Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Day with Great Friends

I had such a nice shopping girl's day out! This afternoon, I met up with Jasmine and Marie at the Portobello West Fashion and Art Festival. Neither of them have been to this market and both wanted to check out the local fashion talents. I, of course, had a vision in my mind and I knew what I was going back for. This dress in the black, red and white print. I got it of course and I also found a cute little skirt for $40! What a steal :) My Portobello Shopping Buys

Jasmine and I arrived at the market earlier than Marie so we had done one round through the market before Marie arrived. When she did finally arrive, we decided to have a beef smokie for a snack before making our second round with her. I tend to run through the market a few times as I seemed to miss some items the first time around. I ended up picking up this cute little magnet from Nazreens Designs on my second run. After the market, Marie was planning on heading back to Burnaby to finish off her errands, she was also so kind to pick up my package for my sister. She works for a global courier company and has an awesome discount, 75% off discount. I checked to see how much it would cost to ship with Canada Post (cheapest way, 4-6 weeks delivery) and it is cheaper (with Marie's discount) to ship with her courier company than Canada Post. It was great seeing Marie, she is so much fun and has such a great aura about her! It was also nice to see Marie and Jasmine catch up, it's been months since they saw each other. Oh and she chopped off her hair! Almost 6 inches off! It looks great tho, she's so beautiful and her personality just lights up any room!

After we said our good byes, Jasmine and I decided to head over to Superstore because she needed a few items and I needed to pick up our weekly groceries. It was great going grocery shopping without my mom or Kay because we were in and out, with my shopping list in hand, came out with stuff on my list and not a thing more. Record time! As we headed home, we realized the hockey game was on tonight (CaNucks vs Ducks Game 3) and I decided that Jasmine should stay for the hockey game and dinner. Since we had not heard from Kay, we didn't plan on seeing her at dinner or the rest of the evening. Kay had plans with her friends for the day and we figured that she would probably show up right before bed time. Kay doesn't have a curfew as yet but she is usually home before the sunsets. Maybe I should think about setting a curfew now that she has her own life. Hmmm... After dinner and the game (we lost, no surprise), I drove Jasmine home and now I am waiting for Kay to come home ... if she ever does....

*Update 10.15pm - Kay finally came home! After calling me to say she would be home at 9.00 - late dinner and then calling me at 9.15 to tell me she will be home at 10.00 - delivery arrived late! I told her she better walk through the door at 10.00pm or she is GROUNDED! Must set curfew now!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Look?

I have been thinking (for the past couple of months) about changing my hairstyle. I am a little tired and bored with my long hair. Some days, I find my hair quite heavy because it is so thick. Although I have not had the nerve to do it, I would love to get an A line bob cut like Victoria Beckham (above) or as illustrated below (images borrowed from Eveline Charles Salons) but I am really afraid of cutting it this short! I have always loved my length plus it's so easy to manage since I have had the same style for the past 10 years! What do you think? Cut it or not? Hair will always grow back ..... right?

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Hills on - Season Finale

Tonight was the season finale for The Hills, a spin off of the mtv reality show Laguna Beach. Kay and I invited Jas and Olivia over for a girls night in and since both Jas and Kay are huge fans, I thought it would be nice for the two to discuss the show during the aftershow party on It seems that I am also hooked on this show but will not admit that I am a huge fan. I am secretly rooting for Whitney Port, she is my fave. character on the show. But you can't help from falling in love with all the stars on the show. Whitney is so down to earth, adorable and gorgeous. Kay's fave. is LC - Lauren Conrad. She and Heidi Montag are the main stars of The Hills, both were on the Laguna Beach series but I am not a fan of Laguna Beach at all. Still can't watch it to this day, IMO The Hills is more entertaining and I love seeing the shots of LA. Reminds me of my summer vacation in LA with Jas. Well, I can't believe the show is over, now what are we going to watch? We have to wait until September for the new season and during the summer there will be a new season of Laguna Beach which Kay is very excited about. I guess I can only watch the reruns on mtv canada but Vancouver summers are way too nice to be indoors in front of the TV!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Fun in the Sun (not for Kay tho!)

