Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grouse Grind

After a long and exhausting week plus a very long day (I didn't finish the final items for this proposal until 4.00pm, I kid you not), I decided I should still hike the Grouse Grind and not bail out on my friends. I know hiking the GG would probably kill me because I am so exhausted but I figured, what better way to relieve the stress from work than to hike straight up a mountain for an hour and half?

Amazingly, I finished the GG in 1 hr 25 mins, started at 5.28pm and reached the top at 6.53pm. This isn't too bad since I really thought it would take me much longer than that! Another challenge? Hiking the GG with 4 huge blisters which I got right about the 1/4 mark! Ugh, so for the rest of the hike, I was hiking in pain!! Now I know better, I am not going to hike it with my hiking boots anymore, I'm going to throw on some comfy Nikes!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Tonight is the first episode of CNTM Cycle 2! I am so loving this show, so much more than last year's CNTM. I love the fact taht Jay Manuel is hosting CNTM, he is def. bringing a lot of spice and spark to this show! Plus he's so awesome at what he does and so inspiring! Loving it!

Burnt Out

The cost controller and project director of a soon-to-be or might-be project asked me to come in and work on a proposal that was due out this week. I came in on the weekend (both days pulling in about 8 hours each day without a break) because I thought this proposal was due on Monday afternoon. I found out in a Monday morning meeting that the section I have been slaving over is not due until Wednesday afternoon. Monday I stayed late trying to finish off, Tuesday I left exactly at 4.30 because I had skipped both of my lunches and tonight it looks like I will be pulling in another late night. There are so many changes and revisions, it seems that no one is quite sure what needs to be done or what the client wants. When the client finally knows what it wants, he becomes impossible to deal with (bloody anal) and let's leave it at that. I am not liking this at all, this is a very disorganized way of handling and preparing a proposal. Also, no one seems to care that we (FY and I) have been working our @sses off for them... oh well ... what can you do?

Another day, hopefully this will all be done by tonight. Out the door and out of my life FOREVER ....

Thursday, May 24, 2007


My beloved Damier Speedy 30 was SOLD today! I am a little bit saddened but I am happy to see she will go to a good home. I analyzed the girl who wanted to look at my Speedy, def. checked her out before I let her touch the bag. She was carrying a leather Coach purse and she had nice shoes :) Good in my books. I noticed that she is also a student, caught a glimpse of her SFU planner, which explains why she wanted to buy a second hand Louis Vuitton. She told me that she has been wanting a Speedy for quite some time now. I am sure it is tough to buy a new Louis Vuitton if you are a "starving" student, anyways, she seemed pretty nice and it looks like she will take good care of her. If she had any doubts or questioned the authenticity of my handbag, I would have left without a good bye. Good for her, SHE didn't.

Now I have to sell off my Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette Wallet and Medium Agenda .....

China seeks to assure on food safety amid U.S. talks

By Lindsay Beck
BEIJING (Reuters) - China sought to assure its trade partners on Thursday that its food products were safe, after the United States called Chinese food exports a "top concern" and pressed Chinese officials to strengthen oversight.

Food products from China have come under intense scrutiny around the world after a spate of safety breaches involving toxins in products from pet food to toothpaste, which prompted wide recalls and government investigations.

"Recent events have forced very clearly, as one of our top concerns, the safety of food and medicine," U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said at the close of a two-day "strategic economic dialogue" in Washington involving scores of senior officials from the United States and China.

Fears over the safety of Chinese food products have become so great the Agriculture Ministry was forced to dismiss a rumor on Thursday that bananas grown on the southern island province of Hainan might contain a virus similar to SARS.

"It is purely a rumor and it is impossible for bananas to contain SARS-like virus," the ministry said in a statement on its Web site (, referring to text messages some mobile phone users had received.

China has been responding to the growing concerns about its food industry with a series of measures, including investigations to probe the use of melamine scrap -- the additive that led to at least 16 pet deaths in the United States -- and companies exporting toothpaste containing a lethal chemical.

