Saturday, December 31, 2005

"Mini" Road Trip to Bellingham

We decided to head over to Bellingham for some shopping and browsing. Although, it felt like another day at the mall, Bellis Fair has a few stores that we don't have in our malls, like Bath & Body Works, Target, and Macy's. I know Target is very similar to Zellers but it's different, it's a US store!

Bath & Body Works is having a HUGE sale! I was so amazed with all the stuff they carry. Soaps, creams, lotions... wow! I have never been to Bath & Body Works, this being my first time, we were in the store for almost 30 minutes. I normally browse through their website and see what is on sale or available. We picked up a few items from their True Blue Spa line. Can't wait to pamper my feet.....

The drive back was not too bad until we got to the border, OMG, we were in the line up for almost 35 minutes! Madness...... but we are home and I am excited to try out my new foot spa stuff! Oh and of course, we didn't forget about R, at Target, we found a pair of Simpson's Boxer Shorts. They are so cute and he is a HUGE Simpsons Fan and this is something we have not seen! Hehehe... he's a little worried about me posting his underwear on the blog. :)

On a final note......

Wishing you and your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2006 be filled with happiness and prosperity!

Friday, December 30, 2005

GAP Jacket

Today, we were suppose to wake up early and go on a road trip. We couldn't get up early, we went to sleep way too late. We are going to try again tomorrow. Instead, we took a "mini" road trip to IKEA in Coquitlam, alright, we only went about 30 km (one way) from were we live but to me, that was a road trip. Gosh, they had tons of Xmas stuff marked down so I picked up a few pretty candles and some Xmas ribbon (for next year). It was soooo busy in there. But worth the trip. We also ended up at Oakridge Mall to pick out a Xmas present for me :) Kay bought me a $25 gift certificate for the Gap. (I felt sort of guilty because she shouldn't have spent so much money on me so I put $20 back into her bank account). I ended up getting this really nice jacket! I have been looking for a velvet jacket for a while and I can't believe I go this jacket for $35.00! Quiet day it was.... tomorrow we are off to Bellis Fair in Bellingham! Road Trip!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Oooh.... R bought himself a Burberry Tie.... how pretty! I can't believe I was able to convince him to purchase one. Although, I choose the trademark coloured ties (beige/black), he went for his faveorite colour instead.... I can't wait to see him wearing it with his suit! How smart looking it is.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weather Report

Living in Vancouver my entire life, I am still not used to and do not enjoy the Rainy Days. I dislike walking and driving in the rain, not because I don't know how to drive in the Rain but because a lot of Vancouverites are afraid of driving on the flooded roads in the city. And yet, the weather is never what it is expected so when we headed out this afternoon, this is what it looked like:

And then two hours later, the sun comes out and this is what we see:

The weather we have in Vancouver never ceases to amaze me......

P.S. The sunny photo was taken at R's condo. A Beautiful View of Burnaby Mountain!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Xmas, Boxing & the day after....

Xmas Day

It was a crazy Xmas Day. Santa came by and dropped off a MP3 player for Kay and I got a Christian Dior Lipgloss Lmt Edition, how crazy is that? I made it on Santa's Good List ;-) Kay had a blast and got lots of goodies. She got clothes, boots, jellybean dispenser, MP3 player, Future Shop Gift Card, Nintendogs (which she has been dying to open and play), Foot Spa kit (foot soak salts, emery boards and pretty slippers), fleece wrap/blanket and silk pj's. R received Simpson memorabilia (i.e. Season 13 & 14 Guide Book, Talking Pizza Cutter with Homer, Duff Beer - playing cards in a can) and a Dunhill Business Card Holder. It was a really great day and it is nice to have him home for Xmas although he will be leaving for Taipei in one week and a day. But we enjoyed every minute of it and for dinner, we made Roast Beef and Ham ... yummy! The mess in the living room was crazy but we got Kay to clean it up, seeing as most of the wrapping paper came from her gifts :-)

Boxing Day

It was a really crazy day out there so we decided to go to the mall an hour before closing time. There wasn't much left and the one thing I really wanted to check out was Mexx because they were having their 50% off EVERYTHING in the store. I was eyeing a chocolate brown shirt with silver pinstripes but they did not put it out. I guess some items were hidden because they didn't want to mark them 1/2 off. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.... we did find a few items at Old Navy. I found a cream lace top and a pink sweater for my brown pants with pink pinstripes. It was a quiet day for us. Being on vacation means you can stay in your pj's until whenever!

