Saturday, February 27, 2010

March of the Penguins

This is the sweetest documentary I've ever watched! Last week, I was talking to my co-worker about how HonHon and I have this long distance relationship, what it's like and how we feel that we are bonded together forever even though there is this distance between us. She was fascinated and said Oh you two are like the Penguins, I was like what? She mentioned this documentary, March of the Penguins and told me we are like the emperor penguins. I hadn't watched it yet altho I remember seeing and hearing about it a few years ago. After watching the documentary and the extras on the DVD, I realized, yes we are def like the penguins! It's a very interesting life to be an emperor penguin and the conditions they must go thru to raise a family. I want to buy this DVD and pick up a cute female and male stuffed penguin for HonHong and I. He can take the female one and I can keep the male one cos we are just like the penguins. I told Kay this and she laughed and said Momma you are so cheesy but it's cute! Hehehe, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you must go out and rent it!

Day with Family

This afternoon, Kay and I headed over to Richmond Centre cos she wanted to check out Aritzia's 50% off sale on the Park Life items (Olympic line). I didn't think I would find anything as I am not into the Olympic gear but I manage to find a grey poly cotton hoody for $57, marked down from $120! There is a very TINY Olympic logo on it which is good cos I wouldn't buy it if it was screaming Olympic memorabilia. Kay found the items she wanted and 3 items came under $130! She finally got paid last week and she really wanted to do some shopping plus she is out growing her hoodies so she needed to at least replace one of them. She's been very lucky to have Rhoda and Jes giving her their clothes but she's growing fast! After shopping, she had to catch the train to work and I headed over to my dad's place. I was meeting up with my brother, Tomina and my dad for lunch and then we were going to head downtown to the Louis Vuitton boutique at Hotel Vancouver. Of course, we ate lunch at my brother's fave viet restaurant, Lemongrass Grill and I dunno how he cannot get sick of eating the same thing EVERY weekend! After lunch, dad took his car back to his place and I went with them in their car to downtown. Traffic wasn't too bad so it didn't take us too long to get downtown and when we arrived in the core of downtown, we manage to get a good parking space on the street. I assume there's good street parking cos most people are taking transit into the downtown core for the events. First stop in downtown was Louis Vuitton so my brother could exchange his gift for the pair of sunglasses that he has beene eyeing for. I wanted to check the monogram Odeon bag as I am thinking about purchasing this for my trip to Asia. There was one in stock but it was scratched up on the back so I am on a waiting list for the next one to arrive. Hopefully, it'll be made in France like this one or I'll be very disappointed! After Louis Vuitton, we headed over to Gucci cos my brother is still debating on a white leather belt that he's been wanting to buy but it's white and that means it'll get stained very easily with his dark dark denim jeans. He didn't end up buying the Gucci belt so we decided to walk around Robson street since we put too much time in the metre. I ended up buying a yoga mat towel for Monday's yoga class at Lululemon for $40. We are to use a towel over the yoga mat and I could use just a regular bath towel but then it'd be so heavy to carry with all my stuff. This is lightweight and meant for yoga mats! After wandering around downtown, we decided to head over to Tinseltown to visit Kay at work! We were also getting quite thirsty from our lunch so we thought we'd drop by and pick up a drink for the ride back to Richmond. Wow, it was soooo busy at her McD's and her shift today was the drink runner!! After McDonald's, we headed back to Richmond and I stayed a bit longer to visit my dad before calling it a night. I decided to rent a couple movies, He's Just Not That Into You and March of the Penguins for the weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I took the day off cos I didn't want to fight the crowds downtown as it's the last weekend before the Olympics are over. I intended to spend most of the day at HonHon's so I could clean out his room but didn't end up going there til late in the afternoon cos there are too many good daytime shows during the weekdays! When I finally got there, I did about 3 hours of cleaning but it looked like I didn't do any at all! He has so much stuff, he's kept almost everything he's ever owned or received! I threw away 1 huge bag of garbage and there is soooo much more to do! UGH. I can't believe how much crap he's kept, it's like he never threw anything away! I found old credit card statements and receipts from 1999!!! OMG....there is soooo much more to tell but it would take me years to explain how much stuff he's got plus he's kept all his old clothes which he hasn't worn in 10 years or more! Aaaaahhhh.... I'll never be able to clean that room in time for us to move in on April 1st......

