Friday, August 31, 2007

Work Week from Hell

What a week! I have been working weekends and staying late for the past week and half to get a proposal out! On Tuesday and Thursday I stayed at work until ten and midnight! Only to come in on Friday morning with a bizillion changes! I am not taking an extended long weekend with the Tuesday off coz I think I deserve it! Looking forward to a quiet weekend .....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ariztia Warehouse Sale

Today after work, I headed over to Tinseltown to the Ariztia Warehouse Sale, held annually but today was by invite only. Gosh, did I do a lot of damage there! I found some great stuff for Kay and I for about $260! I manage to find a cute 3/4 sleeve jacket for work, a fitted wool dress for work, a cute gold sparkly jersey top for going out (had been eyeing this top for a while but would not spend $60 on it, I got it for $19.99!), a very cute jersey black top for going out. Kay picked up a skull hoodie, polka dot leggings and a cute little dress. I had forgotten to look for the matching vest for my pinstripe suite but Rhoda found it and I couldn't believe the price, $19.99! I had wanted to buy one months ago but forgotten to look for it. I really didn't go into the suit section coz I had already picked up two suits from Ariztia. Oh well, maybe next year. I also tried looking for a nice pair of Rock & Republic jeans but couldn't find my size in the ones I liked. Those jeans were a steal, $99 from $350! Oh well, I'm not really a jean person anyways. Overall, it was a great experience, except for the craziness in there (almost like boxing day sales!) and thank you so much Rhoda for taking us with her, she had a limited amount of people that she could bring. Jas got a great deal as well, she found 2 winter jackets for the price of 1! Love shopping :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today, after my very short shift at work, I headed over to Rhoda's place for a BBQ! I didn't have time to prepare anything for the BBQ so I stopped by the liquor store to pick up a few bottles of wine. Before I headed over to Rhoda's, I did a quick stop at Oakridge to the Fido kiosk to change our plans and to see if I could get a phone or two. Gosh, it was super busy and customer service is awesome, Jay at Fido Kiosk is a really cool guy and really tried to help me by holding on the line to find out if I could pick up a new phone or two right at that moment. Apparently when Rogers Communications took over Fido, the rules changed and now you cannot get your new phone right away when you renew your contract, there is a 3 month waiting period. I was shocked because I really wanted to pick up two new phones today, one for my coworker and another one for my mom. But he couldn't get a hold of anyone so after 30 minutes of trying, we decided to try again another day. I will most def. ask for him the next time coz he knows my situation and the girls at the kiosk don't seem to know what they are talking about! After fido, I picked Kay up from her friends (she was at a sleepover) and we headed over to Rhoda's place for the BBQ! I was surprised to hear that she was still holding it coz the weather report said it was going to rain! To our surprise and our very first, a garage BBQ party! They decided to have the BBQ in the garage! It was an interesting and fun idea! Friends started coming by and it was really fun. Lots of booze, food and fun times. We had so much fun and it was great spending time with such good friends as Kay and I are having a hard time dealing with the VERY LATE ARRIVAL of HonHon. He has cancelled on us for the THIRD or FOURTH TIME.... I have lost track... but Thanks Rhoda for holding this awesome BBQ! Good time, good times. Love them like family.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

