Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diving Board

Even with all the drama going on in my life at this moment, I still made it to my last swimming class. I really needed it as well, it was a nice short break for me. I was a bit sad as this was my last class and hopefully, I'll be able to take Aqua Adult 2 in a couple of months but for now, I will practice my front and back crawl. Tonite, we practiced our front and back crawl in the shallow end and then we got to try on flippers, oh my that was super fun! Flippers magically turn you into a mermaid, you move so quickly and smoothly in the water and I was instantly comfortable in them. Altho some of the others were having a hard time using them, I really love them! I think I need to pick up a pair for myself! After swimming and practicing with the flippers, it was time to finish off the class in the deep end of the pool. We swam across, I did it very quickly while the others were having to do it on their back or with a flotation device. I did my front crawl all the way to the deep end and by half way thru, I was a bit shocked by the depth of the deep end but quickly regained myself to get to the end :) After everyone arrived, it was time to jump off the diving board! She did have a flotation device to assist but I went twice without it and it was such a RUSH! I am so excited, I can't wait to swim lengths across the pool!!! By the end of the class, she handed us a pamphlet on what we had learned and a guide to help us with our techniques. I asked her if I was ready for Aqua Adult 2 and she said yes but for the rest of the class not to worry about going back into Aqua Adult 1 since this class is 6 classes condensed into 1! I can't wait to do Aqua Adult 2 and I'm so proud of how quickly I accomplished this goal! I can't believe just a few weeks ago I was terrified to put my head into the water and now I can do the front and back crawl the right way!!!

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