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Alice

Just finished this book, Still Alice, I have been on the waiting list for months! Sometimes I have to wait a long time when borrowing a book from the VPL. But it was worth the wait cos it's a really great story and I read it in FIVE days. It's a very interesting and well written story about a Harvard professor going through the nasty disease, Alzheimer's. You are getting the story through her eyes and seeing exactly how she feels and what she is doing. A very great book to pick up and read!

Hot Yoga Gear!

My lululemon online order came in this morning, I ordered a hot class tank from lululemon's website the other day and luckily got it in black as this colour is no longer available. Since one is not enough, on my lunch break, I went over to Lulu on Robson to see what else they had and ended up buying a scoop neck tank in black too! I was thinking about picking up shorts but I'm not too comfortable with the idea of wearing short shorts so I'm just going to stick with my capri pants instead. I am very excited about this upcoming week with Tomina and I hope we will enjoy and continue to stick with it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bikram's Yoga

Today, Tomina and I signed up for Bikram's yoga! We are very excited about this and I think this will be much more productive than the Monday night hip hop pussycat dance classes! The bonus is we will stay far away from all the crepes that we have been eating after our Monday night dance class. So excited, can't wait, now I just gotta find some hot yoga gear for the upcoming classes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zeal Hair Salon

Shingo, master stylist at Zeal Hair salon on Robson street SAVED MY HAIR!!!! I didn't realize how BUTCHERED my hair was until I took a shower this morning and realized the girl really did butchered my hair!!! Guess you can't expect much for $20 at a viet salon!! OMG, I should have known better than to expect to have my hair cut, the girl basically chopped off 4 inches in 10 minutes!!! If I had known how she was going to "cut" my hair, I would have walked out and not let her touch it. With all my whining and crying this afternoon, Kay firmly said to calm down and we could fix it today. She dragged me to her salon downtown as she had an appointment right before her shift started. It was a good thing that she did cos I was pretty devastated and getting depressed about my hair. Luckily a master stylist was available to fix my hair, I didn't really want any more hair taken off altho I anticipated that I may need to cut it to my chin to fix this disaster but Shingo, master stylist, was awesome! He managed to save my length by making the layers more even altho the other girl did not give me "layers". He took an hour to cut my hair which is about the right amount of time as I'm normally booked in for an hour and half for my hair cos my hair is so thick. Thankfully, it looks so much better now and my hair's length is even. Kay and Shingo saved the day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Warren!!

Tonite, we celebrated my brother's 31st birthday at Vivacity in Richmond cos he didn't want to have a huge dinner but instead planned a night out (drinking at the club) with his buddies. Originally I figured he would want to have steak for dinner but his fave place is HSG and that is in the heart of Yaletown (aka Olympic Party Central) so we decided on his next fave meal being Peking Duck. I made reservations at Viviacity for 8pm so there was plenty of time for him and Tomina to get ready. I was to pick up Tomina before heading out to Richmond for dinner cos they were planning to take my brother's car tonite. Before picking up T, I headed over to Dairy Queen to get my brother a DQ ice cream cake cos you can't celebrate your birthday without a cake! I lucked out cos DQ had a golf themed ice cream cake! Tomina and I arrived right on time but of course, they were fashionably late, we didn't order anything but tea as I have no idea on how to order at these places. My dad went all out for my brother's dinner, as always he ordered way too many dishes again and one of the features of dinner was the lobster, mmmmm so yummy! The Peking duck was pretty good altho the duck meat dish with lettuce wrap was just ok. Poor T, she doesn't eat meat but will eat chicken occasionally so she didn't eat that much. Altho she did eat a little bit of the lobster and we did order a veggie dish consisting of snow pea shoots with dried scallops and mushrooms. She's going to be hungry later! Overall, the customer service at the restaurant was pretty awesome (think cos my dad was there earlier in the day for dim sum!) and the dishes were relatively good. More photos on my flickr account.