Tonight I celebrated my b'day with Karen, her boyfriend, Andrew, and Jas at Hell's Kitchen. I've always wanted to try Hell's Kitchen (there are entertainment coupons in the Ent. book) and it was not as impressive as I thought. The food was pretty yummy and the atmosphere is pretty casual and pub like so I might have been a little overly dressed but I'm happy to have tried it once, used another entertainment coupon and didn't have to pay for it! Also very happy that Jas came with us coz I def. would have been the third wheel! Right after we sat down at our table, Andrew left our table to go back to the car coz he "forgot something" and I didn't think anything of it but when he came back to the table, it was a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Wow, what a surprise! They were beautiful :) Love them, I love those birds of paradise, these are rare and very expensive, beautiful! The waitress came by to take our drink and food order, while we waited, we caught up on each other's lives as we have not seen each other for two months. Life has been pretty hectic for both of us and our kids are heading back to school soon so I totally understand how our summer flew by so fast. For dinner, I ordered a burger and upgraded my french fries to their poutine mmmmm yummy poutine, dinner was pretty yummy and the drinks were ok. Right before the bill came, there was another surprise! Karen and Andrew also picked up a b'day cake for me! Wow, it was beautiful and super yummy!! Gosh, I am so spoiled! I still have one more b'day dinner to celebrate! The celebration never ends ;) After dessert, we decided to head back to their place to check out their new Wii and Jas had a blast playing it! Hehehe, like a big kid :) Andrew opened up a really nice bottle of red wine from 2003 for me which was nice coz I love red wine esp. from that year! After a couple of hours of fun, we decided to call it a night coz I had to work in the morning. Yes I am working on the weekend. Yet again! It was a really fun night and a good time after the long work week and the terrible day I had. Lovely way to end off the work week. A couple more photos on my flickr account.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

$1000 per square foot

Wow, I just found out that my girlfriend in HK just paid a whopping 2.8 million HK dollars for 400 square foot condo in Hong Kong!! Wow, that's $1000 CDN per square foot! I guess she really is planning to stay in Hong Kong for a while....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lunch at Rochelle's

This afternoon for lunch, we headed over to Rochelle's apartment in the west end for a combined birthday brunch/lunch. Our birthdays are 10 days apart and we thought it would be so much fun to get our friends together to celebrate. Thanks Rochelle for hosting! It was a super lovely time with good people all around. Vince and Meryl even made it out which is awesome since we don't see them much anymore. Rochelle provided us a lovely lunch with couscous, chips and dip, chicken noodle soup and sandwiches. Very yummy! Both, Meryl and I brought dessert over for the birthday girl. It was def. a lovely and relaxing day with good people. Rochelle's bestest bud, Michelle, enjoyed playing around with my camera and took a lot of great shots and moments, above are a few of the shots, more on my flickr account. Lovely day with good food and great friends!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Tonight, I went out for an Italian dinner, Baci's Ristorante, with Rhoda, her cousin and friends. I haven't seen Lina in over 10 years! Wow, she looks great and hasn't aged one bit! Cute as ever too :) It was so much fun and those people are hilarious! I didn't stop laughing the entire night! So much fun!! Plus the food was super yummy and there is an entertainment coupon in the entertainment book if you have one, def. a must try! I don't have any photos of tonight though :( There is a live band and a dance floor but the crowd is def. an older mature crowd, I think we were the youngest group there. Also, an Elvis impersonator came by our table to sing to Rhoda and I and it nearly freaked the crap out of me! Fun times, fun times! A night to remember! Thanks Rhoda! Love You!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Canadian Passport

Wow, my Canadian Passport has arrived! That is super fast! I can't believe I got it in a week and two days!! My grandma's passport hasn't even arrived yet and she sent it out months ago by mail.... luckily my grandma is no longer travelling to HK with my mom or else we'd have to track it and put a rush on it. I was planning to travel to HK in October but decided not to since it's Kay's first year in highschool and I want to be here for her in case of anything. Maybe next year .... but it's still good to have your passport on hand because we need it to cross the border. I plan on hitting the outlet and shopping malls this upcoming long weekend. Sales, sales and more sales!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fritz European Fry House

Kay took the bus downtown again to meet me after work for poutine. Kay and I have been wanting to try this place out, Fritz European Fry House and this place is known to have the best poutine in town. Boy is it ever ONE of the best places to have poutine but it's a tie with New York Fries which also serves AWESOME POUTINE!! Little more than what I would normally pay for french fries, cheese curds and gravy (Dinner cost me $16!) but it was yummy!! A must try and def. on our list for poutine!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kay's first time...

