Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

Tonite, HonHon and I headed over to Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar for our "date" night cos we hadn't spent one dinner nite out just the two of us. For the past week, we've been visiting family or friends for dinner so tonite was just about us and even though we had a very late lunch at Spiltz Grill on Main Street which made us super full but HonHon has been craving for a giant burger so we had to go! Luckily, I could move our reservations later and later, we ended up at the restaurant at 8:30pm, yes late for dinner but our schedules have been messed up on this visit. Coincidentally Kay and her "serious committed relationship" were also having a "date nite" so I didn't feel so bad about heading out without her. Her "serious committed relationship" came by during the day and they hung out while HonHon and I ran errands thru out the day. It was nice to finally meet him since they've been together for a while and even tho he's a geek, he's def a nice momma's boy and those are the "safe" ones! It's weird that she is now "dating" and in a committed relationship cos to me, she is always 5 years old. We didn't embarrass her much cos her father is too nice, altho I did throw in a few embarrassing moments for her cos that is what mommas do! Hehehe... I was hoping to meet up with them for dessert but Kay was not at all down with it, oh well :S At Blue Water Cafe, we ordered a dozen raw oysters to start and gosh, do I ever love those, deliciously sweet and I think it's going to be one of my fave things to eat! I ordered the sable fish and that was amazingly done, we also finished off with a chocolate cake for dessert. It was an enjoyable nite and it was nice to try out this restaurant, I was trying to get us into Coast but it seems they were completely booked up until 10PM!!! Oh well, maybe next time! Blue Water did not disappoint and I would def go back again, altho next time I hope to go with a larger group cos we really wanted to try the seafood tower but there was just way too much food on there and no way the two of us could finish it!! Hmmm...maybe for my next birthday??!!??

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