Hair Cut

OHMYGAWD!! My hair has been thinned out and it feels so short!! I am not sure I will like this and as it sinks in, I know I will HATE it. But I was long overdue for a cut so I decided to try out T's girl but you do get what you pay for! At least my hair grows quickly but this feels so short and so thin :( I will see how long I can last with this cut, I might end up spending more money to fix this style. UGH!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nuba - Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

After work, I met up with my dear cousin, Nadine for a free wine tasting at the Sutton Place Wine Merchant to try out a local winery called Vista Dora in Langley, BC. We both ended up picking a bottle of wine but not from Vista Dora as he only had 2 types of wine in the store, one of which she already has. My cousin recommended a bottle of the Catena Malbec (2007) since I am really enjoying the Malbec wines at the moment so I picked up one for $30 (a bit more than I would usually spend but I know it'll be worth it!). After our wine tasting, we were planning on having a japadog but the line up at the japadog stand was 30 minutes long!! Oh my!! No way would I stand at the japadog stand in the FREEZING COLD for 30 minutes and wait another 15 minutes for a HOT DOG! We decided to go get a real dinner at Nuba which was quite a walk down but worth it cos it was one of the most amazing meals I've had for less than $30! I am so stuffed and it was SO GOOD! I am sure HonHon would love this place, authentic Lebanese cuisine cos he loves middle eastern cuisine and the food was so delicious! We decided to share "le grand feast" which included pita bread served with a large plate of hummus, baba ghanooj and taboulleh, main entrees included grilled lamb chops and roasted chicken with a GRAND size roasted potatoes, najib's special and mjadra! Phew! That's a lot of middle eastern words in one sentence! Check out their menu online for the descriptions but let me tell you the najib's special is amazing and I've never had that vegetable served up this way! Most of their ingredients are grown locally, organic or free range or hormone free which I love as Kay and I try to incorporate as much local organic vegetables and free range / hormone free meats into our own diets. It's refreshing to know that this restaurant uses as much local ingredients as they can to their menu. I am excited and can't wait to go back! Wish I had better photos but these were taken with my BlackBerry so they aren't that clear since the restaurant is underground and the restaurant's lighting is quite dim. The ambiance of the restaurant is really nice and the staff are friendly and attentive. I would def recommend everyone in Vancouver to try out this restaurant. They also have good vegeterian options which is nice for my vegetarian friends. The restaurant is a bit hidden so you really have to look for the DOOR as you wouldn't notice this place unless someone takes you there. A hidden gem in not exactly the best part of downtown right on the corner of Hastings and Cambie. Be sure to check it out, it is WORTH IT!!!

Louis Vuitton

Since I am giving up my dream handbag from the Epi line, I've decided I will look for something less expensive and yet still practical for traveling. I've decided on the Monogram Odeon GM (altho I really like the new Artsy MM or GM) priced at $1100 US as it's a practical bag with an easy and comfortable fit for travelling. The bag has 2 handles and a removable strap that can fit comfortably across your body, it's slim and long plus it's the canvas material which means it won't be too heavy when I fit all my essentials while touring the city of Taipei or Las Vegas! It costs way less than the Epi handbag and even tho I am not a huge fan of the monogram print, this isn't my every day handbag only my travelling bag. Besides, now that I think about it, I don't really want to carry a shoulder purse or my current Epi purse while touring a city cos I don't want anyone to snatch it and I don't want my purse to get dirty! I love my Epi purse and it's a great purse to carry around the city. I would love to use my pink Dior handbag this spring/summer but need to clean it first and it's long overdue for a cleaning, I didn't even get the chance to use it last year!! I love my Dior, it's an incredibly beautiful and soft handbag!

