Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tonite, I meet up with Charly cos he wanted to head over to see the fireworks and Rosa wasn't able to make it. We met up after work and we headed over to Kits to find parking. He got a pretty good spot, close to Vanier Park (where we were going to watch the fireworks) and close to West 4th (where we were going to eat). We walked along West 4th and found a place called Mr. Shawarma which serves chicken shawarma! It was inexpensive and very filling! We both ordered a platter which had a ton of food, very yummy and we had a dessert but I can't remember what its called. After our dinner, we headed over to Vanier Park to set ourselves up on the grass and close to the street so we could exit quickly! It was nice to catch up with Charly and we had a fun time! He's a great friend and I know he will be here for me always.

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