Friday, July 16, 2010

Aritzia, Urban Behaviour, Richmond Nightmarket ... oh my!

Wow, what a day! Yesterday, Kay and I went shopping after I dropped the car off at Bronco Glass to get the passenger window replaced. These guys are awesome, they make the claim for you with your insurance - GREAT! Less waiting time for me, plus a courtesy car and even tho the closing hour is 5pm, the owner of the shop told me he would wait for me until I arrived cos I wouldn't be able to make it til just after 5pm. Jas and I met up after work cos we were going to hit the Richmond nitemarket for the first time since it started. We were suppose to go with my friend, BQ a couple of weeks ago but due to my emergency, I had to cancel our plans :( After we picked up the car, we were trying to decide on where to eat for dinner, I wanted to have dessert at nitemarket not dinner :D Since we had to go over to Metrotown first cos yesterday, Kay had left her school books at Underground Clothing. She was so excited about buying her True Religions at the sale price that she didn't even realize she left the store without them! Once at UG, I showed her the 7 of all Mankind white super skinnies on sale in the store, Kay didn't like them on me yesterday said it made me look like I had sausage legs but Jas thought they looked really good! I didn't think they looked that bad either so I ended up buying them!! Half off and even cheaper than buying them in the states!! Since we were already at Metro, we decided to have dinner at The Boss cos we haven't been in there in ages!! After dinner, we stayed in the mall for the air conditioning and ended up in Aritzia cos Jas wanted to look at the sales again! I ended up buying a cute light blue lace tanky for only $24! I'm done with Aritzia, gawsh, I've picked up so many items from the sale! As we walked around the mall, we talked about what was going on in our lives and by the time we were done, it was time for the nitemarket. The first place we headed was to the food section cos there is always so many yummy things to eat! Jas picked up a icy drink and a deep fried cheesecake (Me - YUCK, Her - Oh not so bad!) and I ended up with a fresh mango tapioca coconut milk drink, mmmmmm so yummy! We walked around the entire nitemarket and gawsh I ended up with a lot of stuff which was unexpected cos for the past few years, I haven't been able to find anything useful at the market. I ended up with a huge Hello Kitty blanket (a very soft and comfy blanket), 8 pairs of tights (from Taiwan and Korea), and a Lotuswear short sleeve hoodie for only $20!! I think Lotuswear is closing their doors and all their items were marked 70% off, the hoodie was originally $50!! It was a great nite and an awesome way to end a long work week!

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How much are the hello kitty blankets ?