Monday, June 30, 2008


Wanted is Awesome! A Must See! I hadn't seen the trailers for this movie yet and one of the main reasons why I wanted to catch this film is a photo I saw online of Angelina's full back tattoo! It's a HOT MOVIE plus I love Angelina Jolie!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Breakfast, Bridal Shower and Stagette

Gosh what a busy Saturday! I had so many things to do and with such little sleep and seemed like not enough time, I really didn't think I would make it to the end of the day!

Friday night (after Cirque show), I came home and I started making the dishes for the bridal party (helping Rhoda out with the food). But I had forgotten to leave the cream cheese out so I had to wait a couple of hours before starting on the cheesecake! I ended up prepping the tomatoes for the bruschetta and making the mac and cheese casserole. I ended up baking and prepping until almost 2am! I didn't go to sleep until almost 3am and had to wake up early to meet Rita and Megan for breakfast at 9!

Saturday, I woke up early to meet Rita and Megan for breakfast at 9am and it was so nice to (finally!!) see them, we have been trying to arrange a breakfast date for so long but our schedules are so busy, this date was planned weeks ago! It's been a long time coming, I hadn't seen them since we moved out of the building back in September. By the time I arrived at Rita's, I was starving so we quickly decided to have breakfast at the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Cambie street. It's so nice to be back in the neighborhood and it's nice to see the street and sidewalks are back. I can't wait to see the entire finished neighborhood, it's been so long since I've been back here. I love the little shops and restaurants in the Cambie Village and would still love to live in the area except the rent is way too high. DWSC is one of our fave places to eat and I haven't been there since the last last time HonHon was in town. After catching up and finishing off breakfast, we headed back to the apartment so I could hear Megan play a song on her piano. Gosh she's getting so good! It was so nice to hear her play an entire tune! She's got talent! I had to be home by noon cos Rhoda and Jacky (MOH) were coming over to help move the food over to the house. I quickly made the bruschetta (this item has to be fresh and I couldn't prep it the night before), we sliced the french baguette and moved all the items into the cars. The house isn't very far from my house, about 2 or 3 blocks away, and once we arrived, we quickly set up the area before all the guests were to arrive. Although the food was pretty good, it was cold and most of these items have to be eaten when it's hot! It seemed that there was a big accident on the Knight Street bridge which caused many delays cos most of the guests were coming from Richmond! But overall, the food was a hit! On the table were:

  • Costco's veggie platter with my homemade dip

  • Costco's and Kent's mom's fruit platter

  • Rhoda's mini pineapple upside down cakes

  • Rhoda's chocolate cupcakes topped with powder icing sugar (I didn't have time to make frosting)

  • Mac n cheese casserole

  • Bruschetta with french baguette (mmm... I did not think it would be too easy to make this but it was!)

  • NY style cheesecake

There were tons of food leftover! We made way too much and we didn't think we would have enough! Although it was quite a hot afternoon, it was a lovely time to be with all the ladies and there were a few games to play with prizes. Ashley (BTB) had a great time and she is such a sweet and wonderful person. I am so glad I got a chance to get to know her. After the games and food, it was time to open her cards and presents, it was a gift certificate theme and the one with the most creative GC wins a lovely prize! She received some lovely gift certificates and everyone knew her well! After the bridal shower, it was time to clean up and take stuff home, lucky for me, I lived a couple blocks away so I managed to walk home with all my stuff. Rhoda had to rush over to the bakery, Fratelli's, to pick up the stag cake and since she had to leave, I stayed to help Jacky clean up. There was a couple of hours to rest before we were heading out for dinner/clubbing with the ladies. I wanted to take a nap but decided not to as I would probably not wake up! After resting (and drinking more coffee!), we started to get ready for dinner. Dinner was at the Italian Kitchen on Alberni and the restaurant is a bit overrated. My dish was not particularly spectacular and the food did not impress me but the service from the wait staff was really excellent. We also had a nice table, up on the 2nd floor with the windows wide open (very warm day) and the atmosphere is pretty nice. The restaurant manager convinced us to go to the sister restaurant called Sanafir but that was quite a disappointment! After drinking our free champange, we headed over to Caprice nightclub cos we had our names on the guest list and we wouldn't have to wait long to get in. After lots of dancing and photo taking (some pretty hot and sexy!), we decided to call it a night of dancing but first we headed over to Blenz for a drink and called it a night. I realize that we were way too old to be drinking and clubbing and lots of the girls in the nightclubs are dressed pretty skanky and it freaks me out cos Kay might be doing this soon!! Aaahhhh!!!!

