Saturday, July 03, 2010

Super Excited!

Wow, Kay and I had a great day! We spent the afternoon together as she did not have any plans til tonite. First off, we headed over to my 12pm appointment at Monkey King on Kingsway to see Mica, a guest tattoo artist from Japan, - Detroit Diesel Tattoo Works) she's only here for 3 weeks to discuss my back tattoo and to look over her photos. Wow, she is super talented and does amazing work! I am so excited, I'm booked in for Wednesday at noon and I'm hoping to do it all in one sitting! It's possible to break it up to 2 sittings but I want it done all at once, I've been waiting 10 years to get this done! After our tatt appointment, we headed over to Coast Capital Insurance Services on Broadway / Cambie cos my auto insurance was due today!! Yikes, I'm cutting it pretty close! But I didn't want to wait til Monday to renew it cos I mite need to use my car tomorrow! As we sat down to speak to the insurance person, we realized that I only had basic cover and did not renew my liability insurance cos last year, I was suppose to go back to Coast Capital to renew it but I misunderstood and thought the other insurance company had done it for me! Apparently, the other insurance company could not sell me CC's insurance as they are not related to them therefore THIS ENTIRE YEAR, I've been driving around without liability!! How lucky am I that I did NOT cause any accidents! WOW! I am very shocked but not to worry, I made sure I had liability insurance before I left the building! Kay was getting very hungry cos she had not eaten before we left the house so we decided to try this japanese udon restaurant on Broadway. She said Tashna has eaten here before and it was pretty authentic and yummy. Wow, we ordered HOUSE MADE GYOZAS and they were SUPER GOOD, very light and full of flavours! The noodle soup came with a rice ball (japanese style fried rice wrapped with seaweed) and 3 pcs of gyozas! It was a lot of food but luckily I ordered a soba wheat soup noodle dish and it was much smaller than Kay's larger udon soup! Her soup base was pretty yummy and I think I will def have to try that one next time! Once lunch was finished, we decided we should walk off our lunch! Hahahaha.... we decided to check out the lulu store and Change cos I needed to get measured into the correct size bra. Wow, what great service and selection of bras! I've had so many women tell me to go to this store for my next bra plus there is a huge sale so I decided to get measured and to pick up some pretty (and to fit!) bras for myself. Wow, I couldn't believe how well these bras fit me and the very informative SAs were very helpful in explaining why the sizes in other stores did not fit as well as these ones did! I came out with 4 bras and a matching panty for only $110!! I'm set for a while now :) I've never had any "pretty" bras so it'll be nice to wear these under my tops and I know how pretty they are :) After bra shopping, I could tell Kay needed a nap cos she only had 4 hours sleep, chit chatting on the phone all night! We decided to head home so she could nap and mom and I headed out for some errands. After our errands, mom and grams cooked a lovely seafood meal with ling cod and geoduck from Alaska! So yummy! It's not bad staying over at my mom's :)

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