The day after....

We decided to head over to London Drugs this afternoon to see what sort of Boxing Day Sales they were having. Mainly, I wanted to see the prices of Digital Cameras because Best Buy / Future Shop were having great sales yesterday but I missed out because we did not end up in either of them. Being advertised was a Sony Digital Camera that I have been eyeing for the past 6 months and the sale price was $299.99 for Boxing Day. The sale price was only good on Boxing Day and they ended up selling out of this model. LD had it advertised for $369.98 but the sales guy gave it to me for $299.99 so now I own one! And he gave us a Memory Stick for almost half off. My old camera is from many years ago (2.1 mega pixel), it's quite heavy and the monitor is quite small so you can never really tell how your picture turned out. I love my new camera. I'm going to have so much fun testing this out, as soon as the battery is charged....

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Xmas Dinner

For our Family Christmas Dinner, we went to the Mandarin Restaurant in Hotel Radisson, Richmond. It was nice to have dinner with everyone as we hardly ever get together for meals due to our busy schedules. Although it was not a Traditional Dinner, the food was pretty good and we had Peking Duck. Yummy!

Merry Christmas to Everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas....
Me and Richard
My Great Uncle, My Brother Warren, My Daddy

My Brother Warren, Me, and His Girlfriend Lisa

Kay, My Brother Warren & His Girlfriend Lisa

More Christmas Dinner Photos

Friday, December 23, 2005

Last Minute Xmas Shopping

O.M.G. we are finally finished with all of our Xmas shopping. The mall was crazy busy and the traffic out there was INSANE. I think we overdid it with Kay's presents but I think it's the guilty part of us that is spoiling her. R is always out of town (due to work) and I'm practically a single mom working a full time job. Yes, I think it's the guilt. But at least, she is well loved. And we know that she will love her presents. I seperated all her gifts so that she can open more than one present. I remember it was so awesome to see a bunch of little gifts under the Xmas tree.... I think she will be very happy with all her gifts. It will keep her busy until May (her birthday).....

Update on VW Beetle

Well, my window is finally fixed. After 8 hours (they only charged us for 2), the were able to replace the broken regulator and the window switches (this needed to be replaced because they kept falling off). I feel bad for the guy who had to fix my window, apparently he was having problems putting the window, panels and wires back together. But it's done!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Xmas Gift

I got my Xmas gift! It's not the Gucci Messenger Bag that I wanted, Gucci sold out of those, but I got one just as nice! It was so crazy busy in the store, all the people picking out Xmas Gifts for loved ones. Actually, it looked like Gucci was running low on a lot of their purses. But I got one! And I'm quite happy with it. Although, it was a tough choice between the one I have and this one.

Being on vacation...

Being on vacation feels like Saturday every day! It's nice to wake up when I want to wake up, lying around the couch watching all the daytime shows.

R came in yesterday at 9.30am, this was the only day, Kay & I had to wake up early so we could pick him up from the airport. Kay was so tired because she is also on holidays and she has been going to bed quite late. She napped in the car a couple of times. She hasn't taken a nap in years! It's is so cute when she is napping because she looks like an angel... awww...

Last night, I did not sleep very well at all. I think it takes a while to get used to the fact that R is back and sharing my bed. I am so used to having the bed all to MYSELF that when he is back in town, I feel like we are sleeping in a twin size bed!