What an interesting day we had! Now, I had a very good day while Kay, not so much, nothing was going her way at all. In fact, I shouldn't be teasing her about it as it was a pretty horrible day for her and at one point, she snapped and started to cry! I, standing there in shock, at the event that made her cry (as it wasn't the biggest thing) but I guess when your hormones are ranging, every tiny thing is blown into huge proportions! My sweet little girl is turning into a raging hormonal teenager! Aaaah!!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Oakridge Centre to do a little bit of shopping. I needed to pick up a new laundry rack from Zellers because ours is breaking down and the one I want is currently on sale at Zellers. Not to my surprise, the laundry racks were sold out which meant I needed to get a raincheck and hopefully, it will be stocked with new shipment sometime this week - I really need a new one! Still in Zellers, we decided to look around for Kay's tights leggings, she has been trying to find a pair of black capri lace trimmed tights leggings for sometime. She has also been researching (online) for a new denim short skirt to wear with her future capri tights leggings. It seemed that Zellers or this one did not carry any and we decided to head over to The Bay because this week is the last week for the Bay Days Sale with discounts in all departments. I wanted to pick up a couple of luxurious Ralph Lauren towels because these are marked 50% off. I managed to buy two bath sheets (super soft and large!) in a pale pink and rose colour plus a matching hand towels, all for $67.00! In the hosiery department, we did not find Kay's tights leggings and she was clearly disappointed. After buying my towels, we decided to stick around and shop in the mall, first stop, Coach - just to look. I found a very cute Crusher Hat in the signature logo with a pink leather trim (the pink looks very similar to the pink coat I picked up from last month!) and I really wanted to buy it because it is the last one in the pink trim in Vancouver. After some thought, I decided against it because this one is too similar to my other Coach hat. As we continue our walk through the shopping centre, we stopped into Gap Kids to look for Kay's denim skirt but Gap did not carry the two skirts she was looking for (she did her research online). We continue to walk through the shopping centre to check other stores but she found nothing close to what she wanted. She was pretty upset (and I think her hormones are unbalanced) and she wanted to stop in Aritzia but she decided against it because she knew I would not purchase any item from this store as I find them way over priced. We did one last stop back into the Gap so she could try the skirts on (she didn't try them on the first time) but it seemed that she does not like or want to hear my opinion. As soon as she tried them on, I told her how cute they were and she gave me the look, shaking her head no and rolling her eyes with a "this is not exactly what I want". Of course if she was with her peers or friends and they told her it was cute, she would have def. bought it. But because I am her MOM, my opinion is no longer valid. I have decided I cannot go shopping with her anymore, it really stresses me out! This afternoon, she left the apartment in something she knows will bother me but she is her own person and she needs to make a statement (and also probably enjoyed the fact that it bothered me!). She wore skinny jeans with a jean jacket (different colour jean) with a jean purse!!! Ugh!! You cannot wear a jean jacket with jeans! It does not look right!!! *sigh* Oh well, what can I do? Nothing. Before heading home, she wanted to have a snack and of course she wanted poutine from New York Fries. It was too close to dinner time and we had plans to meet Shel for dinner so I suggested that she get herself a Yogen Fruz, a little bit lighter and healthier. I knew she was very disappointed in not finding any one of her items today so I figured she deserved a frozen yogurt. But to my surprise, she did not want to line up (there were only 5 people in line) and she wanted to go home. I told her it wasn't that long of a line up, in no time it would be her turn but she insisted she did not want to wait and she would have a snack when she got home. Gosh, she is going through some major changes and her hormones are all over the place. Even though she was hungry and it was my treat, she did not want it anymore. Hormones can totally screw up your emotions and your day!

Heading home, she had about 20 minutes to get a small snack before we headed over to the restaurant to meet Shel. He was going to be in our area and wanted to drop off his wedding invitation. Wow, I can't believe he is finally getting married, how exciting! His wedding date is set for July 7, 2007. That's coming up pretty quick :) While Kay was in the kitchen fixing her snack, I was getting myself ready for dinner when all of a sudden, I hear a bang and a cry in the kitchen! I went over to check on her and I found her bawling her eyes out! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it, she dropped her noodles in the sink and I think that was it, she had enough of the day. I tried to calm her down and reassure her that we were having the same sort of noodles down the street. Our dinner plans were at the Vietnamese restaurant a couple of blocks away but she was just so upset in general that she didn't care. She stayed in her bedroom for a bit before she finally calmed down and was ready to go. Poor Kay, just not her day, she was having a really bad day! We had a quick bite and caught up with Shel before deciding to have a hot chocolate at Blenz. It seemed by the end of the evening, Kay was feeling a little better (chocolate always helps!) and really nothing else could go wrong. What a day!