...taking the bus by herself that is!! OMG, was I ever worried about it! Of course, she had no problems getting here and she made it all the way from Seymour to Thurlow, it's only about 4 block radius but being the worried mother I am, I was freaking out!! Tonight, I'm hitting the Grind with Rhoda and we were planning to head back to Rhoda's place for dinner since I was driving but I didn't want to leave Kay at home all by herself so Kay bused it downtown by herself (first time ever!!) and Jess is going to take her back with her. I'm sure the next time she takes the bus, I'll be fine with it, it's only the first time that I worry like crazy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hills Season Premiere

WOW, what a premiere! Cat fights and all this juicy drama!!!! This is going to be an awesome season! Love our After Show too, it is awesome in fact so awesome that picked it up too!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Clubbing at Plush

I am too old and feeling like I am going to be deaf from clubbing! It was a fun night with the girls and both do those girls know how to party! Karen is such a cutie and she's a totally happy and very loud drunk! Reminds me of myself back in the day :) But Jas and I realized we are much too old to be doing this and I don't think I'll be doing this again any time soon .... or EVER!!! I have to say though, it was such a compliment to find some people thinking that I was 23! Hahaha ...yeah, switch those numbers around! Fun times fun times....

Russell Peters was in the house! He was dj'ing for the last 30 minutes before the club closed and I have to say, he's not that great. Music started to go downhill when he started dj'ing. Jess and Karen shoved their way into the dj booth to get a photo with him. Wow, those two are daring! More photos to be posted.....

Saturday, August 11, 2007


No longer am I going to post my time unless I make a DRASTIC TIME CHANGE since I am averaging 55 to 58 mins each time I head up the Grind. This morning the drilling outside my apartment woke me up at 7.30am!! It was suicidal!! I don't know how much more I can take!!!

Happier note, Kay did the Grind again and she did it in 1 hr and 20 mins! Good for her!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Nightmarket and Surprise!

Wow, Kay chopped off her hair!! Kay and Rhoda made appointments at Spa Utopia Academy and both of them got their hair done. Both of them look GREAT!! I love Kay's new hairstyle, it's so grown up! I don't have photos but Rhoda took tons of photos of Kay during her week with her. I'll post them when I get them from Rhoda.

Tonight, I went to the night market with Rhoda, Jess and Kay. I got a cute little gym bag for $15, a knock off Hello Kitty charm (for my new purple gym bag) for $5. After the night market, it was off for dessert! Yum yum, we had Honger dessert at Sweet 23 sooooo yummy! But I think I am going to feel it tomorrow morning when I hit the Grind at 8.30am!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007



Kay also went up the Grind with us and for her first time, she did pretty good, 1 hr and 15 mins! She almost slipped half way up but luckily, Rhoda caught her before she tumbled down the mountain! Kay dropped her bottle of water and almost lost her grip!! It can be quite slippery up there, you have to be super careful and know how to balance yourself! I am so PROUD of her!!! Earlier in the day, those two did a lot of baking and making stuff! I got a bag of caramel popcorn, an apple (flourless) muffin and a homemade blueberry pie!! Yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

