Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Gawddamnit! My fckn car got broken into and all they stole were 2 mini bic lighters and my emergency bag which had a 12V air compressor to repair a flat tire, my first aid kit, bottle water and an emergency screw driver!! Now I need to replace those items and pay a deductible to fix my window! I don't have the time or do I need to add another expense that is uncalled for. Ugh, I am SO MAD! Stupid visitor's parking lot! This is the 2nd time my car has been broken into in this parking lot! There should be cameras or a gate for this covered lot, I'm sure it's either the addicts, the homeless or the stupid kids that broke into my car, it's really warm outside and this is the time of year when the cars get broken into! Just so many people hanging around the train station and the park. UGH. So Pissed.

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