Odéon GM
A bag for the busy woman about town, the Odéon GM in Monogram canvas is a comfortable fit around the shoulder or across the body. Big enough to carry magazines and other items too.

Size: 13.8" x 14.5" x 3.5"

-Comfortable leather handles
-Zipper closure
-One inside patch pocket and one phone pocket
-One outside flat pocket
-Adjustable and removable leather strap


$1100 USD

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pita Chips & Hummus

Tonite was my first attempt in making my own pita chips and they turned out pretty yummy! I couldn't find pita chips at Urban Fare so I bought a package of pitas and made my own for my yummy basil hummus. Very very good! Much healthier version for a snack!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sephora Order Arrived!

My Sephora order FINALLY arrived! I ordered this on Jan. 29 but it didn't get shipped until Feb. 8 and finally arrived TODAY. But these were worth the wait! I do love Christian Dior's make up and these are even prettier in person! Sephora @ Pacific Centre did not have either of these products so I'm happy with the order altho it took so long to get them! I can't wait to use them!!!

Giving up my Louis Vuitton Handbag

I have been doing some serious thinking over the weekend and I've decided to give up my Louis Vuitton bag cos I want HonHon to use that money to pay off his BMO mastercard instead. I know that he would do whatever it takes to buy me something I want and I know he enjoys buying me these things to make me really happy but I'm going to be selfless and give up the bag. I don't really need another Louis Vuitton handbag in fact, I don't really need any more handbags! I do have a number of very beautiful handbags that I could use to travel with. HonHon was quite shocked when I mentioned this to him and he wanted to be sure that he was chatting with the right person! But it felt sooooo GREAT to pay off the HSBC Mastercard and I'd like him to do the same with his BMO. This CNY has inspired me to be more careful with my money and to start saving instead of spending it all. Even tho I do enjoy shopping and spending my money, there are other things in life that I could do with the money. Plus, he plans on buying my airplane ticket to Asia this October and he wants to go to Maldives next Spring, I think it would be a wonderful feeling if we could do it without worrying about our mounting credit card debts.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Gong Hay Fat Choy - Sun Leen Fai Lok!

May the year of the tiger bring much happiness and prosperity to you and your family & friends!!

Tonite, we celebrated CNY with my mom and grandma, we managed to get 7:45pm reservations at the Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot last minute! We have been meaning to try out this new restaurant in our neighborhood but never had the chance or by the time we decided, it was too late or they were too busy! My grandma was going to be treating us all to dinner and it was suppose to be just grandma, mom, brother, Kay and myself but Pablo was invited last minute. He had picked her up from work cos she was so dead tired and he didn't want her to transit home. He is a really good BF and totally adores Kay. She also knows it and sometimes takes advantage of him but he accepts it with a smile and sometimes with a few pokes but in the end he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Just like HonHon, altho he says he wasn't whipped that quickly in our relationship! HA! Whatever he thinks ~_^ Before we headed over to the restaurant for dinner, I helped my mom make "lo bak gow" a chinese turnip new year cake cos it's CNY! I shredded all the turnip (thank goodness I own a Kitchen Aid food processor!) while my mom chopped and cooked all the yummy toppings that get mixed into the shredded turnip! This is one of my fave dishes at CNY cos we love eating homemade "lo bak gow" cos the only other time you can eat it, is at dim sum but those are never as good as what my mom makes! After helping her with the CNY turnip cake, I went back downstairs to make my basil hummus cos I told Tomina I would bring her some on Monday cos it's so easy to make and she paid $4 for a bag of pita chips and small hummus! That is crazy!!!