Today, Kay is out shopping with a friend (she's picking up gifts for her dad) so we have the whole day to ourselves. This is nice but it also means this is the only time we have to pick out her gifts for Xmas. I hate shopping and I hate the crowds. All the last minute shoppers running around trying to pick out Xmas Gifts. Ugh...

R brought back some really nice items for me.... he didn't get around to my shopping list though. But he did bring back this beautiful handmade rug from India. He was in India a couple months ago on business and when he had a moment of free time, he went around the city looking for rugs at my request. The piece is for my bedside and it's 100% cashmere. Beautiful. And so very very soft under my feet. The next time, he's in India, I told him to bring back another rug for the living room. He also brought back some silk material to make a saree, it's very beautiful and colourful. Now, all I need to do is find someone to tailor the dress. I am sure I can find someone on Main Street to tailor it but I wonder how much it will cost......

Before he left Taipei, I sent him a text asking him to purchase a

Christian Dior Lipgloss Limited Edition from the Duty Free at the Aiport but he couldn't find what I was looking for and said I should have texted him with more details or a picture on the item I wanted. He did bring me back a lipgloss.

Overall, it was a pretty good day although it was a really rough start (early morning wake up call). We are very happy to have him back into town and will enjoy every minute while he is here. Today, we will try to spend some quality time together and enjoy the quietness of Kay being away for the few hours we have ....

Monday, December 19, 2005


I get this urgent call this morning asking me if I can give out another favour..... DONE. Fedex out the door for tomorrow. You will probably see it on Thursday or Friday.....

It's been a very looooooooong day, it doesn't even feel like I had the day off.... did I mention I am suppose to be on vacation??!!??

Yet another favour.... my father's friend takes a look at my car and figures out that the wire is busted, that is why my window won't go back up. Total shock, this car is practically brand new. It's from 99. I'm the second owner. What a piece of junk. I had my RX-7 (built in 88) until two years ago and the car's power windows, never had a problem. Ok I guess I can expect much from VW ..... the mechanic had no idea how to put the panel / window back together. The car went into the shop at noon and I got it back at 6.30pm. I told my father, we should have brought it into a VW dealer. But noooo, my father thinks they would have overcharged us and he's getting a good deal, supposedly. I guess I can't really bitch about it because I am not paying the bill. Ok, suffer and say, yes, it's been a very loooooong day / night.....

Moans & Groans....

I am not cozing up to my father's wife too much. Sometimes, she drives me INSANE and today is one of those days. Kay and I were heading over to Richmond for lunch with my dad. My car was at the shop so we figured after lunch, the car should be ready but as you figured out, it wasn't... Anyways, she's got the day off and she wants a FAVOUR from my father, she wanted him to pick her up and drop her off at her friend's place because she is going to play MJ. Excuse me, does my father look like a chauffeur? Ugh. My father rings me up and asks if I could leave earlier because she needs a ride. I'm like CRAP. Fine, I won't do my hair. I drive over to the car shop, pick my father up, drive through Richmond, pick her up and then Kay & I find out, she's joining us for lunch. WTF? I have to sit through her chattering? I can't understand a word she says (she speaks mandarin) and her voice is so high pitched, after listening to her talk for 10 minutes, I swear, I have a headache. She treated us to lunch, which was nice because she never pays for anything. The whole day, I was waiting around. Waiting for my dad, waiting for my brother, waiting for my car and I still hadn't gone to Burnaby, to do a favour for you and I still had to go to M's so she could Fedex your package tomorrow.

I am tired. I am so ready to go to sleep. It's been a long day......

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Car Problems....

My VW Beetle (silver not yellow) had a serious problem today. The driver's side window went down but would not go back up. OMG, I am so pissed. Today is Sunday, there are no mechanics working on Sunday!! Except for Canadian Tire and guess what, they were fully booked (given, we showed up at 3.30pm) but they were not taking any more appointments. I don't have indoor parking (car gets parked on the street), my father lives in Richmond and he doesn't have parking because they don't have underground parking so now my car is outside, in the freezing cold with a piece of plastic covering the window. I hope the frost doesn't get into the car and mess up the electrical.....

