Sunday, June 14, 2009

Late Lunch with Dad

Today, Kay and I decided to head over to Richmond to visit my dad, we hadn't seen him in over a month and I figured it would be a good idea to go say hello and see how he's doing. Once we arrived, dad suggested we go out for lunch and even tho we weren't really all that hungry, we decided it would be nice to have an iced drink and a snack. We headed over to Boston Steakhouse for lunch cos I wanted an iced lemon tea and Kay/Warren wanted iced milk tea plus Warren isn't feel too well (can't leave the house) and he wanted to eat HK style chicken spaghetti. Since we were at BSH, I had to have a fresh mango cake (mango straight from the Philippines!) and Kay ordered a baked pork chop on rice. While we were catching up with my dad, he mentioned a bakery on Westiminster that makes really good fresh mango cake but is the mango from the Philippines? On our way back, he insisted we stop at the bakey, Wheat Garden Bakery to pick up a 6" cake for us to try but WGB doesn't have any made, you have to order fresh. We have to go back at 4.30 to pick up this cake, I hope it's worth it!

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