We finally made it to dinner and on time but had to wait about 5 minutes for our table. I did check up on the reviews of this place before booking it and it did have some good reviews. I would have to say that it is a good price for all you can eat hot pot altho not everything on the menu is included in the "all you can eat", there were a few other items on the menu you could order but there would be a fee, the soup base is good and they did do a good job at keeping it full. But the service itself was not too good, typical of a chinese restaurant, the interior is nice as it was renovated before grand opening, and the menu itself had a good selection of dishes. Overall, we did enjoy the food and even tho I do not go to hot pot very often, I would recommend this one to friends. But they are really busy esp since they just opened so I'd def make reservations or wait until the hype of this new restaurant is over before going.


Tonite, I celebrated an early CNY with my dad cos my brother and I were planning on celebrating CNY with my mom and grandma this Sunday. Kay was suppose to attend this dinner with us but she did not read her schedule properly and ended up missing her afternoon shift! They wanted her to come in during the evening to cover the missed shift, right now they are super busy with the Olympics being in town so she had to go in. A bit disappointing but she did end up coming after work to spend some time with her gramps after a long and tiring shift. I had a few errands to do before heading over to my dad's, first I had to pick up some BBQ for dinner, chinese oranges for good luck and some coconut dessert, I picked up the BBQ items from Chong Lee Market on Renfrew Street cos they have the bestest BBQ! I walked over to T&T to pick up a basket of oranges, lucky red candy and Kay's fave coconut dessert. Thank goodness I did so cos T&T's parking lot was like rush hour, there are so many people picking up last minute items for CNY! Once I finished my errands, I headed home to rest a bit before getting ready to see my dad. Before heading over to my dad's place, I went upstairs to wish my mom and grandma an early HNY and giving them some of the lucky oranges I picked up at T&T. Driving into Richmond wasn't too bad but I made a quick stop at Future Shop to pick up CD I have been wanting, once at my dad's placed, I chilled out with Tomina most of the nite. She, ever so thoughtful, picked up a box of chocolates and gave Kay and I the cutest card for Valentine's Day! At dinner, there was so much food again (my dad always overcooks) but it was yummy! Lots of leftovers for Kay as well since she was coming by after her shift. I watched a movie with my dad and surfed the internet while we waited for Kay to arrive. Kay is so spoiled, her bf went into Tinseltown to pick her up so he could drop off her in Richmond! It took them 45 minutes cos of the Olympics in the area, CNY festivities at Tinseltown, and Richmond had an Olympic event so there was so much traffic! When she finally arrived, Tomina and I headed into Richmond Centre area to pick up a couple of BBTs and a crispy chicken for herself (as she doesn't eat beef or pork and that those were the main dishes at dinner). But before leaving for BBT, my dad's crazy neighbor downstairs came up to bitch as us about being disrespectful to our neighbors saying we were making too much noise and the heels on the floors were keeping her up! OMG, she IS CRAZY!! I was like WHATEVER, talk to the *insert swear word here* HAND! If she wasn't such a crazy b!tch about it, I would have been like sorry, I'll be more quiet, I'm pretty sure the noise were coming from my heels. But she came up kicking and screaming, looked like she was going try to hit us! F----d up people live in my dad's building and I wish he NEVER moved there! I do believe that the main reason he moved there is cos of the the lady & boy, too many people in his small condo in Burnaby! Oh well. After picking up our stuff and finishing our visit with dad, it was time to get home cos Kay had an early shift in the morning! We left his place around 1:15am and by the time Kay went to bed at 2am, she's gonna have very little sleep to be up at 6am for her 7am shift! Oh my!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Boathouse English Bay & Olympic Store

