should have gone home. I thought Jade would have been booted off weeks ago but she is still going on strong. Now there are only 5, who has what it takes to be the next America's Top Model? Tune in.....

Ultimate Purse

Image Provided by The Purse Forum (Description: Black Crocodile Birkin, diamond studded lock/latch, B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L)

This is THE purse to own, creme de creme, one day, I wish to have one of these in my collection..... (yes, one can dream)

Why do the Hermes bags cost over $10K? Click into this link and scroll half way down until you see the title "In the beginning, there was leather..." and photo of a Hermes bag to see the details that are in the purse making process for these beautiful one of a kind handbags....

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Another Hallmark holiday.... Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Our wonderful Administrative Assistant, Val, received this beautiful gift. How divine!

Gourmet Dipped Apples and Strawberries This assortment of fresh strawberries and granny smith apple wedges delicately arranged in a gold box. This assortment will include a variety of flavors such as white and dark chocolate, coconut and almonds.

Edible Arrangements - what a great idea!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Nasty Virus

The Flu kind that is ...

On Wednesday night, after dinner with some friends, I started to feel a little congested and my nose started to get stuffy. Also, the back shoulder muscle pain which had been bothering me for a week started to get much worse. The following morning, Thursday, I was hit with a nasty flu virus but I still had to go into work as I had a few things to work out and at first, it didn't feel so bad. Boy, that did not last long because at noon I was pretty much sick full on and was starting to get a fever. I finished up my stuff and left for the day. I was lying on the couch or on my bed with a fever and nauseously wandering to and from the bathroom for 2 1/2 days. Kay was such a sweetie, she took very good care of me. She made sure I was hydrated with water (I was burning up all day/night) and she went to Choices Market to pick up some chicken noodle soup. She also put the soup on the stove and made sure I had a little something in my tummy even though I was not hungry. All I really wanted and needed was Advil and cough syrup. I didn't have anything for the fever but the advil kept the fever under control and my body aches not so achy. Finally, on Sunday, my fever and back pain was gone. Today, I am left with the sniffles, congestion, and a cough. But the worst has passed. Thank goodness.....

It was the worst flu I have ever had. Breathing was painful and it felt like I was dying. Apparently, I am not the only one experiencing such a terrible flu, spoken to a few different people who had it or knew someone who had it. I thought it was just me....

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Rae!

Karli, Rae, & Erica

Andrew, Me, & Jen

On Friday, April 21 was Rae's birthday but she decided she wanted to have lunch with her office chicas on Monday instead. She had a 4 day celebration full of birthday fun! Now, that's how you celebrate a birthday ;)

Rae's Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Rae, we love ya! xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dinner with Friends

New and Old friends. Tonight, right after work, I met up with an old friend, K, we have known each other since we were 15. But have lost touch for about 10 or so years. She looks exactly the same, still sweet and beautiful as ever. The two of us have some history together and we both had it rough as teenagers. We both hated our parents, she ended up living with my dad and I for a bit, and we both wanted to rebel against our parents and their rules. Life was not easy for us or our parents! I had some really nasty friends and some really great ones but I was a confused teenager trying to figure herself out and I really hated being a teenager. Luckily, I survived those horrendous years and in it, I made and gave birth to a beautiful angel, fell in love with my best friend & soul mate and expanded my family circle with TRUE FRIENDS. You know who are truly there for you in the end. Somehow, K, fell threw the crack and we lost touch. But over the years, I have thought about her as I remember our rough times and I remember her new life with her new husband and beautiful baby boy. Who by the way is the most charming and adorable little man I know! He's such a cutie and I cannot believe how big he is now!! I'm so glad we found each other on Friendster and it's def. a small world out there. K and I have a common friend on Friendster and he, C, came out tonight as well. I haven't seen this guy in AGES!! He is so busy and trying to get a hold of him (email or telephone) is like trying to catch a cab in NYC! :) I can't believe how much he has changed. As handsome as ever and loving his new style and confidence. He doesn't look like an accountant and ladies, he's still single! As we sat at our dinner table, catching up and laughing, it felt right and a positive aura floating around our table. It's great to have such positive and fun people in your circle of friends. Even if you don't get to see them as often as you like, it's nice to get a monthly dosage. And I can see why I am friends with both of them. I'm lucky to have C as a friend, even though he can be a no show at times and I'm feeling grateful to be reunited with K. These two made my night. Thank you guys.