B'day Lunch

My friends at work took me out for a belated b'day lunch at Victoria Restaurant in Royal Centre Mall. It was super yummy and so fabulous!! We don't get to have lunch all together too often so it was really nice to see and have lunch with everyone.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Tonight I wined and dined at Aqua Riva with a few of my closest friends! It was such an awesome night and one of the BEST B'DAYS EVER!! I am so happy to see everyone and my best guy friend with his girl whom I haven't seen in months since they started their weekend business at the nightmarket was able to make it. Rae, a good friend from work, even made it out! How lucky and spoiled am I? Very!!
Aqua Riva sat our group by the large window with an ocean and Canada Place sails view which was lovely. The dining experience was fabulous and the food - richly divine! I ordered the Lemon & Maple Glazed Sabelfish with herb roasted potatoes, grilled pineapple & mango salsa and lime basil vinaigrette for my main course. Since it was my birthday, I also decided I should have a glass (or two!) of champagne but not just champagne, it was mixed with a juice or something sweet. Gosh, was it ever yummy! I manage to work my way around the table and speak to everyone for a bit before dinner was served and I was happy to see all my friends getting along so great! I had such a great time and def. felt very spoiled! In my invite, I always ask my friends NOT TO BRING PRESENTS JUST THEIR PRESENCE! but no one ever listens!!! Even so, I felt very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and was def. very spoiled! Presents: $50 Gift Card for Holt Renfrew (THANK YOU JAS!), All Leather Pink Coach Mini Purse (THANK YOU SHEL & KITTY!), Hello Kitty stickers (THANK YOU RAE!), a beautiful long stemmed single rose (THANK YOU VINCE AND MERYL!) as already mentioned purple / black stretchy track suit (THANK YOU RHODA!) and Salon Hair products (THANK YOU WARREN!). Of course CA$H MONIE$ from the parents and grandma!
On another note, Rhoda and Kay picked me up because Rhoda didn't think I should be driving on my birthday so it was nice to be chauffeured :) When I got into the car, I didn't even recognize my own baby girl! She looked so awesome! Her make up was flawless and her style, very trendy and chic! Wow, my little girl is not a little girl anymore becoming a little lady :) I'm so proud ... sniff sniff..... plus I realize I am getting older and I see my once youthfulness through her! Sigh .... one year older but STILL the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Passport Office, Dim Sum & New Enrique!

This morning I woke up extra early so I could get my passport application done and over with! I have been procrastinating for a while and I thought I better just do it since I'm taking the day off. Before heading over to the Richmond passport office, I should have taken down the address but didn't and assumed it was still in the same place. Guess what, ti wasn't!!! Apparently, the changed offices in July!! Damn, I was looking all around wondering what happened to the office!?!?!? Finally I went up to the building and noticed on the window (half covered by a huge billboard advertising new condos being built behind the building) a small map describing where and how to get to the new location!! Ugh!! It was about 5 or so blocks away!! I couldn't believe it!! Just before arriving to this office, I had gone to the RBC and Starbucks which is only half a block away from the new location!! Once I arrived at the NEW office, the doors had just opened and security was letting small groups of people into the building. Outside, I was in the line up for about 15 minutes and once I reached the office inside, I waited another 15 minutes (screening process) before given a number to submit and pay for my passport. There were at least 50 people waiting to get their passport processed. I couldn't believe how fast mine was!! As soon as I got my number, 3 minutes later my number was called! I am so happy that I decided to fill in the application online because I was def. finished way faster than everyone else. It seems that I was in another line up for processing my application. There were 3 sets of numbers being used for the processing counters. When my number was called, I headed up to the counter and the lady scanned my application (there is a bar code on the top of my application), stamped my photos, paid for my passport application and I was out of there in record time. I had completed the passport process in under an hour!! Wow I couldn't believe it, I was expecting to be in there much longer. From now on, I will always renew my passport online and will def. recommend that everyone if you can, apply for your passport online!! I left with a huge smile on my face and all those people still waiting had a puzzled look on their face when I walked out of there!
After the passport office, I drove over to my dad's place because I had some time before dim sum (still early) and I planned on driving my dad to the restaurant. My dad wasn't sure why we were going for dim sum and I knew he had forgotten it was my birthday. That's ok, my dad has a lot on his mind and since he is now retired, he never really knows what day it is! Within the hour, we decided to headed over to Shanghai Restaurant on Alexandra Road to get a table because if you order your dim sum before 11.00am, you get 25% off your bill. Since I was out of the passport office so quickly, we had decided to wait until 10.00am before waking up my brother for dim sum. After 4 phone calls, he got up and said he'd be out there door within half an hour! Dad and I headed over to the restaurant after the call so we could order dim sum while we were waiting for my brother, Rhoda and Kay to arrive. Rhoda, Kay and Rhoda's mom showed up a little after 11.00am and thank goodness they brought mom coz my dad ordered way too much food!! There were 15 dishes and 3 of them were Hai Gao! (Hai Gao = Shrimp Dumplings). Gosh I am so stuffed!! We chit chatted for a bit and caught up on life, my father is a very friendly and talkative person and after a couple of hours, we were finally ready to leave. Rhoda, mom and Kay left for Rhoda's place in Burnaby, while my brother took dad home and I headed back to Vancouver. Mom wanted me to call her after I was done because she was going to Best Buy to pick up her online order (DVDs) and since she was in my neighborhood, she thought I could come along. I saw my mom last night and she did not mention a birthday wish so basically everyone forgot except for Kay and Rhoda!

