Sunday, June 07, 2009

VGH Emergency

This morning at 4am, my grams called me on my cell to tell me my mom was not feeling well and I should come upstairs to see her. I went to my gram's bedroom and there she was, looking very very ill and having really bad pains in her lower back. She couldn't move but when she did, she was in so much pain that she wanted to vomit and shivers were hitting her hard. I called for an ambulance and when they arrived, they took her stats and asked many questions. The paramedics thought she might have food poisoning and she would probably be discharged in a few hours. The paramedics were not very helpful in assisting with my mom as she painfully walked down the flight of stairs to get into the ambulance. Obviously with all the discomfort, she had to manage and I could not believe they did not bring the stretcher up to the bedroom. I helped my mom get into her bathrobe and slippers and tried to move and lift her out of bed. It was very painful watching my mom walk down the stairs and into the ambulance. I found out later in the hospital that she had vomited again in the ambulance. The emergency room was busy and my mom had to wait almost 20 minutes (she was in excruciating pain) for a bed and finally when she got in, grams and I had to wait an hour before going in to see my mom. It seems they were not sure what was wrong with her, it could be a number of things and a few tests were being done. The hospital wanted to give her an ultrasound before they could diagnose her. We found out that the emergency doctor hadn't come to see her yet and we weren't sure if she was coming home or staying the night. Finally the doctor came by and told us it would probably be best to go home to rest since the results of the test and ultrasound would not be available until later in the day. We drove home and hopefully, this is not too serious and my mom will be home tomorrow night.

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