On Thursday, China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine sought to explain to U.S. regulators its policy on antibiotics in catfish, after the states of Alabama and Mississippi banned imports of the fish citing high levels of fluoroquinolones, Xinhua news agency reported.

The antibiotic was not banned in China, Japan or the European Union, Xinhua said, adding that although the states in questions had a "zero level" standard, concentrations did not exceed levels accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) federally.

"The U.S. side should abide by the WTO principle of minimizing the impact of health issues on trade ... and not take restrictive measures against all imported products of this kind," the report said.


In China's latest step to tighten controls, Beijing said it would strengthen oversight of food products entering the city.

China's capital, which hosts the Olympic Games next year, will also increase rewards for uncovering unlawful production methods from 10,000 yuan ($1,300) to 50,000 yuan.

Beijing "this year will set up a supervision system to analyze food additives, and intensify management of the approval system and record-keeping of food additive enterprises," the Beijing News reported.

Beijing is extremely sensitive to ensuring every aspect of security, including food safety, for the 2008 Olympics, when millions of visitors -- athletes, journalists and tourists -- descend on the city.

The food safety issue has become a flashpoint in relations between the United States and China, which produces billions of dollars worth of counterfeit and substandard goods, from fake liquor and medicines to luxury handbags.
Among the host of measures Washington is seeking are more transparent food regulations and permission to send U.S. audit teams to China.

Currently, all vegetable protein imports from China are on "import alert," which means they get immediate inspection, and the FDA is beginning to check shipments of toothpaste.

Talks on food safety will continue in Washington.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Original...


Darn thing costed me $47.99 plus 13% taxes! But I am so sick of these bastards trying to break into my car (yet again!) even though once they break it, it will kill the engine. @ssholes!

China Calls for Cooler Heads over Product Safety | Reuters

Wed May 23, 2:05 AM
BEIJING (Reuters) - China called for cooler heads to prevail in a widening scandal over the safety of its products on Wednesday, accusing critics of exploiting concerns about specific cases to put barriers in the way of Chinese exports in general.

In the latest incident, the Dominican Republic has banned the sale of two brands of Chinese toothpaste for containing a lethal chemical responsible for dozens of poisoning deaths in Panama last year.

A company under investigation for exporting the toothpaste, Danyang Household Chemical Company, defended its product.

"Toothpaste is not something you'd swallow, but spit out, and so it's totally different from something you would eat," a company manager, who declined to be identified, said by telephone from the eastern province of Jiangsu.

In the United States, consumers have been alarmed by a spate of pet deaths blamed on tainted wheat gluten and rice protein exported from China, as well as reports of toxins and disease in other Chinese exports.

That has helped make food safety the latest flashpoint in often tense trade relations between China and the United States, who have sparred over everything from copyright piracy to Beijing's currency regime.

Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi is in Washington this week for the latest round of dialogue aimed at finding long-term solutions to trade and economic irritants, in particular the United States' frustration over its huge trade deficit with China.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns brought the food safety issue up with Wu's delegation on Tuesday, saying it was something that worried U.S. lawmakers and consumers alike.


The government-run China Daily, often used by Beijing to get its message to the outside world, said on Wednesday that Chinese products were generally safe and cheap, but admitted that authorities had bungled the crisis.

"Our quality watchdogs' contradictory statements regarding responsibility for the sensational pet food scandal was a shameful example of lack of professionalism," it said.

"To restore and maintain consumer confidence, our quality watchdogs have an obligation to demonstrate that Chinese exports are safe."

But the daily urged "all beneficiaries of Chinese exports to maintain cool heads amid possibly unfair allegations against Chinese exports."

"Stricter monitoring by destination countries is only part of the headache for Chinese food exporters. Their (exporters') greater concern is what they call groundless categorization, or a tendency to discriminate against all products from China."

