Saturday, June 06, 2009

Early Saturday

This morning I woke up early to hit the Grouse Grind with my friend, Ben. He arrived around 845ish and we headed up to GG but as we approached the mountain top, there was a traffic jam! Ohmy! We wondering what the heck was going on and hopefully, not everyone in the crowd was heading up the GG. But we were wrong and we decided to not to fight the crowd up the trail and instead decided to head over to Park Royal Centre to do some banking and walking around. About 1030ish, we were both getting hungry and Ben had a craving for Viet food so we headed back to 1st and Renfrew to this little place he loves to dine at. After an early lunch, we decided to call it a day and decided to make plans for the GG another day. I went home to do some cleaning while waiting for my mom to get up, I had a busy day but first I offered to help my mom with her groceries and errands. But my mom had a really late and tiring nite so we did not end up going out until after 1pm. By the time we finished with our grocery shopping, it was getting late into the afternoon. I had so many things to do and I found out last minute that HonHon's parents are coming into Vancouver on Monday! Great! Now I have to tidy up his condo before his parent's arrival as Kay and I have been using the place after our swims. We have all our girlie stuff in both bathrooms and towels hanging everywhere! I also have plans with Rhoda in helping her with organizing and posting her stuff on craigslist. I def had more than enough things on my plate this afternoon! Once grocery errands were done, I headed over to HonHon's condo to tidy up and pack up our items to store. Then it was off to Rhoda's place, she had planned a spontaneous BBQ but decided not to hold it and probably wise as it turned out to be only the 3 of us. I wouldn't want to take out the BBQ for 3 people - think of all the cleaning we would have to do! The burgers were pretty good, she picked up a box of PC Blue Menu thick and juicy burgers with only 210 calories at Superstore. Hmmm... my mom could have a burger on her diet! I made a homemade Cesar salad with my own dressing to serve with the burgers. After dinner, we did some photo taking (shoes to post), arranging and bridal shower planning. We also shared a yummy dessert, The Decadent Molten Chocolate Cake by PC, and it was super chocolaty! After dessert and more arranging/planning/surfing, we chit chatted over microwaved popcorn before calling it a nite! It is always so nice to spend time with my BFF :)

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