Hard Candy The Movie

I want to watch this movie. I wonder when it will be shown in Canadian cities.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Adorable Baby Leo

Awwwww...... what a cutie!

Look at his beautiful face, precious! Miss him, Robyn and Jessa already!

Long Weekend Fun

This past weekend was full of hanging around and enjoying the three day weekend.

Friday, Kay had a lunch play date with our next door neighbor. Her little 6 year old came around to play while her mother and I caught up on life. I went over to Safeway to purchase a chicken meal for lunch. Which by the way was incredibly yummy! Better than KFC or Church's Chicken. I love CC. After the play date, Kay had to catch up on her chores, she did a load of laundry, took out the recycling, and organized the dishes. Later in the afternoon, the sun peeked out from the clouds and we decided to hit the shopping mall. Just to check out what kind of long weekend sales the stores were holding. Also, Kay need to head over to Lululemon, in Oakridge, to hem her pants. Oakridge Centre was crazy busy and after heading over to Lululemon, I ended up at Jacob, which had some big sales, I ended up purchasing two new blouses at $29.99 each! How could I resist?

Saturday, I went over to my Mom's while Kay finished up her laundry. Kay had an Easter Party to attend and at first, I didn't want to let her go but I know she is getting to the age where she doesn't really want to hang out with Mom / Grandma anymore. She's got her own life. While Kay was at her party,having tons of fun, Mom made dinner for us (Me, my Little Brother, Auntie Ingrid). She bought steak (not a traditional Easter Dinner), Caesar Salad, Scalloped Potatoes, and spaghetti. Yummy! My Brother came by with his laundry (apparently it costs him $7.00 to wash two loads of laundry). Mom didn't mind as he doesn't visit very much and he is her favorite child. But while doing his first load, he didn't notice the cloth in the laundry sink and after the rinse, he flooded my Mom's laundry room. Hahaha!! It was so funny, the look on his face, priceless. Damn, I wish I had my camera to document the evening!! Mom wasn't too mad and it was just too funny.

Sunday, Kay and I spent the day at home, organizing the kitchen (Me) and crafting (She). We did go out in the afternoon to get our groceries for the week. But it was a quiet day and very relaxing. I made fresh orange juice on my new Kitchen Aid Food Processor and I just have to say, I LOVE MY NEW FOOD PROCESSOR. I made 4-5 glasses of orange juice in about 2 minutes and it is the smoothest orange juice I have ever had. Yummy! I was suppose to make banana bread but didn't get the chance. For dinner, I made steamed pork cake with "ham dan" (salted duck eggs). That was the first time I have ever tried this recipe and it was delicious!!

That was pretty much our weekend. I cannot wait until the next long weekend, how long is that? 4 1/2 weeks away......

Friday, April 14, 2006

TSC Item Arrived!

My Kitchen Aid Food Processor has arrived! Yeah :) I can't wait to use it... now I just need to find some room on my super small counter for this gadget....

This food processor is being sold at a really good price and it comes with bonuses. I love receiving bonuses. I have been eyeing this processor for quite some time and was waiting for
TSC to advertise it again with the bonuses. I missed out on the last Kitchen Show but last month, it was aired again so I did not want to miss out again. I phoned the order right away but it was already sold out which meant I would have to wait for the next shipment. I waited over a month for this but well worth the wait. I am so excited, can't wait to use it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Movie Night

Caught this movie tonight and it was really really good. If you get the chance, you really ought to watch it, rental or theatre. Felicity Huffman is an incredible actress, she did an awesome job with this role. Two of my friends were fooled by the fact that she is a desperate housewife. Although I don't know how they missed the part about her winning the Golden Globe for this role. They don't get out much ;) Kidding....

Crab Fest 2006!!!

Star Attraction - King Crab!
Franco (the organizer and our own food critique) with the King
Top View - Mmmm... yummy :)
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2
Group Photo 3

Another attraction, deep fried spicy lobster

Grand Finale, curried fried rice with king crab meat, mmmm sooooo yummy!

Our food critique, Franco, decided we should have an office luncheon. On special occasions like a birthday, baby shower, or leaving the company, our office does a luncheon. But for this event, he decided to start a new event of just going out for a Crab Luncheon. The food was delicious and the group was awesome. We all had a really great time and a full stomach! Thanks to Franco for working out the details, arranging our reservations and menu, oh and of course, ordering the food. We will have to do this again real soon and the next time we are going to be sure to get more people to attend this event :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Addiction....