Sun Jiong, director of the China Food Industries Production Promotion Centre, told Reuters he believed the main issue was one of trade protection, rather than any inherent problems with the country's quality controls.

"We have many agricultural products so we want to sell them," Sun said. "Then other countries try to practice trade protection and set up trade barriers. How do they do that? By saying they're raising standards."

In the Dominican Republic case, nearly 90,000 units of the toothpaste, imported from Panama and sold under the brand names Excel and Mr. Cool, were confiscated by authorities in the Caribbean country, the Dominican health secretary said.

Panama pulled thousands of tubes of the toothpaste from stores last week after tests showed they contained high levels of diethylene glycol, a toxic chemical used in engine coolants.

Bike To Work Week

Next week is Bike To Work Week (May 28 to June3)! For more information, check out Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yaletown Brewery | Kar's 26th B'day

Tonight, we celebrated Kar's TWENTY SIX birthday! My gosh, 26 years young! She looks GREAT! And she is such a hottie, I totally have a girl crush on Kar! :) I love that sexy hot chica momma! (More photos on my Flickr Account)

It was such a great night with great friends and great drinks! Well, actually my drinks weren't that good plus they don't serve bellinis! WTF, no bellinis? Anyways, Shauna and Ariana were so much fun and I wish we had more of these fun after work moments but me being the oldest, I get tired too quickly by the end of the week that all I want to do is go home and crash! But I'm glad to have spent the evening with these friends - so much fun!

Because y'know, she's kinda a big deal .... ;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday and Birthday to Grandma!


Today is my grandma's 88th birthday. Yes, she is 88 years young and what a lucky age/number that is. Chinese say that the number 8 is a very lucky number and she's got double the luck because she's 88.

Dinner was nice and it's always great spending time with my cute grandma. Happy Birthday!


....all day, all over the city.

First thing this morning, I had to drop Kay off at Watermania in Richmond. After dropping her off, I drove back into Vancouver and headed downtown to pick up Free and Jo at the Sheraton Hotel. Once I picked them up, we headed back into Richmond for lunch at the hot pot restaurant on No. 3 road. After lunch, it was time to drop them off at the airport, YVR, on the outskirts of Richmond. Then, I had to head back into Richmond Centre to the bank and to pick up my grandma's b'day cake! After picking up the cake and fighting traffic, I am finally home! But I just found out that our dinner reservations are downtown, close to where I work! I haven't driven this much in WEEKS! Plus I just found out my brother is going to park his car at my place and we are going to drive together....

Oh well .... guess for now, my car's engine can take a break ....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Rain and NO Sunshine!

Today, Jas and I met up with Free and Jo for dim sum at Sun Sui Wah on Main street. The weather was terrible but thankfully yesterday was better and those two were out and about in the city with little or no rain. The plans for today were dim sum, Richmond Night Market and Free and Jo wanted to check out the River Rock Casino. Dim sum was lovely! I love dim sum at Sun Sui Wah, it is one of my fave. places to go and it's so close to my home. I can walk to it! After our dim sum, we headed out into the rain and drove to the River Rock Casino in Richmond so Free and Jo could check it out. I am not a gambler and in fact, find gambling quite boring. If I am going to throw away my $$, I would rather smoke it than gamble it! IMO, I would enjoy smoking cigarettes more so than gambling and watching the dealer take away my $$. We were not planning to say at the River Rock for long but ended up spending almost two hours there. Jas and I have never been to RR so this was as new to us as it was for Free and Jo. It's very nice and very "Vegas" feeling. We decided to head over to the lounge to pick up a drink before hitting the floor. Jas, Free and Jo changed their money into chips and started gambling away. Jas made $13 on the roulette table and I am not quite sure how much money Free and Jo made the card tables. Almost 2 hours later, I am quite bored and ready to call it in, those three decided it was time to go. Originally, I had asked if I could drop them off and come back for them but they said they wouldn't be staying long. Two hours is still TOO LONG in my opinion! Oh well.... off to Richmond Night Market for more food!

