Friday, June 12, 2009

$12 Sirloin Steak Dinner in Yaletown

Tonite, Ben and I went to Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown for a $12 sirloin steak dinner! Yes, TWELVE BUX!!! Wow, what a delicious meal and just enough of everything! The 8 oz sirloin steak came with creamy (and very rich!) mash potatoes and steamed seasonal veggies. HSG also had an add on menu so I added the Spot Prawns for an extra $10 and it was a really good decision cos those prawns were the sweetest prawns I've ever had! These were locally caught and fresh out of the ocean. Mmmm.... I can't wait to go back there on Father's Day! My brother and I are going to take him to HSG for father's day dinner and I'm going to suggest either of them add the lobster or/and king crab to their meal too! Mmm.... seafood and steak.... super delish! As a starter, Ben ordered a plate of yam fries and gosh, the plate was HUGE (only $5!!) and so yummy but I think it wasn't a good idea to start with the yam fries cos by the time our dinner arrived, we were getting a bit stuffed. After dinner, we decided it would be a good idea to walk off some of the meal so we walked around Yaletown for a bit. The walk back to his car was also a nice long walk and then we decided in the car to head over to Metro for some more walk and maybe dessert. After walking thru the mall, we decided it was time for dessert and headed over to Yogen Fruz, so yummy and a great way to end the evening! I had a blast and as always, Ben is always great company! Now it's time to plan our day hike to Squamish Chief, it's such a beautiful hike!

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