I love handbags esp. Louis Vuitton's. Yesterday, I strolled into the LV store on Burrad street to see their latest summer colours and styles. I asked to look at both the Reade PM and Pochette Wallet in beige (my fave. colour in the Vernis collection) when the saleslady told me that my colour was being phased out and a new colour, Hazelnut, warmer tone, is replacing my beige. I almost had a stroke! She did not think she had anything left in the beige but she happened to find a beige Pochette Wallet hiding in the drawer. One left. That's it. ONE. I HAD to buy it!! After I make a purchase like this, I am on a high for a couple of hours. A natural rush. Call it pure happiness. We all have our little addictions and this is mine. When I came back to my senses I realized that R is the one who should buy it for me. YES YOU, I know YOU are reading this post. Kay usually pisses on me when she sees that little brown bag so I distracted her by giving her the Pussycat Dolls CD she has been begging for :) But TODAY (with much regret and heartbreak), I have decided that I should return it and learn to be more patient because R will buy it for me. Eventually. Besides with $790.00 ($90.00 being taxes), I could buy a lot of SHOES. ;) Surprisingly enough, R was not too shocked about my purchase when I explained to him the circumstances. (Last night, we had an emergency midweek phone call regarding this.) I am pretty good at controlling myself when strolling by or walking into the LV store. I don't know what got over me.... oh right, LAST ONE IN BEIGE.

I realize a lot of people think I am crazy in spending this amount of money on a wallet. But it's not just a wallet, it's a piece of art, it's beautifully crafted and will last a lifetime. These items are not just accessories, these are pieces that make a statement and are legendary. Some of us buy furniture, some of us travel or go on holidays or trips around the world and some of us spend our money on pieces of art. Amen.

PS. About the
Manhattan PM, I am no longer in LOVE with it, the price of this purse equals to both Reade PM and Pochette Wallet, I would rather have TWO!! :) And although, my beige is being phased out, I think the new Hazelnut is pretty nice too. I guess I just panicked at the thought of not getting the Pochette Wallet..... but I'm good. For now. ;)

It's a ....


CONGRATS ERIN & GEOFF!! We are soooo excited for you both!

*Update April 13, 2006 - I should have been more clear when announcing this. The baby is due on May 15, 2006. On Tuesday night, Erin had another ultrasound because the doctor was worried that the baby may have been breached. Since she was having a second ultrasound, the diagnostic examination will show if she was having a boy or a girl. Erin & Geoff decided it would be nice to know if the baby is a he or a she. This is why I made the announcement "It's a GIRL". Sorry if I caused some confusion but Erin is still pregnant and the baby is doing great. Baby girl is facing the right way and should be a smooth ride out. Yeah!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lost and Found

There is someone I have known for a very long time, back in my high school days. We used to be very very good friends, like best friends but as the years went on, our friendship seemed to lose itself. As the last couple of years went by, we both mutually let each other go. We are polite to each other when we see each other but that is really all it comes down. This is the person I used to call and cry to in the middle of the night if needed, or when I needed to confide in someone, she was the one I went to. I could tell her things, I could not tell anyone else or if I felt bad about something, she always had a way to make you feel better. Every now and again, I look back over the years and there is no one to blame or no way to fix our friendship. It is very sad how we lost each other because I loved her like family. But things change, people change, values change, lifestyles change. Although, at the core, I feel I am still the same person but I think she has changed in so many ways and I feel she was "cleaning" her closet and our friendship reminded her of too much of the past? I think that was it. Well, that's how I feel about it anyways. She had a lot of different things going on and she herself, didn't open up to anyone or me for that matter as much as she could or wanted to. I guess now, it doesn't matter and I haven't thought much about her for a while except occasionally when we see each other (surprisingly enough, we don't bump into each other as much as I though we would since we both live in the same apartment building). But today, I was checking my friendster profile / messages and one of our mutual friends is having a birthday this month. I check out his webpage and I noticed she is back on a friendster. She had a profile a couple of years ago but deleted it after going through her "changes". It looks like she just signed herself back on friendster but what I guess really hurts is, she has added friends (including our mutual friend whom she met through me) to her list but has not sent me a friend request. I know forget about it, I'm being stupid. Yes that's just it. I need to forget about it.....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Random Thoughts...