Friday, April 20, 2007

RaeRae's B'day Celebration!


{for more photos}

Kar, Jen, Rae and I celebrated Rae's birthday tonight! Her real birthday isn't until Saturday, April 21 but we wanted our turn to celebrate this special day with her! Right after work, we headed over to the "new" Earls by the Paramount for drinks and appy's. It was such a great night! Great conversation, great friends, great food and yummy cupcakes for dessert! I think she had a great time and this evening is def. well deserved! These outings will be missed and we will def. have to do this more often since Jen will be leaving us soon! We are going to miss you Jennifer!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid Week Dinner with highschool friends

Tonight, Kay and I had dinner with Rhoda, Grace, and Travis at the Cactus Club in Coquitlam/Burnaby.

Kay and I drove over to Rhoda's place because we were planning to park our car at her house and she was going to drive the 3 of us to Cactus Club. She has moved into a new home and it is gorgeous! She shares a semi-detached duplex with her mom and sister, this place is so much bigger than her condo and I do not know how the 3 of them ever lived in such a small place! This new place is quite spacious yet it is filled with all of Rhoda's stuff! Literally... everywhere.... poor Jessica. This would drive me NUTS. I am so anal when it comes to clutter and Kay's room really bothers me even though I hardly ever go in there! After the quick tour and a warm hello to her mom, we headed off.

Travis and his wife, Lisa arrived first with their gorgeous little boy! He is such a cutie! I had forgotten how much work it took to care for a toddler. Grace arrived last and with her gorgeous new baby girl, only 8 weeks old. OMG, she is such a cutie! A couple more photos of Isabella.

After dinner, we headed back to Rhoda's place and Rhoda had a few more items for Kay! Gosh, Rhoda and Jessica always have an endless supply of clothing for her, it's like she's got her own very cool stylists! Jessica came back from her boyfriend's when we arrived so Kay and I stayed a little bit longer to chat with Jessica and Rhoda's mom. Rhoda showed me all her cool fashion pieces, she is developing her own line of clothing and jewellery. She is super talented and made some really cool and funky stuff. She even learned how to knit! Very cute knit skirt! I ended up picking up a really cute pair of earrings for a really great price - long time friend price ;)

It was a really great night and it was good to catch up with such a long time friend! We haven't seen each other in years before the last few months and can you believe she works 1 block from my office?!? Check out the really cute earrings I picked up!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring Dance Festival

Tonight was Kay's Spring Dance Festival at her school. This is probably one of the few events left for attendance as she is graduating from elementary school this year. The children at the dance festival were pretty impressive and had a fantastic performance! The primary children were adorable and the older kids very cool! Kay is in a music group and their group played in tune with the music for the first dance. Her dance group did not perform until the end and it was really cool to see her up there. I have it all on video!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Weekend

A weekend with the parents, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, not one day off to myself maybe I'll get lucky next weekend....

Saturday, we spent the later part of the day with my mom. We did our usual errands and shopping. Not much but catch up on each other's week and pick up groceries in Chinatown. My mom is finally starting her diet and she needed to pick up chicken breast but she had forgotten she could have gone to Victoria street (in Vancouver) to pick up free range chicken which costs about the same as the non-free range chicken in Chinatown. Leaving Chinatown, we headed back over to my apartment for delivery. She really wanted to try the BDC (Bacon Double Cheeseburger) pizza because her co-workers were raving about how great it is. I ordered the pizza from Panago because it is less greasy of all the take out/delivery places and usually I make my own pizza which means I can't stand take out pizza. Yes, she has started her diet but she leaves one night of the week to enjoy non healthy meal :) Mom usually doesn't come by my place for dinner or to visit for that fact but she hasn't seen my new TV and also the new layout in my living room. I made her a salad which consisted of chopped sweet peppers, onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cow milk goat cheese in a spring salad mix spritzed with a red vinaigrette and can you believe she actually enjoyed the salad? In her mind, she always thought that a salad is a side dish and non tasty. She didn't know how I could eat salad every day! I think I have changed her over :) Once the pizza arrived, we sat down in front on my new TV and enjoyed a bit of a movie before she called it a night. This afternoon, it was gorgeous with the warm sun but when she left, it was pretty chilly! We walked her to the car because the neighborhood is too quiet and then Kay and I headed off to bed.