Now, my father has the car and tomorrow he will take it to his mechanic and hopefully, my dad's friend can fix the car without giving me a huge bill....

Xmas Lunch

We had our Xmas lunch with my Auntie Ingrid, my cousin and my cousin's girlfriend. They decided on Dim Sum in the Marpole area. The food was alright and the company was good. It's been a while since I have seen my cousin and his girlfriend. Nice to catch up on life.

I decided that I really like the Marpole area. If we are going to buy a place, I think this would be a nice area to live in. We would be so close to my dad in Richmond, still close to my mom in East Van (ok not as close as I am now) and the bonus? Close to the airport so whenever you come into town, I don't have to get up 45 minutes earlier to get your @ss!! ;-) Which ALSO means I won't be so late to pick you up every time... gosh, what are you going to do with me?? :-)

*New Pic on Our Daily Photos Blog*

Friday, December 16, 2005

My Little Brother All Grown Up

I spoke to my little brother and I think he is finally growing up. He's 26 turning 27 this February and I didn't think he would ever find a real job to settle down with. But I think he finally managed to find something. He has been given an opportunity to work with Wella as an instructor/sales manager. This would be really awesome if he is the winning candidate (he will find out next week). He has the perfect personality (charming, charismatic, smooth talking) and dresses the part (he's a perfectionist, down to the socks that match his outfit and he never leaves the house without perfecting his hair). He had two interviews and they think he might be the one. He's up against one other so he has a good chance. Over 1000 applicants had applied. It is quite difficult to get into such a high profile company like this so I am very proud of him. And he's very serious about this career path which surprises me as he wanted to get out of the hair industry. (Note: My father sent him to England to study at Vidal Sasson) Wishing him lots of luck! I hope he gets this one!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Office Xmas Party

Our company sponsored a night of a drink (yes, 1) and appetizers to kick off the celebration of the Xmas Season. Yes, this was our office Xmas Party, it's an engineering firm not a Gaming Co. (EA throws kick @ss parties). The party was a nice mingler held at the Hyatt Hotel. It started at 4pm and went on until 8pm. I left around 5.45pm after managing to sneak a few more blue tickets (when I found out the drinks at the mini bar was $6.50 a glass - Yikes!!). It was a nice evening mingling with the girls and with others whom I don't work with but love to chat with. The company has grown quite a bit over the year and we are all on seperate floors....

The Girlz.... (Jen, Me, Rae, Karli)

The Girlz in Thermal - Chantal, Moi, Jana, Erin

Wanna see more? Go here: MORE XMAS PICTURES

Erin's Beautiful Belly

My sweet pregnant friend Erin! See the baby??!!?? Awww.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jack @ss

I work for an engineering firm as a Project Secretary. I am the office assistant for the project and the team. Sometimes, we have consultants that come in to temporarily help out for some of the tenders because we do not have enough manpower in the division to cover all the work that needs to be done before we issue a tender. I sit beside one of these guys. He's a total jack @ss. I am an assistant that helps the whole team out. He thinks I'm his personal assistant. Yesterday, he drops a drafting spreadsheet on my desk and doesn't let me know when they are due. I have other things to do and so if you don't let me know, it's not my fault if it's not done when you wnat it because I prioritize my work accordingly. He dropped them on my desk yesterday afternoon, close to the end of the day and didn't say that he needed it by the next morning. I was going to work on them this morning but when I come in to work, I drop my stuff off at my desk, turn the computer on, go and get some tea from the kitchen. I was standing at the kitchen chatting with my co-worker when this jack @ss comes up and shouts at me. He tells me I have to do the drafting revisions now and he wants them in 30 minutes. I asked him, did he want them back to make the changes if he was in such a rush and he shouted, no he wanted me to do them. Excuse me? How rude. He thinks I'm his personal assistant.... arrgh... Thankfully, he's only temp'ing until the end of this month or next but I'm going on vacation in 3 days!!

