Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Girls can be so MEAN

Kay was really upset this evening. Apparently, V***y and her were not getting along too well during French class. Now, I know that V***y can be a spoiled biatch because she is an only child and her parents both spoil her like there is no tomorrow. I have seen this girl's attitude and the way she treats others. It's awful but you can only teach your own child how to respect and play well with others. Every once in a while, V***y pulls this stunt where she will ignore a person, it could be any person not just Kay in particular, I think it's a power trip or something. She likes to take control over how their group behaves and enjoys leaving someone out. Well, today this person happened to be Kay. My poor sweet little girl. Kay was quite upset when we sat down to chit chat about the day. I told her that it's not Kay, it's that girl. She is insecure about herself and that is why she puts other people down. It's not Kay, it's V***y. Kay knows it but it's still very hurtful. I gave her a big hug and huge kiss. Tomorrow is a new day and everyone in the group will have forgotten about it. My advice, if she treats you that way, don't get all worked up, there are other friends in your class, pretend you don't see what V-- is doing, don't give her the satisfaction and it will eventually blow over because she is not getting a reaction from you.

Girls can be so MEAN.

But it really bothers me that this girl is behaving this way and gets away with it!! I remember when V***y used to get away with murder at the after school care they both attended. Her mother thought it was nothing to be worried about and it was "girls just being girls". Yeah right, thier daughter walks all over them. Kay knows to stay away from her when she starts to tease or single out someone. Our Daughter learned about manners and respect. She knows how it feels when someone turns on you and becomes nasty. She would never want to intentionally hurt any of her friends because to her, they are all her bestest friends. Also, I think our daughter is grounded. V***y really ticks me off....

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Kami said...

Want me to come kick her butt? ;)

I am so worried about when this starts with my kid. He's only three, but when an older kid is mean to him, my mama lion comes out big time, and it's hard to hold her back!