Sunday, we spent the later part of the afternoon and early dinner with my dad. My father has lost his license because he was in Hong Kong (for six months) and did not answer ICBC's letter for a doctor's letter and check up. I drove over to Richmond to pick him up so he could visit with his friend, Paul in Burnaby. While he was visiting with his friend, Kay and I headed over to Metrotown to do a little shopping. We were in and out of the mall pretty quick, within 2 hours because I hate shopping at Metrotown esp. on a weekend! After our mini shopping trip, we headed over to HonHon's condo to check his mail (and water damage in his condo) and then back to my dad's friend's place. We visited with Paul and his daughter, Akiko, for a little bit before heading back to Richmond to have dinner. After dinner, we headed back to my dad's place and I picked through his dvds (found 3 that I liked) and daddy ended up giving Kay the Wii. OMG! I cannot believe he is giving it to her! She is ecstatic! Then it was time to head home before the sunset as tomorrow, Kay and I had to get up early.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Justin Timberlake Concert Tickets

Section 113 Row 21 were the best seats available, second try, out of all our many searches but still not the seats we were looking for. This was the Beat 94.5 VIP presale and Kar, Jana, and I were hovering over Jana's desk trying to get the tix before the seats went on sale for the general public! No such luck after Section 113, Jana will try again tomorrow when more seats will be released, crossing our fingers!

*Update April 14, 2007 - We did not get JT tickets, apparently it was sold out in 4 minutes! Oh well ... I guess I can save the $150 on the ticket and buy myself a new dress instead!*

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

Daddy is Back!

My dad is back from Hong Kong!! Wow, it's been six long months since we last saw him last and boy does he look refreshed :) Daddy is retired and he travels back and forth from Vancouver to HK to China and back. We have family in HK and China so every year he spends half his time with his family and friends. While he is there, we usually don't hear from or talk to him (due to the time difference and busy schedules) but once he is back in town, he calls my brother and I on the day he arrives. It was quite a treat to see my dad and he looks healthy and great. Of course, without disappointment, he brought back some really wonderful gifts for us.

My auntie (daddy's little sister) gave my brother a golf driver (well, not exactly the driver but the cash for it), I was given a beautiful pink cashmere Burberry scraf (which is really nice because I was looking into buying one last Christmas!) and Kay received a really nice black down jacket from Japan (a close resemblance to my Bedo jacket). She also bought the Nintendo Wii game system for all of us but daddy's rule is, it stays at his place and if my brother and Kay wants to play it, they HAVE to go over there. Hehehe, now that is how to keep the siblings to visit!
We had dinner plans with daddy so after testing out the new game system (which btw, is totally fun and I didn't think I would enjoy it as I'm not into video games) and checking out all his new dvds, we headed off into central Richmond to have dinner. We were deciding as we were driving what and where to eat in Richmond when we came upon a restaurant advertising King Crab at $8 and something a pound. Apparently that is a really good deal (I have no clue as I usually do not eat King Crab with friends) and daddy insisted that we eat there. Now, for 2 adults and a child, that is way too much crab for us because a King Crab at it's smallest is like 10 pounds!! My dad called his friend, Thomas (who I do not like) but he already had dinner and couldn't make it out. I decided to call my brother and see if he had already eaten and if not, maybe he would like to join us. I know my brother, he would never turn down King Crab. Hahaha, boy was I right, he drove back into Richmond (he lives in Richmond but at the time, visiting his on and off again girlfriend in Vancouver) to have dinner with us.

