Sunday, June 07, 2009

Earls with Moms

Tonite, I headed out for dinner with Kay's BFF's moms as our girls were out celebrating Mhairi's birthday. It is nice getting to know both moms and I see why Kay wants so badly to move back out there. She is constantly looking out for new townhomes and there is a beautiful new one called The Fountainbleau on Birch Street and it is one block away from her BFF's place. The townhouse is beautiful, I would love to live there as we are familiar with the area and love the area but the townhouse Kay wants us to buy is asking over $900K. If I won the lottery, I would not think twice but trying to mortgage that amount plus I can't imagine how much property taxes payments are! Even with the recession and the real estate dropping, it is still such an expensive area to live in. Of course, I've looked online and there are more reasonable condos/townhomes in the area below 600K but that is still quite a bit of money. Oh well, wishful thinking for now. I met up with Jodi and Laurie and we walked down to Earls on Broadway. I love the neighborhood, the architecture of the apartments and condos are so unique and interesting. Maybe in the future, if we can't afford to buy, I will look back into renting in the area. We arrived at Cactus Club first but they did not have any sun on the pation so we decided to walk over to Earls cos Jodi wanted to sit outside on a patio to enjoy the weather. By the time we reached Earls, it was 630ish and it was getting a bit cooler than expected. Luckily, there were heat lamps on the patio and we requested them to be turned on. We enjoyed a meal and a drink before decided to have tea and dessert at Jodi's place. Laurie and I stayed until almost 1030 before calling it a nite. It was a really good nite and I hope Jodi had a good time, she's going thru a lot and I would hope she could call either one of us if she ever needed anything. By the time I got home, I was ready to pass out!


Joss said...

$900k for a townhouse? Ouch :) $300k out here in Langley (although not quite as exciting as downtown!)

Joss said...

I should add... so glad you had a good time and the patio at earls sounds lovely!