Saturday, December 19, 2009

Le Petite Spa, Cactus Club and Metrotown

Today, I had a spa appointment at Le Petite Spa on Broadway for a Brazilian wax and gosh was I ever super nervous. I took a couple of advils and slathered on some numbing cream to that area before heading over to the appointment on West Broadway. TT (my brother's adorable and sweet girlfriend) came by to pick us up, I didn't want to drive in case I experienced too much pain and would not be able to move. It nearly took us 40 minutes to get there cos the traffic was so bad but it was nice to catch up with TT and her drama. Poor thing, she is such a sweetheart and it makes me mad how some people can be such jerks and treat others so disrespectfully!! Once we arrived at LPS, I sign a form and questionnaire while doing so, also worked on calming my nerves down. I shoulda had a shot of SOHO lycee liquor or Stoli Vodka before leaving the house cos I was shaking!! Once inside the room with Marta, she calmly spoke to me and encouraged me to stay relaxed. It really wouldn't be as bad as I thought and she was very good at what she does. At first, it stung a bit but then it wasn't so bad EXCEPT one area which we will call the "canal" was the most pain but everything went pretty smoothly. After the wax, it was a bit strange and I felt slightly naked but thru out the day, I realized I am really liking this new and CLEAN feeling! After the wax, Kay and TT were a bit hungry - poor TT, she didn't even eat lunch or breakfast cos she was in such a rush to pick me up and drive me to the appointment on time! We decided to head over to Cactus Club since TT doesn't ever get the chance to go (my brother is stubborn, one bad experience puts him off) and Kay loves the butternut squash ravioli there. After Cactus Club, TT dropped us off and Kay and I decided to kill some time at Metro before she went for her babysitting job. I ended up finding some really good deals on belts (for oversize sweaters and such) and coloured tights, all on sale! The mall was pretty busy due to the last minute Xmas shoppers, it being so close to Xmas Day. After shopping a bit more, I dropped Kay off at home and spent the rest of the nite chillin at home.

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