Believe it or not, there was only a little bit left over from our dinner. I have to say though, that the restaurant service is not the greatest and our King Crab fried rice was brought to us at the end of our meal. It should have been served at the same time or a little after our steamed King Crab dish. IMO, it seemed that they had actually forgotten to give us our rice and that is why it was served to us as we were paying for our bill! After paying our bill, I asked about our leftovers and the manager had actually left our take away on another table! Well, you really can't expect THAT much from a fancy "Seafood Chinese Restaurant" in Richmond or in Vancouver!

Overall, it was a great night with some really delicious King Crab!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Easter Dinner

{More Photos from Dinner}

Tonight, we celebrated Easter with mom and grandma. My brother, Kay and I went over to mom's house for a short visit before heading out to Richmond for dinner. Mom mentioned to me earlier in the week that I should probably make reservations at Dem Bones even though our dinner plans were really early just to be sure we could get a table. I should have listened and called but I did not. I assumed that at 5.30pm, it would be pretty empty as I don't think any family would be eating their Easter dinner at such an early hour. Well, guess I should have because when we arrived, to our shock, we noticed that it was dark and boarded up. Dem Bones is no longer open, the restaurant is closed for renovations and once it re-opens, it will be an Italian restaurant! Darn, no more Dem Bones? DB served some awesome ribs (not as good as Memphis Blues on Broadwa
y but still pretty good!), what a disappointment! Yes I know it's not a traditional Easter dinner but the main reason we wanted to go there was because my brother and I did not want to eat any more Chinese / Cantonese food! We usually go out to some seafood restaurant on these occasions and originally, we both wanted Greek food but my mom and grandma are pretty picky! We figured, you can't really go wrong with ribs :)
After some talk and thought, I decided to take them over to Aberdeen Centre to try Northern Delicacy restaurant. It's not greasy Cantonese food but instead greasy Northern Chinese food (well, Shanghainese). Also mom, grandma and brother have never been there, Kay and I have and we quite enjoyed it. Esp. since they make some really yummy xia long boa (aka "little basket bun" or soup dumplings) and hand-made to order noodles (inside the restaurant is a window booth with a pastry chef making the noodles). Very fresh delicious tasting yummies! If you have never been, you must try it at least once :) It is a little bit higher priced than other Shanghainese restaurants when there are quite a few good Shanghai restaurants in Richmond. A bit higher in price because their dishes are quite small and IMO, it is because Northern Delicacy is part of the Tropika Canada Group. It's well known that Tropika Restaurants have small sized dishes at outrageous prices. (Photos of our yummy dinner)

After dinner, mom and grandma had to leave for their Mahjong game (in Vancouver) and we, the kids, decided to stick around Aberdeen for a little while longer. Kay wanted bubble tea and my brother wanted a fresh mango fruit slushie so we headed up to the food court. We also wanted to browse through the newest store in Aberdeen, Ferrari & Maserati of Vancouver, which used to be the BMW store. Wow, nice cars and yours for only $150,000! As per Aberdeen's website, the grand opening for this store is on Sunday, April 15 between the hours of 1:00 - 3:00pm in which there will be 30+ exotic cars on display. Hmmm... that sounds interesting. Maybe we will check it out if we are not busy that day.

Finishing off their drinks and me deciding, at the last minute, to grab a tall Americano at Starbucks, it was time to call it a night. My brother had to see his on and off again girlfriend and both Kay and I needed to head home as I do not have Monday off (unlike the rest of Vancouver!) so I needed to get to bed. One good thing about going to work on a day most are off is that there will be little or no traffic on the roads tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter long weekend!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

LV shopping and Marie visits

This afternoon, I went out on my own to buy my new lovely Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Cabas Mezzo. It's such a beautiful bag and I love it! Now I am in the middle of debating if I should sell my Damier Speedy 30 to cover some of the costs of my new bag. But I am still quite attached to my Speedy and it is a great bag, not too large and not too small, perfect mid sized handbag for those days where I might just need it. The only thing I do not love about this bag is the fact that it is a hand carry. Should straps are not an option. But it is in such perfect brand new condition that I am not sure if I really really want to sell it. But if I do, well let's say it will replenish my bank account a little. Oh well, I will have to think about it over the weekend. (Trishaopholic for photos)

