Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inception & Plenty

Today's weather was terribly hot and icky, I almost ended up staying home all day in my underwear but Jas sent me a text to see if I was up for dinner and a movie. I guess I could get into some clothes on and head out for some 'fresh' air :) Kay and I were lying on the couches when she arrived but we didn't leave right away. We decided to stay out of the sun so she and Kay caught up on life. After an hour or so, we decided to head over to Cactus Club for an icy drink, well I had a Bellini, mmmm.... great for a day like today. Since it was still early and we wanted to stay out of the sun, we decided to catch the 6.30 show for Inception. WOW, what an awesome movie! So awesome cos it's a mindfck and even tho Jas was a bit lost, I got every single detail cos my mine is pretty warped! Hahaha.... it's so awesome, I would pay to see it again! This is def a movie to see on the big screen but I'm def going to add it to my collection when it gets released on DVD. We purchased our tickets and had a bit of time before our movie started so we headed over to Plenty cos they were having their 50% off summer sale, gosh, we picked up some great stuff! I love the Plenty and their in-house labels, I got a pretty funky racer tank top with sparkles for $30 and a black slim skirt with pleats for $35. Perfect for summer and we still got a few weeks to go til this season ends! After our movie, we headed over to Thai House for dinner and Earls for dessert. It was still a very warm night but by 11pm, we decided to call it a night!

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