Sunday, I visited my dad cos I hadn't seen him in a while and I wanted to know how the test results were from his visit to Richmond hospital a couple weeks ago. Plus my brother is on vacation, he's in Hawaii for two weeks so I figured he could use some company since he's been alone at home altho I am sure he's been out visiting friends. My dad is a bit of a social butterfly. My father does not have cancer but he has something else and I am not quite sure what it is cos he didn't explain it to me. After visiting for a couple of hours, we decided to head out for dinner, I wanted something quick and cheap but daddy took us to this fancy chinese restaurant, he dropped me off to get a table while he drove around to find parking but once inside, I realized it was going to be too expensive and we were def not dressed for it! Kay and I were dressed really casual in shorts and tankies! Plus I didn't want my dad to spend the money there so we ended up at No. 9 restaurant for some yummy BBQ pork with rice! After dinner, Kay and I met up with Ben to hit the nightmarkets which were not that good! Either of them (Richmond and Chinatown) barely had any good stands but I wanted one item and it was a fm transmitter for my ipod which I found for $20! I hope it works!

Gosh, it was a super busy weekend and I'm so glad that it's over! (PS. Check out flickr for more FUN pics of Sat. night!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Corteo - Cirque Du Soleil

Wow! What an amazing show! If you have never been to a Cirque show, you must check out Corteo, it's a magical and very entertaining. Now, I am a huge fan and I will be attending every show when they are in Vancouver!

Jas and I scored some tickets for 30% off and we could not resist since neither of us have been. Although, I have always wondered what it was like in the big blue and yellow tent set up by the water. Our show started at 4.00pm and we arrived 30 minutes early as per our tickets. It was a super hot day and we hoped that inside the tent it would be air conditioned! Once we made our way to the tent, it felt like we were in a theatre and the the stage set up was not as far as I thought. It was not as large inside the tent as I though it would be and we were seated in the back rows but we had a clear view of the stage. It was a 2 hour show with a 30 minute intermission and of course, I had to pick up some souvenirs during intermission, a program with CD (music from the show) and a mug. After the show, we decided to head over to Fat Burger for a burger cos we hadn't had dinner yet! Fat Burger was not as impressive as I thought it would be. Oh well, onto the next burger find!

Overall, it was a great evening and I am so glad I got a chance to see a Cirque show!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congrats and Good Bye!

Congrats and Good Bye to Erin and Nick! We are going to miss you both but Erin will be back in a year after her mat leave and Nick will move on to bigger and better opportunities! Wow, I can't believe Nick is no longer AN ENGINEER :) Good Luck and be sure to keep in touch and when you make your first million, you must come back to take us all out for lunch :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Tonight, we celebrated Vince's *ahem* 30th birthday! Meryl threw a small dinner party with his family but gave him quite a surprise by inviting a few of his close friends over too. I had boot camp at 6 (which is what time the birthday dinner started) which meant I arrived a bit later than everyone else. It was nice to see his family (everyone is so nice) and to gather with Ana, Rochelle, Jas, Vince and Meryl as we don't see each other much anymore due to our busy schedules! The birthday cake was amazing (as always) and I had way too many pieces (3 to be exact, although they were very small and thin slices) but I couldn't help it cos Meryl kept offering me another slice! I cannot turn away fresh mango cream cake,mmmmmmm. It was lovely to see everyone and we ate good food, drank some good wine, played Rock Band (well, I didn't, I just took pictures!) and we had to call it an early night (almost 11pm!) cos most of us had to work the next day! Thanks Meryl for throwing this together and inviting us all over. Enjoy the photos!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Latino Night!