My dear friend, Marie aka Socabutterfly came by this afternoon for a visit. I have not seen her in way too many weeks and this is a long overdue visit. I am working on a craft project for her and she had not given me any ideas on the colour scheme or the board size in which she wanted. So today, she finally made her choices in colours and size. I am making her a necklace board just like the one I have for myself. I also had made one for my dear friend, Jen and I figured why not make another one as I still have a couple of boards left and am not quite sure what I can do with them. During Marie's visit she noticed my newest LV purchase and was in awe at the beauty of the bag. She drooled all over my new beautiful bag but her jaws dropped when I told her how much it cost. In her mind, she could not justify spending that amount of money on a bag or wallet for herself. I showed her the rest of my collection and believe it or not, we talked about LV for three hours! Yes, 3 hours! Would you believe it if I stated that I was able to change her mind about the $$ and designer? Yep, I changed another one of my friends over to Louis Vuitton. Hehehe, I am such a bad influence!

It was of course, not all me, I have to say, Guess and Nine West helped me out a bit. She told me how it took her almost 7 - 10 days to justify spending $50 on a Guess wallet and her Nine West handbag from Winners was on sale with a sticker price of $70 but regular $100. I pointed out the construction of her wallet and she is now going to start saving her change to buy herself a new wallet, a new Louis Vuitton wallet :) By her 40th birthday, she is going to buy herself a nice beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag. I told her to be sure to take me with her when she does her Louis Vuitton shopping!

I was going to make dinner for her but since we were sitting around my living room, talking and looking in the catalogue / internet at the Louis Vuitton items, we decided it was probably best that we head out for dinner. We caught up on life at Sala Thai - no more LV talk! It was a really great night and I am so happy to have spent some time with my dear friend Marie.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Shopping, Dinner and Movie

Today, Kay and I met up with Jasmine to go shopping in downtown. What a great day to go shopping, the weather was awesome, sunshine and warm temperatures, a perfect day! Almost felt like summer and people were wearing shorts and flip flops today!

Ok, I know I am on a Louis Vuitton ban until August 2007 but I am going to break the ban! Yes, I am so bad! I have been researching (online) for a new Louis Vuitton bag for work because the Burberry tote I had originally bought for work is much too heavy (when my items are inside) to carry. I am planning on selling it on ebay or craigslist to cover some of the cost of my new LV "work/shopping" bag. I always try to research online for a new bag before going into the store because I am an impulse LV shopper. I will buy on the spot without thinking like my LV Monogram Agenda MM which I am now thinking of selling as well to make up the cost on my future LV work/shopping bag.

Of course, our very first stop would be Louis Vuitton in Hotel Vancouver to look at the Cabas Mezzo in the LV monogram. Because I am shopping with Jasmine and Kay, I knew those two would convince me to look at it, leave the store to think about it while shopping meaning there is the chance that I might forget about it. In the LV boutique, I found another bag on display which I fell in love with, Damier Hampstead GM (see photo below), a new item from the Spring 2007 line. Only $200 more, I could get a beautiful velvet interior with buckled straps and a Louis Vuitton Inventeur Plate which I love! I tried to stay FOCUS because I didn't look into this one while researching the Cabas Mezzo. Although, it is a beautiful bag, I realized it wouldn't be a good work bag because it would become too heavy for all my work stuff. Which means I would not end up using it for work! Since, it is a new bag and it is in the permanent collection, I can think about purchasing this bag in the future :)

After looking over the LV work/shopping bag, I left the boutique without my LV brown shopping bag and we headed next door to the Gucci boutique. I figured maybe I could convince myself and find a work bag (Gucci messenger bags are very cute and chic! at a reasonable price) at Gucci and not drop $1K+ on a work bag. Gucci did not have the messenger bag I was looking for and nothing else in there (except for their new jewellery pieces and watches) caught my eye. A little disappointed as we left the boutique and headed over to the Coach store on Georgia. Jas and Kay love Coach bags, me not so much, I am not a huge Coach fan and with good reason (will explain another time). Last week, Coach had a huge sale to clear out their fall/winter items pricing the bags to $30!! Now, $30 I would def. pick up a handbag but it was slim pickings and not much left in the sale pile. We did find a cute evening clutch but not at $30 only 30% off the original price which is still cost too much (IMO) for a Coach purse. Jas did pick up a cute wrislet last week for $15.00 and too bad Kay didn't find her hobo purse. Maybe next time.