Tonite, I headed out for dinner with Jas cos I had a coupon for The Boathouse. The coupon was going to expire tomorrow but we could only use it from Monday to Thursday, go figure. It was a 3 course meal with a number of choices for each item and for the dessert, you could substitute a glass of white or red wine and the price? Only $24.99 per person limit 2. We both chose the soup to start, which was amazing, I chose the lobster ravioli and Jas chose the lobster/shrimp stuffed chicken breast with veggies and wild rice, and we both skipped the creme brulee and went with a glass of wine instead. The entrees were delicious but the wines were blah! Neither of us are big fans of Jackson Triggs so it was a bit disappointing. My brother and Tomina also had a coupon but their reservations were a bit later and she messaged me to let me know we really missed a good dessert! Oh well, I was pretty stuffed from the pasta but I did end up picking up a couple of cupcakes to go (Cupcakes on Denman is just a couple blocks from The Boathouse) after dinner. We got a nice table right by the window so we had a beautiful view of English Bay altho the weather was awful, it was still nice to look outside.

After dinner, we were on our way home but before doing so, Jas wanted to stop into the Olympic store at The Bay to pick out another Canada long sleeve shirt for the Olympics. Her office is allowing them to wear jeans and Olympic attire during the next 2 weeks so she needed a couple more pieces to mix up her wardrobe. She convinced me that once inside the store, I would become so engulfed with the patriotism that I myself would feel the need to buy a Canada shirt or at least one small item like the Canada red mitts (that EVERYONE has), she really thought she was going to see me buy a pair of those mitts. I told her once inside that she'd be disappointed that I would not feel the need nor the desire to do so. Once inside the store, it was chaotic, with crowds of people purchasing like crazy and the MESS in the boutique was enough to make feel the NEED OR URGE to run out of there as fast as I could! Instead I stuck around and helped her find the long sleeve shirt that she NEEDED but in the end she didn't buy it cos of my "humbug" attitude! As my thoughts of her buying another shirt was CRAZY on spending another $30 for what would only last 2 weeks and then become discarded with no use. She decided she would buy it tomorrow cos I seemed to MAKE SENSE. Hahahaha.... oh well.... I'm just NOT THAT INTO the Olympics! But GO CANADA GO!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Credit Card PAID OFF!!

YIPPEEE!! My HSBC mastercard is officially paid off and cancelled!! It feels so good and to have such a weight lifted off my shoulders! Altho I have racked up my Capital One mastercard quite quickly in the last 2 months at least I know I'll be able to manage this card within the next 6 months! So it feels so good to be rid of one more credit card!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

5th Anniversary Gift

I finally picked out my gift from the company and even though I had a couple of items in mind, I decided to go with jewelery even though I do not wear anything that isn't WHITE GOLD. But I decided with a pair of earrings cos I will be moving in a couple months so I don't really need a Hamilton Beach grill or an IPOD alarm dock cos I have a BBQ and Kay's got IPOD speakers, really nice ones in fact. So I went with the smallest and easiest item to move, earrings! They aren't too bad looking and sorta in a way, pretty so hopefully, I'll get one or two wears out of them!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Blinged Out & Exciting Changes!

This morning, Kay had her orthodontist appointment at 9am to get the wires attached or glued to her teeth, I went with her cos I needed to sign the documents and make payment arrangements with the office. Her appointment was slotted for 1 1/2 hours so I was not sticking around to see the finished product but when she arrived home from her shift, I was so excited to see what her teeth looked like! Wow, it's kinda neat and now I'm really wanted to get a set of my own braces!! She said that at first, the brackets and wires did not hurt going on but after a few hours, it really started to hurt and now she's in a bit of discomfort but not in pain. She has a bit of a headache when she arrived home due to the late nite before with only a few hours of sleep, braces in the morning, and training for a few hours after school so I knew she wouldn't feel too good by the end of the day. But in the end she is really happy to FINALLY get them on :)

There are so many changes happening this year that it will be a very exciting year for us. I would also love to get my own set of braces but I think this will have to wait until the end of the year or beginning of next year. With plans to move into HonHon's condo so I can stop paying rent, it will def help relieve some of my outstanding debts and give my fiances a little bit of room. Also, with the upcoming travel plans which I have started a savings account for, it will def be good for me to venture out and see the world. Las Vegas (maybe) to visit Aria the new resort with the huge Louis Vuitton boutique this Spring or Summer, Taipei, Taiwan in the Fall and Maldives next Spring, it will be exciting even tho I do not enjoy flying or sitting on a plane for so many hours. I just can't wait to see what else 2010 will bring for us......

