Thursday, December 15, 2005

Office Xmas Party

Our company sponsored a night of a drink (yes, 1) and appetizers to kick off the celebration of the Xmas Season. Yes, this was our office Xmas Party, it's an engineering firm not a Gaming Co. (EA throws kick @ss parties). The party was a nice mingler held at the Hyatt Hotel. It started at 4pm and went on until 8pm. I left around 5.45pm after managing to sneak a few more blue tickets (when I found out the drinks at the mini bar was $6.50 a glass - Yikes!!). It was a nice evening mingling with the girls and with others whom I don't work with but love to chat with. The company has grown quite a bit over the year and we are all on seperate floors....

The Girlz.... (Jen, Me, Rae, Karli)

The Girlz in Thermal - Chantal, Moi, Jana, Erin

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