Richmond Night Market - Because of the rain, many of the tables/stands were not opened but most of the "food fair" stands were opened. First stop for Jas and I was at the Roti Grill, a table which Vince and Meryl (our dear friends) opened up this year. It served sandwich type items from Brunei, the country where Meryl is from. It's a test run for these two so they can gain experience on running their own business. Not a lot of time to prepare since they decided to do this only a few months before the nightmarket opened. The price of their food and drinks were high, a sandwich or half of a pita was $6.00 and a can of pop was $1.25. Every other stand were selling their pop for $1.00 and for $6.00 you can eat until you barf at the nightmarket. I am not sure how well they are going to do with those prices but I do know their overhead costs were high so that could be why the food prices are so high. I do have to say though, for food fair food, it's pretty healthy but no one goes to the nightmarket to eat healthy! Good luck to them both!

Eating under umbrellas is quite a challenge and after eating as much as we could, being super soaked and stuffed, we decided to head back to the warm and dry car! We decided to head back into downtown and play Big 2 in the hotel room. We pretty much played cards and watched TV in their hotel room. Wow, the Sheraton Hotel is really nice! I think I will have to recommend all my out of town guests there.

It was a really fun day and a great night! It is good to have Free and Jo in town, Free is always so funny and interesting ......

Do Not Buy Products Made In China

I have always stressed the importance of buying products, esp. food products, that are made locally or in a reputable country. Ok, sometimes you can't help purchasing a product esp. a computer component or clothing that is NOT made in China. But anything that I would consume, I would be sure that it was not EVER made in China. I just got a scary email about a toxic industrial solvent from China made its way into medication in Panama, killing at least 100 people!! This company sold this solvent as pure glycerin!!!

A Poison's Path

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friends from LA

My friend Free and his girlfriend Jo from LA are visiting Vancouver this long weekend. I've know Free since 2000, we became friends when I worked at Bell Microproducts, at the time, he was a Westcoast sales rep for Seagate. Last August, Jas and I went to LA to visit Free and he was an awesome host! He def. took really good care of us and we wish we could do the same for him but in Vancouver, there isn't as much to do here as it was while we were in LA.

In the early afternoon, Kay (she was home early because of Sports Day and the day ended at 1.00pm) and I headed over to Metrotown to check on HonHon's condo and mail. After checking the condo, I wanted to head over to Metrotown because I wanted to shop in Smart Set (there isn't one in Vancouver) and Kay wanted to pick up flip flops from Garage, she had a gift certificate from her birthday. I picked up some really cute items for under $110! I have been debating about buying a shirt dress because I didn't think it would look good on me. But Jas thought it would and Smart Set had a shirt dress on sale for $29.99 so I decided to give it a try. Gosh, it's very flattering! This would look great for work, paired up with black pants. I also bought a few more items like two lacey camisoles for my tops and a sage green jacket. After Smart Set and Garage, Kay and I then headed over to Old Navy because I need flip flops for the summer but didn't want to pay more than $10 a pair. Kay suggested Old Navy because she says the flip flops sold there are cheap and basic, exactly what I am looking for. She is the expert on flip flops since she owns 4 pairs and just added two more to her collection. Boy was she ever right, I picked up 2 pairs for $8.00! Wow, what a great price! Trishapholic for new items.