Xmas Present

My boss is going out of town for business this week and we had a quick chat this morning to see what he wanted or needed to be done while he is away. I won't be seeing him next week as I am on vacation. Not much is needed, we had a pretty hectic start this month, trying to get everything done and out for our client. We are closed the week of Xmas so that gives us only 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks to get things done. But before he left for his trip, he presented me with a basket, inside this basket consisted of a very nice bottle of red (from 2003 - this was a very good year for red, I try to collect red wines from 2003 ...) and some chocolates. It is very pretty and very thoughtful of him. I think his wife put the basket together.... very nice, can't wait to enjoy the red wine..... it's been a long year.....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kay's Xmas Collage

Kay and C----- decided to make up a Christmas Collage with cut outs from magazines instead of a written Christmas List. She turned her Christmas Wish List into a piece of art, how imaginative they are! I can see which ones are Kay's because she has been hinting that she wanted to a Game Cube and also, Kay is into the sparklies.

Baby Shower

R.L's baby shower was a great success! She got lots of goodies for her new baby! She had a great mix of people at her shower and so much love for her and the baby. Everyone offered free babysitting services of course.... ;-) That's my very pregnant friend R. and her mom... my camera took this pic and I don't know how and why the pics ended up so fuzzy. I need a new camera. This one is very simple and very old. I think I will add a new camera on my Xmas Wish List....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Home Theatre

So I have a shoe problem but My Father has an electronic gadget problem. He is a super electronic freak. Whenever he sees something on sale or at a good price, he will buy it. Whether he needs it or not. Last week, he went to Best Buy in Richmond because it was a Grand Opening and ended up buying a Yamaha Home Theatre at a really good price. Also he could not drop it because there were limited amounts of this theatre system on sale (yes he thought he was a special one). Ok, I admit, he did get it at a really good price ($279.99, regular $499.99) but HE DID NOT NEED IT. You ask, where did it end up? In my tiny little apartment! I do not need a fancy Home Theatre System because my place is small and I do not want to move this system out. I am never moving.

My friend, V---- comes by to set this up for me because I have no idea how and where to begin. He takes a look at it and tells me I need to buy wires, plugs, blah blah, sounds costly doesn't it? Yes it is. $300.+ to be exact and that includes having to buy a new DVD player because my crappy one doesn't have the optical output to get the optimize sound out of this theatre system... wtf?? I got this for free!! I'm not spending any money on this thing... hello, I didn't ask for it!! Aaaah... I thought I was going to have to leave it in the box. But thankfully, my friend V---- is super electronically smart and decided we could go the "inexpensive" route by purchasing a XXX cable (no clue what it is) and get the minimal sound quality out of this machine and not have to leave it sitting in the box. We hooked it up and it's DA BOMB! (jeez, I have never used that expression in my life) Now, I am thinking, hmmm how does it sound with the more expensive cables? He did say, this is a "temporary solution" because the way he wired and plugged it in... well, I guess it is fine the way it is until I really want to shed out the extra $$.....

How sweet it is......

Baby Shower Gifts

Today, we went out for lunch with Auntie I***** because we needed to pick up some special cake that my mom ordered from Anna's Cake House. Apparently, they only make these special cakes during this time of the year and my mom reserved 4 of them. I can't believe my mother. She is always complaining that she is gaining weight and here she is, reserving 4 not 1 - FOUR - marzipan cakes. We headed over to Catus Club to have lunch and chit chat with Auntie I***** and I could tell that she was feeling a little lonely as we were there for almost 2 hours. Kay was being really good. She occasionally spoke up but mostly behaved herself, I know she was so bored and was forced to come out with us (her plans got cancelled). We are going out for a Christmas lunch with her next week with my cousin (her son) and his girlfriend. That will be interesting.