Finished browsing through Coach, we left and headed towards Pacific Centre mall to browse in Holt Renfrew. While I was researching a new work bag, I thought about Chanel and decided to check out Chanel's site to see what is available in the Spring Collection. I didn't find a work bag but I did find a very cute black evening purse with the signature quilted design with a chained strap and the double Cs hardware. On the front flap of the purse, mini double cs in silver and gold. Very pretty and I want one, I think every girl should have AT LEAST ONE Chanel purse :) See photo below:While in Holt Refrew, we noticed HR did not have a Chanel section and found out HR does not carry Chanel but will be in the near future (once the new HR opens in Pacific Centre). There is a Chanel boutique on West Hastings but that was much too far of a walk for us. Decided to skip Chanel and head straight over to Blushing Designs as I have a 10% card on my first item purchase from her new Spring collection. I did not find my summer white dress although I did try on a couple of different dresses from her collection which I loved but stayed focus because I really wanted a white dress for my new pink jacket. I had no luck finding a dress but Jasmine found a gorgeous wrap dress (see photo below) and it looks scrumptious on her! It looks so much nicer on Jas than the model below because she's got some fine curves! I might not have found a white dress but came pretty close, I ended up buying a beautiful white eyelet lace skirt from Blushing Designs, very whimsical and romantic. The skirt fits beautifully on me, as if it was taliored to fit my measurements. How could I resist? Besides, I figured I am half way there in finding the summer white dress. It can't be that hard to find a cute summer top to go with it. Crossing my fingers in finding a close match to the skirt. If I cannot find one, I can always go back to BD and pick up the pretty white crossover top with lace which I found in her spring collection.

After our purchases at Blushing Designs, we headed back over to Robson street to do a little more shopping. Kay is in desperate need of a new "spring" jacket as she has outgrown her Gap jean jacket which we gave to Megan (our neighbor's little girl). It looks so big on Megan but so small on Kay! I keep forgetting that Megan is 7 years younger than Kay! We did find a new Gap Kids jean jacket for Kay and she is now in XXL which means this is pretty much her second to last year in the kid section which is freaking me out! I can't believe how big she is! Still a huge shock even when I see her size 5 feet!! I still can't believe it. It only seemed like yesterday that she was 2 years old!! Yes I know, I need to grip reality because in a few weeks my baby girl is going to be an official teenager. Yikes!!

While walking up and down Robson, we stopped in a few shoe stores, clothing stores and optical stores. Yes optical stores because Jas and I are looking for sunglasses but we didn't really find anything we liked or within our budget. I may spend over $500 on a handbag but will not spend that kind of money on a pair of sunglasses! We stopped in a few places and if we did find something, it was way too much or we didn't find anything at all. One place we stopped in, didn't have D&G sunglasses on display but instead kept the stock in black boxes which I thought was kind of odd. Another thing that threw me off was the fact that their D&G stock was much lower priced than all the other places! I knew right away they were knockoffs and once I looked to see where they were made in, it sealed my suspicion. They were selling FAKE D&G SUNGLASSES!! Let me tell you, I will never step foot in that store again. If they are selling fake D&Gs, how can you trust that the rest of their items are legit? I would not take that chance!

Our last and final stop was Bebe. We took a chance to see if they might have something to match my new skirt as I had been up and down Robson and did not find a thing! As luck (and not so lucky - breaking my bank!) would have it, I found an almost perfect match! Although the top was a little more than what I wanted to pay, it is worth it. Wearing it with the skirt with the top, it looked almost like it was one. I can't wait for my pink jacket to be altered and wear together on the first day of summer!

Of course that was the end of our shopping trip, both girls were very tired and I didn't want to drag them back to the Louis Vuitton store so we headed home. Jas was coming by our place for dinner and a movie. We stopped off at Choices and picked up a few items for our chicken stir fry. Dinner was nice and light. It was a pretty great day, shopping and all (even without purchasing my new Louis Vuitton). Trishaopholic for shopping buys!