Tonight I had a night of dinner, dancing and drinks with Charly and his friends, Ada and Ivan. I invited Jas too but she couldn't make it for dinner due to a work function and would meet us later in the evening for drinks at Latin Quarter on Commercial. I wanted to take them to Latin Quarter to see and listen to the live Latino band (his friends are Latino) and to test out the Sangria cos the last time Jas and I were there (many years ago!), the Sangria was terrible! We started the night off at the Cactus Club on Lougheed cos Charly and I couldn't agree on a restaurant and I have been craving for a bellini for the longest time! My brother had stopped by the house so I hitched a ride with him to Cactus he was heading out to Surrey to meet his friends but he ended up coming in for a few beers. His friends weren't quite ready yet and he had an hour or so before he could head out there. Everyone got along great and there were some really interesting conversations at the table. Of course, my brother was not giving us his full attention cos there were way too many hot waitresses on the floor! After dinner, a couple of bellinis and a few smokes later, we decided to head over to Commercial drive. I made reservations for 9.00pm and we still had a bit of time before our reservations so we decided to go have some dessert, gelato of course! We walked up Commercial drive to this new gelato place and they all ordered gelato but I did not (too full from the bellinis!) and we slowly walked back to the restaurant. They had to finish their gelato before heading in cos I'm pretty sure you can't bring food into the restaurant. Once we got inside, I realized we got one of the best tables in the restaurant! A table right beside the huge open windows looking out on to the drive. Easy access for smoke breaks! Just a hop over ;-) Wow, how nice was that?!?! Everyone had a great time, lots of dancing, drinking and enjoying each other's company. Charly's friends are really nice and so much fun! Although, the sangria was a disappointment and the owner was a bit rude cos he didn't come by our table to greet us or thank us for coming. But when I did finally speak to him (closer to the end of the night and he was pretty wasted!), he did not take the criticism too well when I told him the sangria needed more work! But besides those minor mishaps, we all had a great time, enjoyed the music, the dancing and the good company! Even though I don't dance (esp to Latin), it was nice to have Ivan teaching me some moves on the dance floor. I need to learn to loosen my hips and maybe after a couple more dances, I'll get the hang of it. Or I could take some dance lessons at the community centre :) It was very nice to meet Ada and Ivan and we are def going to do this again but it's too bad I won't be coming back to the LQ. The band is fantastic and the atmosphere (generally) quite relaxed and friendly. Ada mentioned a Latino cruise (in July) so I might go with her cos that sounds like a lot of fun even though I am a bit terrified of the water. But for now, I really enjoy little places like this and it's too bad that I will have to look for another place like the LQ. But I am sure I'll find something, Vancouver is full of small and fun restaurants like this!

Enjoy the photos and YES I really did have a blast!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I finally had a japadog today! I have been wanting one of these for the longest time but Ben and I made a pact, we would have it together and we both just haven't been available until today!!! It really is as good as it sounds! I had the Terimayo Japadog....mmmmm...beef dog with japanese mayo with teriyaki sauce, fried onions and shredded nori (seaweed). Delish! Can't wait to have another one :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today, I spent the day with Rhoda, my BFF :) It is always so nice to spend the day with her even though we see each other on a daily basis cos we work a block away from each other. But on the weekend, it's a bit more personal cos during the work week, we only get about an hour to talk and shop. In the afternoon, she had a dress fitting on Hastings street for Ash's wedding (she's a bridesmaid) and after she was fitted, she came by to pick me up and we headed off to Richmond Centre. She needed to pick up a few more items for the ring pillows, she is making those for Ash/Kent and Cho/Susanna 's weddings. We walked around Richmond Centre for a bit, she found some of the crafty items and we quickly stopped in to check out the awesome sale at Costa Blanca. Gosh, did we ever score some great deals! Lowest ticket price was an additional 50% off!! I picked up a dressy teal top and long sleeved black blazer for under $20!! After we walked around the entire mall, we headed over to Langley Farm Market (which is located outside, no access from the mall) to pick up some fresh fruits before heading back into Vancouver. I picked up another great deal, 3 ripe bags of strawberries for $3.00!! I didn't mind that they were ripe cos I planned on using them for baking and smoothies. Once we got home, I started dinner (quick stirfry with brown rice) and Rhoda went upstairs to visit my mom for a bit while I cooked. After dinner, we took a look over the strawberries and it seemed most of them were pretty solid, very few mushy ones. We chopped the stawberries and mashed some bananas and we made up a new muffin recipe! Strawberry banana muffins. Mmmm.. they were good except that I over filled the muffin tin, overbaked them by 5 minutes and need to add some spices to the mix. Overall, it was a wonderful day and I love baking esp with my BFF :) Enjoy the photos!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Thanks Jas for bringing back a limited edition Harrods shopping bag for me! I love it!