Kay and I went out to buy R****'s baby shower gifts and this is what we came up with:

I forgot how small baby clothes are. So small and so cute. Kay and I had a good time picking out stuff. She wanted to pick all the cute girl outfits but I stated that we are not sure the sex of the baby (although, I know....) I need to bring something to share for tomorrow's baby shower. I think I will just go over to Safeway and pick up something from the deli. I was going to bake a cake but I re-read the invitation and she is going to be providing drinks/cake. I guess I can over tonight and pick up some frozen appy's or something...

Friday, December 09, 2005

NEW Chocolate Brown Pumps

I could not help it, I had to buy these pumps. They were on sale and I know I was suppose to be Christmas Shopping for family/friends but I got a little distracted with the big sale sign stating up to 50% off shoes. But they are so pretty and I have a dark brown suit with pink pinstripes* that will go perfectly with these shoes.... I have a shoe problem....

*Taken From Here

Fall Fashion: I love Fall Fashion and the other day, I got some really great deals at Winners. I love Winners. I got a chocolate brown suit with pink pinstripes. Beautiful, now I just need to alter the pants as they are just a tad too short. I also got a beautiful pair of black pants with white pin stripes. Also needs to be tailored. Kay and I ended up at Metrotown last week (while checking someone's mail) and we didn't get a chance to go into the new Winners at Metrotown but it's HUGE and it's NEAT and ORGANIZED. LOVE IT. I can't wait til we head back over there, we are going to go a little bit earlier so we can check out the new Winners. *sigh* wish I had a credit card that had an endless amount and that the bill never came to me.....That's it for now.... back to work....
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Of course, women know this....


According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl.

We should've known... ONLY women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Platinum White Wedding Dress

Japanese actress Asami Ishikawa models 'Platinum White,' a wedding dress with embroidered platinum at a press preview at a Tokyo hotel. The 1.7 million USD dress designed by Japanese designer Keiji Tagawa is made of 1,250 platinum beads along with more than 3,000 other jewels including pearls, aquamarines, moonstones and crystals(AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

Xmas Spirit

In the spirit of the holidays, Kay has officially put on her Christmas Hat. The little hearts in the front, light up - it's too bad I couldn't catch it on the camera! But she is so adorable in the hat!

Christmas Tree

We finally put the Christmas Tree up! We dragged the tree out of storage last weekend but when we started to put the tree together, strung it with the lights and tried to plug the lights in.... well, the lights didn't work!! Darn it. We finally went to Canadian Tire to pick up new energy efficient LED Christmas lights. They are very pretty. We also picked up a special ornament for daddy. Kay decided to leave out a few items so when Daddy is back in town, he won't feel so left out. Aww, how sweet is Kay? Very sweet....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Girls can be so MEAN

Kay was really upset this evening. Apparently, V***y and her were not getting along too well during French class. Now, I know that V***y can be a spoiled biatch because she is an only child and her parents both spoil her like there is no tomorrow. I have seen this girl's attitude and the way she treats others. It's awful but you can only teach your own child how to respect and play well with others. Every once in a while, V***y pulls this stunt where she will ignore a person, it could be any person not just Kay in particular, I think it's a power trip or something. She likes to take control over how their group behaves and enjoys leaving someone out. Well, today this person happened to be Kay. My poor sweet little girl. Kay was quite upset when we sat down to chit chat about the day. I told her that it's not Kay, it's that girl. She is insecure about herself and that is why she puts other people down. It's not Kay, it's V***y. Kay knows it but it's still very hurtful. I gave her a big hug and huge kiss. Tomorrow is a new day and everyone in the group will have forgotten about it. My advice, if she treats you that way, don't get all worked up, there are other friends in your class, pretend you don't see what V-- is doing, don't give her the satisfaction and it will eventually blow over because she is not getting a reaction from you.