  • What is up with Blogger and posting photos? Over the weekend, I have been trying to post my photos from Erin's Baby Shower held on Friday and the darn thing takes forever to upload! In 30 minutes, I was only able to upload two photos.... ugh....
  • I filled up my gas tank yesterday and I almost had a stroke when the total came up to $47.83!! I drive a little VW New Beetle and it has a little tank. But by gosh, I have never seen it reach over $40.00 on a full tank. I remember the days when gas was only $0.59/litre....
  • Yesterday, Kay made me glow :) She told me my eye make up was glowy and beautiful. What a sweetie she is!
  • Kay now wears a Size 5 Ladies. Yesterday, we headed out to Metrotown Centre for a little bit of shopping because it was Sears Day and Estee Lauder was giving away a gift set with a purchase of $29.80. We headed over to Payless for some new sneakers for Kay. Sk8r sneakers. Very cute and yet cool enough for her to tread around in.
  • Why is it RAINING today? What's up with the weather?
  • I am so HAPPY that it's only a four day work week!!! YAY!! Friday is a holiday, 3 day weekend baby!!
  • I really NEED to start knitting again.
  • I really WANT to start scrapbooking my photos.
  • I really HAVE to clean up the art room.
  • Watched V for Vendetta on Saturday night and it was pretty interesting. I really had no real interest in watching it after seeing the trailers for this movie but Vince said it was worth watching and I have to say, very very interesting.
  • Natalie Portman DOES NOT look HOT with a shaved head.
  • Mom calls me on Sunday to bitch about a candy we purchased last weekend. Yes, FIVE minutes on the phone bitching about how I bought the wrong candy. Apparently, the candy I picked out is not the same as the ones purchased in Hong Kong or Asia. The candy we purchased is Made in North America or UK. The ones you buy in Asia are Made in Singapore or Malaysia. Kay and I still enjoyed it. Sugar is Sugar.
  • BLOGGER ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK (11:39am) .... I almost lost this post!
  • YES, I still want the LV purse and LV wallet my heart has been set on. WHY would YOU be so cruel in teasing me that way? WHY OH WHY?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Erin's Baby Shower

Me, Erin, & Val
Erin reading her card signed by everyone in our office. Gosh, it was hard trying to get people to sign it without Erin catching on!
Present 1 - Two months of cloth diaper service, be sure to use this wisely :)
Present 2 - Soft green froggy (with a shaker built inside) to match homecoming baby outfit.
Present 3 - Winne The Pooh soft picture frame and it softly plays the theme song.
The presents.
Raelyn & Erica - two wonderful gals
Our crew, some of them, not everyone could come out because it's been super busy and some of us cannot step away from the office for lunch. Another shot.
Left side of the table.

Franco, CHEERS!
*Posted on April 15, 2006. Sorry for the lateness but Blogger was giving me a hard time with the photos last weekend.*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Girlie Stuff

I received a call from Benefit Cosmetics this morning regarding two products which I put my name down for when they arrive. Two of their bestsellers, these products always sell out right away. Ooh la lift and Eyecon ... don't they have the funnest names? I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow morning. Ooh la lift is an instant eye lift (decreases puffiness around the eyes) and Eyecon fades dark circles. Eyecon is the only product on the market that actually fades dark circles. Yes I spent MORE MONEY on more face products but if this works, the money spent is well worth it. An eye lift can costs thousands of dollars and right here I spent just under $100! A review of the products to come.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MAC Stuff

Ok I am so addicted to Makeup, I LOVE Makeup. I could not help myself......I made a MAC purchase, two new Fluidline shades for my collection and an eyeliner brush .... brassy (metallic brass, gold tones) and dipdown (flat brown). Apparently, you can mix these liquid liners with eyeshadows to heighten the shadow colour and/or use it with your shadow to make a custom colour. How cool is that? Too cool. I'm going to have so much fun mixing my colours together. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

Monday, April 03, 2006

BBQ Pork

Homemade BBQ Pork.

Yummy! Tonight I made homemade BBQ pork and it turned out really good even though my smoke alarm was going off every 5 minutes. Kay said it was better than No. 9, wow, what a compliment! :)

My New Secret Weapon

This tint is so cool. I love Benefit Cosmetics, they carry some really cool makeup products. To apply Benetint, place a few dots on your cheeks and smudge, gives you a pink glow without the hassle of blush (I hate wearing blush). I don't use a lot of makeup and I do not like putting stuff on my face but this tint is really light and looks very natural. It looks great and lasts up to 10 hours!