Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Tonite, we took my father out for Korean BBQ, Jang Mo Jib in Richmond, originally my father wanted us to stay at his place so he could cook dinner cos he didn't want us to spend any money but it doesn't feel right that my father cook on this only day that he doesn't have to! We were going to do take out Japanese but I decided it would not be good to do take out cos Kay and I were planning on heading over there earlier to spend some time with him. I managed to book a last minute reservation for 7.30pm at JMJ Korean Restaurant on Alexandra Road. We have never been there before but Kay gave it good reviews and I noticed that this Korean chain is all over Vancouver! I did some googling and it seems that they have pretty authentic and yummy dishes but the lack of customer service has turned some customers off. Well it was def not the best CS and we were very disappointed that we did not get our side dishes or rice or drinks until after the first dish arrived to our table. We had only ordered 4 dishes, 2 bbq meats (one being top quality ribs with a $15 extra charge for AAA+), a Korean noodle dish and their version of gyozas. Luckily they forgot our gyoza order as we were very full from the other 3 dishes! It was a nice evening with our dad and he looks like his disease isn't progressing too quickly but he still isn't in the best health. Must make an effort to go out and visit him more often. Happy Father's Day!

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