After our little shopping trip, we headed back into Vancouver because I had plans to meet up with Free, Jo and Jas for a Thai dinner in Yaletown. I also had tickets for my cousin Jon performance at the Roundhouse Yaletown. He is part of Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and this weekend his group is performing a ten minute comedy sketch. I haven't seen any of my cousin's performances before, I thought it would be something fun to do with our out of town guests and to show support the local comedic talent. This show was longer than I expected, started at 8.00pm and finished close to 10.00pm, and a good crowd showed up in support of the local talent. After dinner, the show, we decided to head over to Cactus Club for drinks at the lounge/bar. Wow, I've never seen Cactus Club like this before! It was crowded with a lot of yuppies and pretty people. Cactus Club is usually pretty casual and family oriented but this is Yaletown! After a few drinks and appy's, we decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow, Free had organized his own itinerary and we were going to meet up on Sunday for dim sum and night market. Tired! Ready for bed .....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Girl's Nite Out

Tonight was our official last Girls Nite Out with my dearest girlfriends from work, Jenn, Kar and Rae. Tonight was a combination of Kar's birthday and Jenn's going away dinner. We headed over to Relish (which used to be Urban Well) right after work and it was nice to have the restaurant to ourselves. We had good food, great conversation and it was awesome company. After dinner, Jenn and Rae had a birthday card for Kar (I didn't have one because I am planning on giving it to her on her actual birthday which is May 22) because Rae is heading off to Europe on Monday and Jenn is off to London on the following Friday. Rae *oops my mistake!* Jenn got a really cool Hallmark Song Card for Kar which played Hot Stuff by Donna Summer when you opened the card! Very cool and very Kar! (she is one HOT MAMA!! even on her "bad" hair days) After the birthday cards, we gave Jenn her going away gift and I think she teared up a bit! We think she really liked it and appreciated getting the ladies on each of our floor to sign her congrats card. We wanted her to have a little bit of us and Vancouver with her when she settled in London. After dinner, we headed back to Kar's for a bit before calling it a night. Kar was heading back to Vernon tomorrow morning for the long weekend and I was taking the extra day off to make it a super long (4 day) weekend. Jenn and Rae did not take Friday off so we thought we better call it a night. Besides, Kar needed to clean up her apartment, make her tan appointment and get her laundry done before she left for Vernon. I think she also needed to get to bed early to catch up on her sleep. It was a really nice night and we are def. going to miss Jenn tons!! Kar, Rae and I will have to make a girls trip out to London next year so we can visit Jenn. Good Luck Jenn!!! We are going to miss you so much and don't forget to keep us updated with your adventures in London. For more photos, check out my Flickr Account!

Robson Street

Went for a walk on Robson Street and ended up with these ....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Momma's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

What a lovely Momma's Day I had! Kay is such a sweet and wonderful daughter, I teared up a little bit.... *sniff sniff*

Kay, my brother and I had dim sum with my Mom and Grandma at Golden Swan on Victoria street. It was a little greasy for first thing in the morning but Kay and I had dinner plans for the evening which means we wouldn't be able to go over to my mom's place. The place was super busy and lucky for us, my brother had to get his brakes done early this morning which meant he was able to get to Golden Swan to line up for a table. He arrived at 10.30am and Kay and I arrived just before 11.00, mom and grandma arrived about 15 minutes after us. Lucky that we had a table as early as we did as the restaurant started to get really really busy.

After dim sum, we all headed our separate ways, Kay and I headed home because she had a card and gift for me. She also needed to bake her "momma's day" cake for Rhoda's mom and I. Rhoda had invited us to her place for a Mother's Day dinner and Kay was going to help Rhoda cook the dinner. As Kay started to make and bake her cake, I opened my card and gift. Wow her card made me tear up a bit, she was so sweet and she wrote some really heart warming thoughts. We are BEST FRIENDS and she def. made me feel that I will always be in her heart and mind even when she doesn't act like it. She also made me a beautiful green/blue necklace because she said I didn't have any. The reason why I don't have any is because I don't own any green but now I will have to go out and pick up a green top or something. I also received a Starbucks card because she knows how much coffee I drink! It was lovely.

After Kay finished up the cake, she decorated mine (the one we were going to keep for ourselves) while I decorated the one we were going to bring with us to Rhoda's. She did a lovely heart design on mine and lots of coloured sprinkles. I picked up some flowers from our neighborhood florist before we headed over to Rhoda's.

