Sunday, July 25, 2010

Caribbean Festival & Robson Street

This afternoon, we took Tash to the Caribbean Festival cos she's never been to the festival or the Seabus!!! Wow, never been on the Seabus??!!?? Gawsh, she is 16 years old and has lived in Vancouver her entire life and has never been on the Seabus??!!??? As we walked over to the Seabus terminal, we noticed the line up started way at the back and I could not believe how long the line up was!! I've never seen such a long line up for the Seabus even during this festival!! Wow, I guess this event is getting bigger every year. When we finally arrived to the festival, it was packed and there were lots to see! But we headed over to the food section to pick up some grub but the line ups were huge and I was getting hungry so I decided to check out the stands that had the least amount of people in line which turned out to be not such a good idea cos the food was alright and I was paying a premium! After finding a spot in the shade to eat our lunch, we decided to head back over to the other side to check out the stands and get a nice icy drink. After Jas picked up a couple of different types of icy drinks, Kay and I opted for the freshly squeezed lemonade and Tash went with a real fruit icy smoothie, we decided to take a couple of photos by the water on the seawall to commemorate this day. :) Then we decided to head back downtown to Robson Street for a "walk" but really, Jas wanted to see what else she could find at Plenty. After much walking around and finding nothing, we decided to call it a day cos it was very hot and we were really tired from all the walking! It was an awesome day to end the weekend, with best buds!

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