I haven't seen Jas since she's been back from London which is 2 weeks! Wow, I can't believe how fast time goes by!! We decided to meet up for dinner as it's Friday night and I like heading out for dinner on Fridays or ordering take out. We wanted to try the new Cactus Club at Bentall 5 but they do not take reservations and when I was there to put our name on the list, we would have to wait 1 hour before getting a table! That's crazy and not worth it!! It's freaking Cactus Club!!! We decided to head over to Joeys on Burrard instead and that was a good choice cos I really wanted to try the apple pie. Mmmm apple pie. After dinner, we headed over to Louis Vuitton boutique cos I told Jas there was a price drop in the luxury items and she wanted to take a look. It's like a sale! How can one resist picking up a most wanted item?? I know what I want..... Monogram Vernis Rosewood in the deep dark purple $890 (price dropped $50!!)

After Louis Vuitton, we headed over to MAC Cosmetics cos they were having a 15% discount on all the products for family and friends until Sunday. She picked up a new lipstick and although I could use some more makeup, I had already picked up my items on Thursday with Rhoda. After MAC, we walked over to PC to check out what was left from the Browns and Holt Renfrew's shoe sales, she picked up a really cute pair of flats (and comfy!) for under $200! I am thinking about buying a decent pair of flats... oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm breaking down and buying a pair of flats! But they will have to be nice flats, good ones not the cheap shoes. After shopping, we decided to call it a night as we were both pretty tired from the work week. It was so nice to finally catch up with Jas!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I love these MK flats, so pretty and look so comfy! Click on photo to see details.....

I love the patent black ones, I think they are perfect for every day wear! Love the details.....

Close up detail....


I love these juicy couture ballerina flats, these come with their own pouch and can fold up to be placed easily in your bag or car! More details? Click to enlarge in new window.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

West Restaurant

Tonight, I was invited to dinner with Jess, family and B cos B was taking Jess out for her birthday dinner, FINALLY! Her b'day was Monday, June 9 but she had boot camp and didn't want to rush for dinner so they made birthday dinner plans for tonight. Reservations were made for 7.00pm at West on Granville, which is my fave restaurant in Vancouver. I felt so lucky to have another dinner at West cos I only get to dine at this restaurant once a year (it's so expensive!) usually a birthday or Valentine's Day. As always, the dining experience was excellent and the company very entertaining. They were discussing the wedding plans, dates etc and couldn't decided on certain things and arguing about other things. After dinner, we drove by a few churches to see what they looked like cos Jess and B are getting married at a United Church for Jess's mom cos she's Christian. Jess knows her mom would be really happy to see her baby girl married in a church but it can't be any church, it has to be a United Church. The three churches we looked at, only the first one looked nice but they all seemed way too small for their wedding. Must keep looking and I am sure they will find something to accommodate them as it seems there are many "united" churches in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Overall, the night was very entertaining and I love spending it with the girls! Thanks so much for the invite!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Birthday!


Tonight, we started the celebration for Jess's birthday! Gosh, I can't believe she's turning 2* and getting married next year! To me she will always be a wittle girl..... time goes by so quickly .... I could swore it was just a few years ago when she was 14 and babysitting Kayesha, who is always two in my mind!

