Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Hookup at Hennessey Lounge

Tonite, Rhoda and I headed out to Hennessey Lounge to hear G spin and it was amazing! Rhoda and I dressed up for Halloween and I used her "cop" accessories to be a naughty cop this year. It was so much fun to dress up and I couldn't believe how hot the cop outfit looked! Before we headed over to the lounge, we stopped by Cheesecake Etc. to have dessert cos we didn't want to get to the lounge to early since G would be spinning at 11.30pm! We met up with Rhoda's friends at the cafe and after having cheesecake, we all headed off to the lounge. It wasn't a full house but still a large crowd showed up. Lots of great costumes and we all had a great time! Nice to catch up with everyone and to hear G spin, it was a fun nite and I think I'll def have to go out next Halloween!

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