Girls can be so MEAN.

But it really bothers me that this girl is behaving this way and gets away with it!! I remember when V***y used to get away with murder at the after school care they both attended. Her mother thought it was nothing to be worried about and it was "girls just being girls". Yeah right, thier daughter walks all over them. Kay knows to stay away from her when she starts to tease or single out someone. Our Daughter learned about manners and respect. She knows how it feels when someone turns on you and becomes nasty. She would never want to intentionally hurt any of her friends because to her, they are all her bestest friends. Also, I think our daughter is grounded. V***y really ticks me off....

Baby in the Womb

SHE REALLY IS PREGNANT!! This is Erin's newbie in her womb. Gosh, she is really starting to show, I swear every week that passes, she is showing a little more and a little more. I think it must be baby season. Another friend of mine, R.L. is due any day now. I think they have estimated her due date for mid January but she feels like the baby will be born before the new year. Wow, how exciting. R.L.'s baby shower is being held this weekend at her girlfriend's place, I am to bring an appetizer or drink. R.L. stated the sex of the baby but her fiance doesn't know and he doesn't want to know. He wants to be surprised so I need to buy something for the baby in a neutral colour. Although, she mentioned that I could buy anything I wanted, in any colour, and she will just be sure to hide the baby items from him. But I feel really bad if he was to find out the sex before the baby is born. *sigh* the picture above almost - ALMOST makes me feel like I should have another one......

Monday, December 05, 2005

Kay's Work of Art

Isn't this beautiful? She made this last week and I decided to prop against the candles. It reflects the candle light, pretty nice....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Snowy Sunday

Gosh, it's snowing again! Wow, it's so beautiful but the traffic out there is crazy. I went over to my mom's to water the plants, check the mail and feed the lovebird. I almost made it to Metrotown to check your mail but it was snowing way too hard and I wanted to get home as soon as possible. Maybe I will check it next week.....

The weekend has been slow. Yesterday, it was really nice outside. Sunny and clear. But I had to wait at home all afternoon to wait for the delivery of my TV stand. The delivery was scheduled between 12 - 3 and they did not show up until 4.30pm!! I was choked. I couldn't believe I waste dmy whole afternoon at home!! Kay went over to Alicia's to play which was fine. I guess I could have organized or cleaned the house a bit but I was really itching to go outside. I also had to wait for V and he was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours. Long story, something about re-routing traffic over the bridge and turning around and coming back into Vancouver. Yeah crazy. Poor guy....

V came by to put together the TV stand and half way through it, we discovered two pieces missing. We went back to Richmond to let them know and see what we could do but they did not have any in stock. Basically, sent me back to Broadway to get two pieces from a new package. But this little punk was being all anal and after much fuss and swearing, I got my two pieces but Damn, I was smoking mad. The little punk had the nerve to tell me that I should have called the 1-800 number off the instructions regarding missing pieces!!! I almost blew it.... but luckily, V was there to speak to the guy in a calmly manner and I was just fuming. V explained our situation and how we understood there were procedures blah, blah but really, customer paid a $50.00 delivery fee and still had 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Meaning, I am the Customer and if something isn't right, you should try your very best to fix it. But this guy was young and very by the books. I'm so glad that was over. By the time, we got the two missing pieces and put together the TV stand, it was almost 10.30pm. V and I could not lift the TV together, I had to ask my neighbor to help out. The TV is like 260lbs. Ugh... the next time I move, I'm hiring moving guys.....

That's about it....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Items from Taiwan

1. Loose Tea Leaves
2. Hello Kitty compact mirror
3. Bamboo Chopsticks (pretty ones) 9.5" or 24 cm
4. Rice Cracker Snacks
5. Buddha Beads blessed by the Temple
6. Andy Lau and Hacken Lee Most Recent CDs

Addicted to...

OMG, I have found my new snack and addiction! I am addicted to these.... so yummy!