My Presents!! My brother gave me a really nice and expensive shampoo and conditioner by Kerastase. Which is perfect coz I am now going back to salon products. Daddy gave me the universal gift, CA$H MONIE$! Rhoda, my very bestest friend, gave me a very cute matching set of stretch sweatpants and jacket coz she thinks I need to dress down more often. She hates it when we hang out on the weekend and I'm in heels and all dressed up. My reason? Coz I haven't found any casual wear that fits nicely and looks good. But now I can't say that I don't have anything coz she picked out something really nice and it fits really well! She's awesome, the size is perfect! I think HonHon will be impressed and happy that now I will not make him look bad coz he's always dressed casually.

Photos on my Psycho Pat Flickr Account. Check'em out! Must get ready for dinner, I finally decided to have dinner at Aqua Riva with a small group of my close friends, can't wait! Very excited, this is going to be THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! :) (PS. I say THAT every year coz every year it most def. is the BEST B'DAY EVER!)

Oh yes, one more thing......

Enrique Iglesias's got a new music video, "Tired of Being Sorry" and it's one of my fave. songs off his album!

Monday, August 06, 2007


OMG, how cute are these? It's too bad they are not available in Canada!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blueberry Picking

click photo collage to enlarge

Today, I went blueberry picking with Rhoda and Nelson out in Langley at Krause Berry Farms. Kay was suppose to come with us coz she's heading over to Rhoda's for a week of bootcamp. Hehehe... yeah, it's bootcamp, Rhoda is gonna build some muscles on my scrawny girl ;) But Kay ended up going swimming at UBC with Olivia and Henry, two of her bestest friends. I figured since this was her last day of freedom, she might as well have some fun and spend a little more quality time with Olivia before she moves away to Ottawa the following week. After lunch, I headed over to Rhoda's place coz Nelson was driving us out there and there is no way we would manage to get there on our own coz I don't know anything outside of Vancouver-Burnaby! Yeah, it's pretty sad. Another sad point, I've lived here for over 30 years and have never been to Victoria (but I have heard I'm not missing much).

The drive out there wasn't too bad from Rhoda's place coz we took the freeway straight to the Port Mann bridge and through Surrey to Langley. Once we arrived, it was super busy, there are a lot of people out there picking berries. Raspberries and strawberries were at the end of the season but we managed to find a small bucket of very ripe raspberries. We picked blueberries for about an hour and half or two hours and gosh it's a lot of hard work. Also, the sunshine was out and it was super hot! It's tough work but somewhat relaxing and fun, next time though Kay is def. coming with us coz I could use an extra set of hands! Now that I know, I'm def. going to wear my bathing top and shorts for the next time! Blackberry season starts tomorrow but we are not coming back, maybe next weekend. I also forgot to bring a bottle of water and I was super dehydrated out there. Also, I am going to bring my music player too coz when you're berry picking, you are pretty much on your own!

Nelson was really cool in driving us out there and showing me what kinda berries I should be picking. Although, it was hard hard work, it was a great experience and I am forever hooked on picking my own berries! Love the fact that I got a huge container of berries for just $10.00!!! U pick price $1.50 pound! In the supermarkets, it's almost $3 or $4 for a small basket! I also bought some local grown vegetables at too good to be true prices! $1.10 for a very long cucumber and $1.50 for a basket of green beans! After putting the berries into the car, we headed back to the little stand and to pick up water and a treat. A very deserving treat I might add, it's too bad there were no shortcakes left (really looking forward to that!) so I had a piece of peach pie, mmmmm.... yummy! I am not normally a pie person but I loved it so much that I wanted to pick up a fresh pie but there were way too many choices and I couldn't decide which one I wanted!! It was also not a very good idea to have a whole pie in my apartment since Kay was gone for the week and I would end up eating the whole pie on my own for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

