Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finished :)

Finally finished the colour on my tattoo! It was awesome to finally have it semi complete :) Mica was thinking about adding clouds to my piece but I didn’t think I could afford any more pain nor could my finances! I was already $300 over my budget and I would think the clouds would be at least another hour! In 2 hours, she coloured in my cherry blossoms and touched up a bit on my dragon. Hopefully, this time my tattoo will heal easier than the first time. Right now, my skin is getting dry and itchy but I think I’ll only use the ointment til this weekend before just applying a body lotion. Kay and Tash were suppose to keep me company but both girls didn’t get up til just before I left. By the time I finished and was back at the condo, they were still getting ready! Since the two of them were slightly hungry, we decided to head over to Crystal Mall for some si long bao :) Yummy and I picked up a fresh mango coconut tapioca drink from a little dessert place in the food fair, not as good as the one at the night market tho! It was a nice and relaxing Sunday before Kay and Tash ended up heading into Vancouver and Richmond.

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