Monday, June 22, 2009

Cake Tasting & Mexican Dinner

Today, I met up with Jess and Rhoda for a cake tasting for her dream wedding cake! She found a wedding cake in one of the windows of a hotel in Las Vegas and she wanted the cake to be duplicated. It's an extravagant wedding cake which fits the theme of her wedding, feathers and it's also very unique! Many of the cake contacts would not or could not make the cake but Sweet Thea gave her a few options and one of them was to make a fake cake! What a great idea since the wedding cake is on a very grand scale. Plus to bake such a large cake would cost thousands of dollars (I assume)! After discussing the details with Thea, we headed back to the condo before deciding on where to eat and drove into the West End. Denman street was packed with traffic so we decided to exit (thru an alley) and ended up on Robson street. Rhoda mentioned a new Mexican restaurant on Robson so we decided to try it out. Gosh it was so delish! I have never heard or seen this place but it's got good authentic and inexpensive Mexican food, Don Guacamole's on Robson - a must try! (If you can get a table, this place is PACKED!!) After dinner, Jess dropped us off at the skytrain station and took the train back. I can't believe Jess is getting married in 6 weeks!!!

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