Loved it, going to do it again next weekend for the blackberries, I am a very berry person! :)

After berry picking, we headed back to Rhoda's to drop off her berries and to pick up my car. We decided to have dinner at Sha Lin Noodle House on Broadway. Before heading over there, I had to pick Kay up from home since she was going home with Rhoda and I was pretty sure she had not eaten dinner yet. Apparently she did, corn on the cob and chocolate! Dinner consisted of handmade noodles, pork dumplings, green onion pancakes and a cold spicy beef dish. She had a bit of the dumplings and some of my beef noodle soup. After dinner, Kay went with Rhoda and Nelson and I headed home. Wow, I'm tired! I need to separate the berries to freeze and some to eat or bake! Better get to it or I'll never do it!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Zennkai, Shopping and Marie B

This afternoon, I had an appointment with Yulia at Zennkai Salon at Metrotown for a hair cut. Wow, she's awesome! I recommend her and I will def. be back for my next cut and maybe colour! She did exactly what I wanted, keeping my length and lightening my hair without thinning it out. I love it. I also decided to pick up some professional hair products as this is the BEST PLACE to buy professional hair products. Hopefully, the new hair product will get rid of my fly aways. I saw a really cool flat iron and it's at a pretty good price (only $139) but I am using a really good one right now.....

Being at Metrotown, I couldn't help going into Spring Shoes to check out their summer sales, last time I was in there, I missed out on a pair of really cute white and pink shoes!! You would not believe how much I got these cuties for!

After Metrotown, we headed over to HonHon's to check his mail and headed home to meet Marie B. I haven't seen her in what feels like months and it's funny how we were both thinking about each other today! Our plans were dinner and a craft project. We decided to stick around the neighborhood and have dinner at Sala Thai. Dinner was scrumptious as always and we caught up on each other's lives. It was good to talk and I really enjoy her company, she is such a fun person. After dinner, we headed back to my apartment and started on her necklace board which has been sitting in the craft room forever. She picked girlie colours (pink and purple with matching rhinestones) and we talked some more. A few hours later, we were both getting pretty tired and decided to call it a night. She lives by Metrotown so it was quite a ways back for her and after she left, Kay and I vegged on the couch. Kay wanted to rent another movie (we watched two movies last night) but it was too late for a movie and she tried to convince me she needed BBT. No, she will be up until 3.00am if I let her have BBT. Time for bed! Tomorrow I'm heading out berry picking with Rhoda, it's going to be a long and tiring day!

Cornmeal & Bacon Muffins

Another new recipe, yum yum! Very flaky (lots of butter) and great with soup! Not enough bacon though, next time, double the bacon!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Factory Girl & Because I Said So

Factory Girl
Very interesting movie. Didn't get any good reviews or ratings but I wasn't expecting an Oscar performance.

SYNOPSIS as provided by Rotten Tomatoes

Best known for playing muse to Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick was a dazzling young socialite who found herself at the apex of the pop art scene in 1960s New York. In FACTORY GIRL, Sienna Miller is the enchanting, enigmatic Edie, offering a moving characterization of the extremely troubled model/actress. The film kicks off as Edie, the daughter of a well-to-do horse rancher, leaves art school and moves to Manhattan in the mid-'60s. Her friend Chuck Wein (Jimmy Fallon) introduces her to Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce), and Andy is immediately taken with the waifish, wealthy Edie. He welcomes her into his Factory, the silver aluminum-foil covered loft where an assortment of artists and oddballs assisted him with his projects. Edie quickly falls into the hard partying, drug-addled scene, starring in Andy's experimental films and becoming his constant companion. She becomes well-known for her unique style, and the fashion industry taps her as its very first "It" girl. Edie is flying high on Andy, speed, and stardom, when she happens to meet the Bob Dylan-esque "Folksinger" (Hayden Christensen). She falls in love with him, and in doing so, falls out of Andy's favor. Her drug addiction spirals out of control, her parents cut off her cash flow, and her very bright star seems to burn out almost as quickly as it rose.