Once we arrived, we chit chatted a bit before the girls headed to the kitchen to make dinner. It was an incredible meal with homemade cream of mushroom soup, baked maple salmon, rosee pasta, and spring salad. Everything was incredible and so yummy! Everyone enjoyed the cake and after all was done. Kay and I looked over Rhoda's photos from the past few years. We were def. going through life in different directions in the past 10 years that we were not friends. But we are now both on the same path and I am happy to have her back in our lives.

It was one of the best Momma's day I've ever had! Thanks Kay :) I LOVE YOU. For more photos, go to Psycho Pat2000 Flickr Account.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Just a little shopping for myself. A Mother's Day Gift to me from me :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dior and Gucci

I love this Dior handbag, it's so pretty and pink! It's made with lambskin leather and I love the styel. Beautiful!
eluxury $1290USD Holt Renfrew $1470CDN

With a pretty pink Gucci French Wallet to go with the new Dior Handbag :)
Gucci $335US or $405CDN

Sunday, May 06, 2007

13 Today!

Kay turned 13 today! She is officially a teenager!!!

Kay celebrated her birthday with a few (7 of them!) close friends, they all arrived around noon and as Kay waited for her friends to show, I ran out in the rain (darn weather, it always seems to rain or be cloudy on Kay's b'day!) to pick up the Flying Wedge pizzas for lunch and organic juice from Choices. Kay and I do not like to drink pop so I decided not to pick any up and have all her guests drink juice instead. When I arrived with the pizza and juice, all the kids had finally showed up and they all sat around the Wii system. One of her best friends, Ty brought over two of his Wii controllers and he tried to hook it up to the system but couldn't figure out how. As I prep'd the lunch, I realized that I did not have any paper cups and just enough paper plates. Darn!! I had to trek back out in the crappy weather to pick up paper cups, I decided to take a chance and see if Starbucks would let me buy 10. I did not want to go through the construction (again!) to the corner store. Starbuck staff are awesome! She gave me 10 cups and I decided to treat myself to my SECOND Americano as I figured I would need the caffeine to keep me up to their speed. Eventually, all of them had (finally!) eaten their pizzas and as I was cleaning up, Kay decided she wanted to head over to CitySquare so they could start on the pottery painting. I booked 2 1/2 hours at CrankPots for them and I know it's not cool to have your mom around while celebrating your birthday with your friends so I was going to meet Malu, Belen and Cassie in the food fair to catch up while the kids were upstairs painting away. As we headed out, the weather still hadn't changed (sprinkling away at us), we gathered our umbrellas and started walking down. It's not too far of a walk and it was refreshing since I was feeling a little suffocating in the apartment with 8 teenagers.

As Kay and her friends were upstairs, I went down to the food fair to have lunch at Crepe de France since I did not eat the pizza (cannot eat pizza unless I make it myself) and waited for Cassie, Malu and Belen. The crepe I had was fantastic! I couldn't finish the whole crepe even though it wasn't that large and the crepe was very light. The ladies were running a little behind which was fine by me since I would soon be home with super hyper teens. I enjoyed every minute of my "alone time" until Cassie arrived. The two of us caught up on each other's life until Malu and Belen arrived. Gosh, Belen has grown so much since the last time I saw her! It has been a year and she is now 2 years old, adorable and cute as a button! She is walking, being a very mischievous little girl and talking her head off, she can speak Spanish fluently. Wow, how much has changed! I love watching the little ones grow, every little step they take is so different and amazing. Of course, Cassie and I took a ton of photos of her at City Square. Photos of Belen on my Flickr account. After a couple of hours, I got a call from Kay saying the kids were finished and ready to head home. I went upstairs to settle the invoice and let the group know that I was planning to head back to the apartment with Belen and Malu. Kay and the rest of them were going to walk back while Malu drove us back. Cassie could not join us for the birthday cake because she had a dance class with a friend. We hugged each other good bye and promised each other that we would all try to get together again real soon (hopefully not a year later!).

