Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Uncle Daniel's Funeral

This morning, I attended my Great Uncle Daniel's funeral at Ocean View with my mom and grandma. I'm really shocked and surprised he passed this week since we will be celebrating his 100th birthday this August. But the dinner party will still go on as the family has decided it will be a celebration of his life. The funeral was very touching esp when the eldest grandson gave his eulogy. After the service, followed a tea / coffee reception in the next room and I met up with so many family members that I haven't seen in many years plus I got to catch up with my cousin, Laurene and her new husband, Ed. It was really good to see all the family and how strong and close they all are. It was heartbreaking though to see my grandma cry and distraught over her brother's death. The siblings are very close and with so many of them, how could one not be heartbroken to see all the grandmas crying. I know it def runs on my grandma's side that they all live a very long life, my grandma just turned 91 this May and she is going to keep going for another 10 years I'm sure! Apparently, the secret of long life is to enjoy every minute of life and never think about your age or how old you are cos age is just a number. This man drank a beer with every meal and danced his entire life, he was a very happy, positive and generous man. He will be greatly missed but his spirit will continue you on as he watches over everyone in his family. R.I.P. Great Uncle Daniel.

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