As with most biopics, people are sure to quibble over the accuracy of FACTORY GIRL, and whether it offers fair portrayals of so many larger-than-life cultural icons. However, viewers are sure to agree that it makes a poignant statement about the pitfalls of fame. When Warhol tells Edie's mother that her daughter is going to be "super famous", Mrs. Sedgwick coldly responds: "And what exactly would be the value of that" Judging from the very tragic, short life of Edie, there wasn't much value in it at all.

Because I Said So
Cute chick flick. Kay picked this one. She really liked it and I thought it was a cute storyline. Reviews were deadly, it had a terrible rating on Rotten.

SYNOPSIS as provided by Rotten Tomatoes.

Diane Keaton lights up the screen as an overbearing, matchmaking single mother in this slightly offbeat romantic comedy from director Michael Lehmann (HEATHERS, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS). The film is a lot of fun, with both Keaton and Mandy Moore delivering energetic performances as a loveable and pretty believable mother-daughter team. After seeing two of her three stunning daughters (Piper Perabo, Lauren Graham) happily marry, Daphne Wilder (Keaton) focuses all her worries on Milly (Moore), her youngest, most insecure, and unlucky-in-love offspring. Twentysomething Milly has got her career as a chef figured out, but is clueless when it comes to love, attracting a never-ending slew of married, cheating, and closeted men. Taking matters into her own hands, Daphne places a personal ad for her daughter, interviewing the suitors herself and settling on one particularly promising young man named Jason. Meanwhile, clueless to her mother's plans, Milly starts to fall for Johnny, a cute musician who in spite of treating Milly like gold, is hardly what Daphne has in mind for her daughter's future. As Milly becomes increasingly involved with both men, Daphne must face whether maybe she could still have her own romantic life at age 60, instead of just living vicariously through her grown daughters.

Unabashedly a chick flick, BECAUSE I SAID SO's intended audience is clearly female, but that's not to say it's all soft. The movie's girl talk includes frank discussions about sex and orgasms, demonstrating the unusually close relationships between the film's women and distinguishing the film from others in its genre. While following a vague romantic-comedy arc, the film also explores the bonds between women, focusing more on the mother-daughter relationship at the heart of the film than on any of the male love interests.

More Restaurants....

Hmmm... thinking about steak ... I am dying to try Gotham or Morton's Steakhouse. I think I can convince HonHon to take me to one or the other since he is such A MEAT-STEAK-LOVER :)

Pretty Michael Kors Handbag on SALE!

Pretty purse on sale and the price riduculous! Must OWN this handbag!!!

Michael Kors

Skorpios leather bag

Reg $795 Sale $397.50

Thursday, August 02, 2007



Top Picks for my 32nd Birthday Dinner

Have been doing some research and I like to try new or extraordinary restaurants that I would not normally dine at for my b'day dinner. I figure this is the one time of the year that I should most def. treat myself and have the fun of dressing up for dinner.

These are my TOP CHOICES:
Coast Restaurant

Provence Mediterranean Grill or Provence Marinaside (seafood type cuisine)
Chambar Belgian
Aqua River
The Ocean Club - a live band on Tuesdays, hmmm.. how interesting....
As you can see, I love seafood and all of these are fine dining with an incredible seafood menu except for The Ocean Club which is moderately priced and the restaurants seems to be more Casual Dining than Fine Dining.

Interesting Menu
Aurora Bistro
Marmalade Kitchen & Bar

Casual Dining
Hell's Kitchen
The Sandbar Restaurant (actually could be considered as "fine dining" as well but the atmosphere is somewhat casual as it being in Granville Island with an incredible view, 2 or 3 course meals start from $30 to $50 without drinks and taxes)