She planned on celebrating her birthday all weekend cos she's special and she's got a ton of friends to celebrate with her. Our group tonight, consisted of 4 of her BFFs, Rhoda, Nel and me, the plans were dinner at Brix Wine & Bar in Yaletown and clubbing at a new downtown nightclub after dinner. But Rhoda, Nel and I were not planning on going clubbing, on Friday nights, I'm usually too tired to even go out for dinner but it's a special occassion tonight. The restaurant had a few good reviews and the set up of the restaurant's floor plan is pretty interesting. They have a hidden outdoor patio which is pretty nice and casual. Inside the restaurant, it seems a little more trendy with leather seats and dark maghony tables. There is also a lounge downtstairs called George for after dinner drinks but we were not planning to head downstairs. The food was flavourful and fresh ingredients with a not so over powering sauce. the sides were nicely grilled and the quantity was perfect with the meal. I ordered the Alberta AAA Beef Steak, 8 oz tenderloin served with cheddar potato cake, veggies and sauce. Very delicious. The full menu was pretty interesting and I would like to go back for dinner again to try the other dishes. There is also a late night menu which looked very good and probably a nice way to compliment the many different wines they carry. I think Vince and Meryl would really enjoy eating and drinking wine here cos he's a bit of a wine connoisseur. Before he got married, we (Vince, Meryl, Jas and I) used to go out once or twice a month for drinks and appetizers, we wanted to discover different types of wines and to enjoy each other's company. We don't do that so much anymore. After dinner, we surprised Jess with a dessert and sang her HB! She quickly opened her presents cos Lisa, one of her BFFs, was getting a bit ancy cos it was getting late (dinner reservations were at 8.00pm!) and they wanted to hit the club before it got way too crowded. Plus they had friends that were meeting them at the club and there was also a SUV outside the restaurant waiting to pick them up. She looked quite happy to be celebrating it with us and she enjoyed all her gifts! I love her to bits and hope she had an awesome time at the club!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


We have a new member to our family! A cute little toy pomeranian that my mom bought yesterday. We named her Ginger cos she is the colour of ginger :) We adore her, she is so cute! Very feisty and super smart pup! Kay and I love having her but am happy that we don't have to do the training or grooming or feeding etc. She's upstairs which means we can see and love her as much as we want but at the end of the night, we get leave her there :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Saturday Night Fun!

Tonight I had so much fun! I haven't gone out for a night on the town in a very long time so it was pretty cool that I did it with Ana cos this chica knows how to have fun! Tonight our plans were to hit Mona's Lebanese Restaurant in downtown for a belly dancing performance. At first glance of the restaurant, it looks really dark (the windows are blacked out) and shady (or ghetto) but once you step inside, it's loud and lively with music from the DJ and people are enjoying themselves on the small centre dance floor. The restaurant was super packed and we weren't going to get a table any time soon so we decided to have a drink at the bar while we waited for the belly dancing. We weren't sitting for very long before someone Ana knew came up to chat with her, this girl knows a ton of people and no one can forget her cos she's got such a great personality and charisma. She hasn't been in the city for a couple of years and hasn't been to this place even longer but people can't forget the beautiful Ana. Once the dancing started, we both wanted to see her up close so we were at the edge of the dance floor for a full view of the dancer, wow she is so talented, she is a superb dancer! What an amazing performance! She danced for about 15 minutes or so and incorporated her dance performance with a very sharp sword by balancing it on her neck, torso and head! Wow!! After we paid the bar tab, we decided to head out of downtown and onto Commercial drive cos there are lots of exciting entertainment on the drive! Esp lounges/bars with live bands or dancing.

Once we were on the drive, we decided to head over to Latin Quarter cos they are known to have a live band on the weekends. As we drove down the drive, we passed a few places that were packed and blasting live music from the doors. We parked right in front of LQ but it seemed quite dark, quiet and empty, we were hesitant to go in at first but decided we probably wouldn't get a table at the other places. Gosh, were we wrong and lucky to stop in! The band was taking a break and the place was certainly packed with a lot of people!! Lucky for us, we got the last table available in the band area. Our table seated us right in front of the tiny dance floor and right in front of the band. We ordered an appetizer and some drinks, talked some more and before you knew it the band was playing, the people were dancing and it was def. a great time! Ana did a lot of dancing as many of the customers came up to ask her to dance, it was so much fun! I met the new owner of the restaurant, a young entrepreneur and he's planning on making some changes and keeping some things the same. He and his partner just took over the restaurant a month before and was asking how I was liking the place. I told him about a bad experience I had here years earlier and he told me, there would be some changes, slowly but it was happening. This is a really fun and great atmosphere so I hope he does clean it up just a bit and revamp the menu! Maybe I'll have my birthday dinner at this place, it's quaint, fun and casual!