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar & Dessert

Tonite, I headed over to Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar for dinner with good people for some great conversation and good times, I haven't seen these guys in a while. Also, it was partly to celebrate Jas's birthday except no one knew but me. I picked up Jas first and I wanted to give her the b'day gifts without making a big deal about it at dinner cos we didn't want anyone at dinner feeling uncomfortable about not knowing it was her birthday. I had picked up a pair of pretty earrings at Blue Rudy and I'm so happy that she loved her gift! It took me a while to go thru the store to find her something but I didn't want to just give her a GC as Kay had pointed out to me that it's a tradition that both of us pick out Holt Renfrew GCs for each other's birthday! But she's rite, it's def becoming a b'day tradition! But I wanted to pick up an extra something for her since she brought me back some Burberry items from her trip to Palm Springs in November but wouldn't let me pay for them!!! Once we were done with the gifts, we decided to head out a bit earlier for Yaletown and I'm glad we did cos it took us 30 minutes to get into Yaletown which is normally a 7 minute drive from her place. OMG, all these road closures are a pain in the @ss! But once we arrived, there were tons of street parking probably cos it was still early being 6pm. At Blue Water Cafe, there was a buzz in the air with such a lively bar scene but we soon realized a wedding reception was being held there! What a nice place to hold a small wedding reception, the party at the bar ended up being moved into a private room behind the main restaurant area. I think it would def be nice to hold your reception here if you had a small party as I do love the restaurant, the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. Plus you can take your wedding photos right outside in the heart of Yaletown! How very convenient :) Shel, Kitty, Charly and Rosa soon arrived after we sat down and once we all caught up a bit on each other's lives while ordering drinks, it was time to decide on the food, I was happy to hear that everyone was excited and interested in sharing the Seafood Tower! This was one of the main reasons I choose to meet up for dinner cos the last time I was here with , I saw a table next to us order this tower. You can't really share it unless you have at least 6 people and lucky for us, there were 6 of us and just the perfect amount to share! The fresh seafood and oysters did not disappoint and the presentation of this tower was pretty but not as pretty as Coast as per Shel & Kitty. I couldn't believe they were able to get into Coast! Apparently, Shel knows one of the managers and he never has a problem getting a reservation, I told him how hard it is to get in at dinner time and I was hoping to get a reservation within a reasonable time with HonHon cos we really wanted to go. Thank goodness for hookups! Shel said he'd be happy to get us a reservation next time he's in town, I said hey maybe we could all get together again at Coast and everyone can reacquaint themselves with HonHon, altho I'm not so sure HonHon will be too thrilled with the idea of a large gathering! He's so shy and quiet! Until of course the conversation starts to get going or the conversation turns into the topic of cars, Simpsons or business! Shel & Kitty both agreed that if I loved Blue Water than I would def love and enjoy Coast, so now I am SO EXCITED and can't wait to hit Coast Restaurant! After all the delicious food and great conversations, we didn't want it to end so soon so we continued our nite by heading out for dessert, we decided on Sweet Obsession since Rosa and Charly had not been there before. It was a great way to end the nite and the next time we get together will be either a BBQ fest at Shel's place or a roast pig on a spit at Charly's! Good Times!!!