Back at the apartment, I started to prep for cake cutting and clean the kitchen up a bit. Malu and I chit chatted a little more (and took a couple more photos of Belen) while waiting for the kids to come back. After the kids arrived and settled in, we started off by opening Kay's birthday presents. She received some really great gifts and Malu, who should not have brought a gift for her but did anyways, gave Kay a beautiful 2 piece outfit from the Gap. After opening the birthday gifts, we were waiting for two more people to show up for the birthday cake. Rhoda and Jess were on their way over but were arriving fashionably late. Unfortuntately, Belen was getting a little upset and tired so Malu decided to call it a day. I felt so bad but she insisted it was fine, I had a few mini cupcakes left from the day before so I gave her those to go since she was missing out on the birthday cake. As I was walking them back to the van, Rhoda and Jess arrived in their "big @ss SUV". I directed them over to 20th street and told them they could park their big @ss car on that street. After I said my good byes to Malu and Belen, giving Belen many hugs and kisses, I crossed the street to Rhoda and Jess. We can now finally start the birthday cake! As I started to place and light the candles on the cake, Kay opened Rhoda's and Jess's birthday gifts. When the cake was ready, we all sang Happy Birthday and she blew out all the candles in two breaths! I decided to give each guest (except Kay) a slice of cake about 1 inch because I remember what Jas had told me last week. The cupcake cake is pretty sweet and full of sugar. Boy she was not wrong and darn the cake was YUMMERS! Very very good and very very sweet! Worth every single penny! With lots of leftovers.... ugh, cake for a week!

As Kay's guests started to leave one by one, Rhoda, Jess and I were talking and catching up on each other's lives. Rhoda and I just found each other after many years of not being a part of each other's lives. It was great to catch up on each other's lives and talk to each other the way we once were before our break. It's nice that we have picked up where we left off. She is one of my dearest and oldest friends and we are happy to have her and her family back into our lives. (For more birthday photos, head over to my Flickr account)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Family DraMAH!

What a day we had! When it comes to family, I love them but THANK GOODNESS, I don't live with them! Sometimes I think I really should move out of the country! A phone call is easier to handle than being here in person dealing with them face to face.

Today, Kay and I had dim sum with my father because tomorrow Kay is having a friends only birthday party, the day of her birthday, so we wouldn't be able to make any family dinners. My father gave Kay a fancy camera as a b'day gift and I didn't think she needed any more gadgets but my father is a gadget freak. If she could have her way, she would get a new Motorola Razor cellular in PINK! But she has a perfectly good cellular that works in perfect condition and does what it needs to do. As we sat at the restaurant enjoying our dim sum, my father and I were discussing what he wanted to do with my brother's condo. Apparently, my father would like to sell it off to pay off his current condo mortgage and since my brother can't afford to pay his monthly maintenance fees, my father thinks my brother should move into his place. Now, my brother has had a taste of independence and it's really hard to move back with your parents when you have been on your own. I had spoken to my brother the night before and we discussed his options, IMO, I didn't think he should sell his condo even though he was willing to sign it over for a new car because a home is worth more than a fancy car. The title is in my brother's name so my father cannot sell it unless my brother signs over the deed. My brother stated the only way he would sign it over is if he could get a new car, his current ride is a piece of crap. I convinced him it was the best decision to keep his condo and now I think I have made it more complicated because it seems that my brother doesn't have a choice now. My father is basically saying one of the condos has to be sold so my father can be debt free or at least mortgage free. In either case, my brother and father will end up living in his condo or my brother at my father's condo. Since I could not convince my father NOT to sell my brother's condo, I had to phone my brother back and tell him the bad news. My brother was really angry and he brought up his "new car out of this deal" plan, he wanted to discuss this with my father so I said I would try to arrange a dinner later that day as we had just finished dim sum.

