Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dinner with Brother & GF

Tonite, Kay and I met with my brother and his not so new girlfriend, we haven't officially been introduced to her yet but I had recently found out that the two of us have a lot in common. Recently, I have been sending goodies (i.e. local organic veggies, muffins and sorts) with my brother when he goes to see her so she can enjoy some of the organic items that I like to eat. She wanted to send something back to me and as a gift so she baked an organic cake for us! My brother was originally suppose to bring it to me but he suggested that she should give it to me in persona and we could all go for dinner too. I was so surprised and couldn't believe all the effort she put into this cake, it's the cutest and sweetest cake I have ever received! It is so impressive and she really put a lot of work into this cake to make it represent Hello Kitty! Wow, how impressive! The cake was made of organic chocolate and the Hello Kitty face in white frosting, she decorated her face with bits of candy and pocky. It is so cute and I don't want to cut into her!!! Altho, I can't wait to try it cos it smells so delicious and it looks so tasty. My brother said they'd be dropping by around 7pm but I know him and I know him well, 7pm is more like 8pm which the time he ended up coming by. I guess this means he's on time cos that was the predicted time he'd arrive! After some thoughts and not quite knowing where to go, we decided on Joey's at Broadway cos the menu had a selection of everything. She doesn't eat meat except for eggs and fish, occasionally chicken or turkey so we didn't want to go somewhere where there were no vegetarian options. Once we sat down, we started talking and getting to know her. After about 20 minutes, I realized we def have a lot in common esp on the way we view foods and we have similar career paths. I really really like her and I hadn't liked one of my brother's g/f's since Kitty (his first long term girl). TT is very mature 20 something year old, you def would not have guessed she was in her early 20's cos she is so mature. I was a bit shocked when my brother told me his girlfriend was in her early 20's but I can see she is much more mature than he is! She is smart, witty, charming, polite and a well rounded person (also she is gorgeous!) and my brother really lucked out meeting her. I hope they stay together for a long time and even if they don't, I'm going to stay friends with her but it would make us all very happy if they did stay together forever! Hehehe... can't wait to try her cake....

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