Re-Organzing HonHon's Condo

This afternoon, Kay and I headed over to HonHon's condo to start reorganizing and cleaning up the condo so we could move into it. Gosh, i can't believe how much crap they have and how many of the SAME ITEMS they have! We spent about 2 hours cleaning and reorganizing only to come out with 2 free cupboards in the kitchen, a space in the main closet for our shoes and re-arranging the front entrance so it flows better. OMG, so much crap and so much dust! I can't wait til we move into that suite, I'll be saving so much $ on rent and hopefully, living more comfortably altho with the new extra costs of Kay's braces, I think I'll JUST be living more comfortably. Oh well, she's worth it..... :) Now if I could only work up the courage to tell my mom about our plans. I still have a few weeks as I plan on moving into his place April 1.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

TNA hoodie

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon! With the sunshine out which we hadn't seen in days, I decided to head over to Robson Street and check out Lululemon and Aritzia for a hoodie. I've been meaning to find a thicker hoodie for my workout clothes. I have a Hello Kitty one but it's not that thick and I do have a Roots faux fur-lined hoodie but that one I leave at work cos our office can get pretty cold esp with the summer months cos the air con is blasting. I am not a huge fan of Lulu's hoodie but I thought I would check them out anyways since I still had a paypal credit but I ended up not liking any of the colours nor do I like the style of the hoodie, so off to Aritzia which they carried a few types of hoodies. Tomina had bought one there last week and she said it was $77 with taxes but she bought the classic fit and the material was a bit lighter (similar to my Hello Kitty). I ended up finding a slim fit heavy weight fleece for $85 (not including tax) and I really liked the way it looked and it's so comfy so I ended up picking one up in a dark grey colour. So happy with my purchase, can't wait to wear it on Monday, we are gonna be matching bum buddies!! Hahahaha....

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

5 year recognition

Today I finally received my 5 year recognition email from head office! My start date at the company is Jan. 4 so this email is about 1 month late but better late than never! Yeah! This year, there are a few more gifts than last year and the 5 year recognition was recently created as the first milestone, it used to be 10 years. If I stayed with this company for another 15 years, for my 20th year, I would get a trip to Montreal for the weekend, put into a fancy hotel and attend a fancy dinner held by the head office, Montreal is where our head office is located. That is such a cool and sounds like a fun FREE trip to Montreal! I am looking forward to that if I ever make it that far! Now what I should I choose for my gift? Hmmm.... the choices....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


OMG, my friend Ben drove up to Whistler, BC over the weekend to pick up these FAMOUS HUGE COOKIES and he dropped one by for me tonite! They are HUGE but apparently the chocolate chip ones are BIGGER! This one is an apple cinnamon cookie and it smells and tastes like apple pie! Mmmmm.... so yummy!!! But I ate half and feeling really stuffed.....

Update: I did some googling and I think I located the coffee shop that sells these giant cookies: Moguls Coffee House in Whistler, BC - must go next time I'm in Whistler!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Dance Class and Crepes with Tomina!

Tonite, I had pussycat hip hop dance class with Tomina but I was not looking forward to dance class as I had a very late nite but I was very excited to go for crepes after dance class! T & I are just now making fun and fools of ourselves in dance class, the dance instructor is now rapidly moving into a new routine and we are just not getting it so we've decided to make up our own moves in the dance class! We are having a hoot in class altho I don't think our dance instructor is appreciating the new moves we incorprate into her dance routine nor that we are enjoying the face that we are making fools of ourselves! Plus I'm sure she does not appreciate us leaving class 5 minutes before the class is over! Oh well, after quickly escaping from our horrible dance class, we headed over to crepes on Robson and ordered dinner! Mmmmm.... I love crepes so good! Next time tho, we are gonna order a french sub and spilt it so we can order a sweet crepe! We haven't tried a sweet crepe cos the regular crepes are so filling! I'm starting to enjoy Mondays as I look forward to hanging out with Tomina and going for crepes! Next month, we are thinking about taking an aerobics class or pilates! That will be fun!Kay also had her first McD shift tonite, it was only a training shift but it's still quite exciting. I can't wait til she gets a real shift cos I'll be one of her first customers! Tonite, she tried on her uniform and she got a special polo shirt for the Olympic weeks. It's so cute!