After dim sum, Kay and I had errands to run. First stop, Dollar Giant on Kingsway to pick up some more goody bag items like cool rubber pencils and chocolate bars. Next, we headed towards downtown because Kay needed to go to Claire's to buy herself a tiara. Apparently, she NEEDS one because she is turning 13 and it's her birthday! Gosh, what a princess! We parked at Future Shop/Winners underground parking lot on Robson street and bought an hour ticket because we wanted to walk down Robson street a bit, gosh what a big mistake! Kay found her cute tiara at Claire's and as we headed towards Robson, we realized the city was repaving Robson street (past Georgia street) and all the cross streets were blocked off! We decided to find a way over to the other side by cutting traffic and the fence to get over to Aritzia (because Kay wanted to stop in there) and Banana Republic. We left both stores empty handed and decided to head back to the parking lot because we were running out of time and we needed to head over to Cupcakes on Denman to pick up Kay's birthday cake. We were getting very excited because we couldn't wait to take a look at the cake, we knew it was going to be very pretty! I found a parking spot on Denman, a few blocks from the Cupcakes store and decided to park there in case we could not find a parking spot closer. As we walked up to the store, on our way we passed a Mondo Gelato and decided to stop in to see if they were stocking Horlicks ice cream. This is one of my most fave. ice cream flavours and only Mondo Gelato makes it! Gosh, I was in luck, they did have it and I ended up buying 1/2 litre. I wanted to stock some in my own freezer and bring a scoop or two to my mom who has been dying to taste it since I told her that MG carried Horlicks flavour gelato. We walked into a very crowded and busy Cupcakes and as it would be esp. on a sunny day like today, we picked up a couple of mini cupcakes (2 bites size) and had a peek at Kay's cake before it got wrapped up to go. OMG, it's so beautiful! Looks almost too pretty to eat!!! Kay was very happy with her b'day cake and I figured, well she only turns into a teenager once and this is a special year, she's turning 13! After picking up Kay's cake, we headed
home because the cake needed to be refrigerated and our ice cream needed to go into the freezer.

Once we were home, we started putting the goody bags together for her friends and I got a call from my brother. He was still quite upset and wanted to know if I had spoken to my father. I had not as I just got home, I told him I would call dad to make dinner plans and we could all meet at a restaurant to discuss the issues at hand. Kay and I still had one more errand to run, we needed to go over to Zellers to check if stock had received for raincheck (the clothing rack from last week) so we decided to head up to Zellers before calling my father. After we were done strolling the store (still no stock), Kay and I called my father to arrange dinner plans, we told him we were in Richmond (small white lie) and asked if he would like to join my brother and I for dinner. My brother had picked a Japanese restaurant (which wasn't all that good, first time for Kay and I) ato meet at, as we arrived and was seated at our table, the discussion went on its way. It really didn't go to well and basically it came down to the fact that one of the condos had to be sold, my father was willing to give my brother a cash settlement or a new car depending on the sale of the condo. IMO, I still don't like this decision and it's not fair that my father gave my brother the condo as a gift, is now taking it back. If you give someone a gift, you don't ask or force them to give it back. I know I should tell my mom or she will have a fit when she finds out but I am hoping my brother will talk to her because I do not want to be the one to break the bad news and start the DraMAH on that side of the family .... in the end, it was a pretty hectic day for Kay and I ....

Wow, one more sleep until Kay is officially a teenager!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Early B'day Dinner with Jas

Jas can't make Kay's b'day on Sunday so she took Kay out to her fave. restaurant, Sala Thai for her b'day. She also gave her the best gift ever! See photos at my psycho_pat2000 flickr account.

Hormonal Teenager

OMG, I cannot believe my teenage daughter! She is really trying to test out how far she can push me before she realizes it's CODE RED. Let's just say she broke her curfew twice this week and disrespected me in a way that I would NEVER HAVE to my own mother at her age! ARGH!! This teenage is making me think twice about having another one!