Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Food Feast

Wow, what a day we had! Kay and I met up with Ed (my cousin's hubby) for a day of JUST EATING OUT. OHMYGAWD, we had so much food!!! First, we started off at Crystal Mall food fair cos apparently, they had the best Siu Long Bao in all of Vancouver, this place called Wang's Shanghai Cuisine, makes all their dumplings fresh! Three women standing right up the front preparing the fresh dough and meat, it was pretty cool and OHMYGAWD super busy!! But we didn't just order the dumplings, he ordered a whole load of stuff from there!! Plus we had to try the Taiwanese beef noodles which happened to be right next door cos for the price, it was pretty decent for a food fair meal! After finishing off our "lunch", we headed off to Starbucks for a coffee and chit chat. Once we were done coffee and chit chatting, we decided to head over to Metro to see if he could get any gift ideas for his wife's birthday next month. He still had a few weeks to go but his father in law stole his gift idea which was the newly released iPad, my cousin is a huge apple junkie. We didn't see anything she would like at Metro so we decided to head downtown to Pacific Centre but Kay needed to go home first to change cos she was dressed like a bum and she didn't want to risk the chance of seeing anyone dressed like that. Once were in downtown, we went straight to the Apple store and those 2 were there for almost 45 minutes cos they were playing with the iPad. I figured Ed would have taken one home but he didn't want to ruin my cousin's b'day gift but he and Kay tried to convince me to buy one. Yes it's pretty neat but it was not cool enough to spend $500 on it! He is trying to convince me to cross over and to buy an Apple from his friend who is selling a barely used MacBook for $300. I responded politely NO THANK YOU as I am not a huge Apple fan and I have recently purchased an awesome kick@ss Toshiba notebook. Besides, I'm not a MacBook user, if I were to purchase an Apple, it would be the top model of the Mac line like the MacBook Air or MacPro. After 45 minutes, I managed to get them BOTH out of the store (with a bit of annoyed whining) cos I was about to lose my patience with them and once out of the store, we headed straight into Browns. A huge shoe sale to clear out the summer stock, the D&G pumps I've been eyeing were priced down to $199 from $695 but not in the fuchsia :( only in the black and I didn't want another pair of black shoes plus the heart cut outs were not as distinct in the black versus the fuchsia. Over to Holt Renfrew, to my surprise HR was having their end of season sale plus the 2nd mark down was today so many beautiful clothes in my size and at such a great price but the few pieces I did pick out did not fit me too well :( which means I didn't end up purchasing anything :( Over in their shoe selection, a pair of Jimmy Choos in this beautiful turquoise colour and in my size, marked down from $1295 to $495 but I could not justify spending THAT MUCH money on a pair of shoes! Even tho they were so beautiful and looked great on my feet! Also many pairs of beautiful Louboutins on sale again in my size but still at the sale price, not within my shoe budget or maximum price range for me to purchase unless of course I won the Lotto Max then I wouldn't think TWICE! Not surprising, I found my SWs and Coach shoes but even with the 2nd mark down, it was still more expensive than what I had paid for them on sale at Zappos and Coach store! Oh well, nothing for me again! :( After HR, Kay was getting a bit hungry so we headed outside and onto Robson street for a crepe cos Kay was craving for a sweet crepe. I didn't want a crepe cos I was still full from lunch but I could use a drink and since the sun finally came out, we decided to head over to Yaletown to check out the new Keg cos I haven't been. Ed was shocked that I had no idea about all the places that he talked about or haven't been to or heard of it cos I'm such a foodie :P The new Keg in Yaletown had a really cool rooftop patio so we decided it would be a nice place to chill for drinks and appetizers. Wow it's a very different scene from the downstairs restaurant and if I lived closer to Yaletown, I would probably come up here for drinks more often! After a couple glasses of wine and a couple of appy's, I was craving for dessert so he insisted on taking us to Kits for the best banana parfait in Vancouver! OMG, never ending day of eating and drinking! Fuel on West 4th revamped itself and became reFuel, Ed and his eating buddy used to come here all the time for the calamari but they had taken it off the menu so he didn't come in for a while but when we arrived, another disappointment! It seems, the Banana Parfait Ed was talking about was also not on the menu any longer! He was so disappointed and felt so bad that it wasn't available since he had convinced us it was the best dessert in Vancouver! The executive chef suggested the chocolate brownie on the dessert menu cos he guaranteed us that it was the BEST decadent chocolate brownie dessert I'd ever have so I gave it a try since I love chocolate! Gawsh was it ever decadent and delicious! Super rich but so very yummy!! Ed also had another beer and tried pork dried ribs with the executive chef's own homemade BBQ sauce. OMG, the BBQ sauce was amazing and we both agreed that he should def bottle that stuff cos it would fly off the shelves if he did!!!! I will def have to go back there again, yes that's how amazing the BBQ sauce is!!! We were sitting at the bar cos Ed like sitting there so he could chat with the executive chef, Ed found out that this coming Wednesday would be a pig feast which meant for $50 a person, they would have 2 roasted pigs for the eating and 2 kegs of beer for the drinking. Now I would have totally wanted to do this but starting this week (Monday in fact), I'm going on a very strict diet of chicken breast and vegetables cos I could not button a pair of pants last week!! I've had way too much good food and have not done enough cardio or swimming! I have been meaning to hit the Grouse Grind as well but I haven't really been motivated to since I've heard the GG has newly added a staircase up the trail. Also, it now costs $10 to catch the tram back down the mountain! WTF?!?!?!?! Oh well, I will try to do it once or twice with Charly this summer. He's been going to the GG at least once a week I think, good for him! After reFuel, it was getting late and I still had things to do at the condo so we asked Ed if we could call it a nite. The chef convinced him the BEST chicken wings were at Campagnolo Restaurant on Main street and he really wanted to go to try them out, one last stop, but I could not eat anymore and even tho I was stuffed, if we had gone to Campagnolo's, I would not have been able to stop myself from eating the wings!!! So I had to decline :( He was good about it and I'm sure he and his wife will go there sometime this week to try them out :) Gawsh it was such a fun and entertaining day but we were pretty tired and ready to pass out! Wish I could go to the pig feast :( Oh well next time! I def learned a lot about food and the restaurants in Vancouver from Ed. I think he really should blog about his eating adventures!

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