Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super Sunday

Wow, what a day! First off, it was another super hot day in Vancity, sweltering melting hot! (Rumor has it, weather record breaking beginning on Monday, oh no!) I helped Rhoda clean the top floor of her house cos she has a bunch of out of town guests arriving this week for Jess's wedding. I can't believe she's getting married in a matter of days!! It is so exciting! Gosh, the top floor of the house was so hot but we managed with all the windows opened and the huge fan (thank you auntie for pulling that one out!) blowing in our face. After re-organizing all their stuff, Rhoda finished off the rest while I helped Jes with her chandelier project. She arrived home after we had started the 2nd room and was measuring out her jewels for her chandelier with the help of her mom. Originally, she received a quote on a custom chandelier for her wedding receptions and it was going to cost $2500!! To save some money, she had another company (in the US) to custom make the frame and ordered the jewels from Asia in bulk which ended up only costing her $650!! It was a lot of work which consisted of measuring and cutting the jewels off the roll, by the end of the night we had finished her 6 rolls of jewels. She didn't have her glue gun to glue them onto the frame but when she does, it's going to look gorgeous! After a long day and night, I headed home around 10pm and when I got home, my mom told my brother (he came by for a visit) and I something unexpected but expected (grams let the secret out of the bag to me a couple of weeks ago). My mom had an emergency a couple of months ago and it seems that it's not over yet. She went for a follow up and it seems that she has a few health issues, one is shingles (which she is taking meds for and will subdue it), a kidney stone in her left kidney that needs to be removed, a tumor or water bubble in her right kidney (going for more testing) and a "seed" in her intestine which the doctors are not quite sure what it is (also going for more testing). It's pretty scary but it does not seem life threatening which is a great relief. My mom was a bit disappointed that my grams couldn't keep the secret but my poor grams was sooo worried about my mom these past couple of weeks of course she had to tell someone! I'm sure my mom will be fine, we are all keeping a close eye on her.

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