After dinner, Jas and I watched Hard Candy (2005) while Kay had her ipod in her ears and played Sims 2 on the PC with her back towards the TV. This movie is rated R because of the language, violence and adult content. No nudity or blood except for a few scenes were you know there is blood and gore. A very powerful and convincing performance from both main characters. We really enjoyed the movie and it keeps you guessing and debating on whose the victim. The movie is shot in a house with 2 characters. The director did a really good job at keeping your eyes glued to the screen. If you have not seen this movie, I recommend it. Apparently, you either love it or hate it. Somewhat controversial but def. worth your time to see the movie. Plus it was produced by a Canadian Company (Lionsgate) and has two Canadian actors, Ellen Page and Sandra Oh.

Hard Candy Critical Consensus/Synopsis (as provided by Rotten Tomatoes)
Disturbing, controversial, but entirely engrossing, Hard Candy, is well written with strong lead performances, esp. that of newcomer Ellen Page. A movie that stays with the viewer long after leaving the theatre.

Hayley's a smart, charming teenage girl -- but even smart girls make mistakes.

She's hooking up in a coffee shop with Jeff, a guy she's met on the Internet. And even though he's a cute, smooth high-end fashion photographer in his early 30s, Hayley shouldn't be suggesting that the two of them go back to his house-alone.

When they get there, Hayley quickly finds some vodka and starts mixing screwdrivers. She even suggests a photo shoot and strips off some clothing. Everything is going well for Jeff... until his vision blurs and fades, and he passes out. It turns out Hayley has spiked Jeff's screwdriver, and when he revives, he's tied down with Hayley searching through his place. She doesn't think it'll take too long to get a confession that she's not the first teenage girl brought home and, more importantly, that her prisoner knows what happened to Donna Mauer, another girl who disappeared from Jeff's favorite coffee shop. And if he's unwilling to confess, well, she has another plan --

She uses an icepack as a homemade anesthetic...

She starts shaving an incision site...

She's learned a lot from the internet -- including this little surgical procedure she's dying to try...

Patrick Wilson and Ellen page star in HARD CANDY, a provocative psychological thriller directed by David Slade, written by Brian Nelson, produced by David Higgins, Richard Hutton and Michael Caldwell, and executive produced by Jody Patton and Rosanne Korenberg. It is the latest film produced by Vulcan Productions in association with Launchpad Productions.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Banana Republic - Flare Special Invite

{Click on the invite to enlarge}

Sharing the invite I received from the Flare Magazine. Vancouver Shopaholics, see the invite, I'll be there - who can resist a cocktail, some hors d'oeuveres and a SHOPPING DISCOUNT??!!??

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Home Theatre

I do not need a man in the household except when the time comes for putting together a home theatre system or lifting large items or assembling furniture from IKEA.... y'know the list :)

HonHon was in town, last month, I asked him to take a look at the home theatre system to see if he could figure out how to set it up. This system is somewhat complicated, not as easy to set up as others, I have no clue why but it has something to do with the 6 different connections and 6 cables that it needs. HonHon plugged all the cables I had available and it didn't work. No sound. No video. He couldn't figure it out. HonHon is not that electronic friendly unless it is about the insides of the electronic, he is after all, an electronic engineer but when it comes to computers or setting up systems, no way. My friend, SH, is a computer geek and I figured he would be able to put it together or at least figure out which cables ran with which connections but he too failed to get it right. After two guys and weeks of waiting for Vince, I figured it was probably a good time to remind him of this favour.

Weeks ago, Vince promised he would come by my place to set up the system for my new TV. Also, he was the person who put it together the first time around. I remember he was saying there was a trick in setting up this home theatre system because of the way it was designed. Well, after a little bit of a bump, he figured it out and set it up with better sound quality than the last time (as I received another cable from my dad with superior quality) and it is awesome! Thank goodness it's done as it has been sitting in the corner of my living room for weeks!!

Y'all invited over for a movie! An action packed movie so you can hear the awesome sound quality. It's such a shame that I did not set up the back speakers but I am bothered by the fact that there will be wires running across my living room floor or ceiling ..... Maybe one day......