Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Xmas Present

My boss is going out of town for business this week and we had a quick chat this morning to see what he wanted or needed to be done while he is away. I won't be seeing him next week as I am on vacation. Not much is needed, we had a pretty hectic start this month, trying to get everything done and out for our client. We are closed the week of Xmas so that gives us only 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks to get things done. But before he left for his trip, he presented me with a basket, inside this basket consisted of a very nice bottle of red (from 2003 - this was a very good year for red, I try to collect red wines from 2003 ...) and some chocolates. It is very pretty and very thoughtful of him. I think his wife put the basket together.... very nice, can't wait to enjoy the red wine..... it's been a long year.....

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