Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Val!


Today, I surprised Val with a present, lunch and cake! It took some planning and being a bit sneaky but I manage to do it all last week. Altho I promised I would not make a big fuss on her birthday, keeping it to just me and her (crossing my fingers and toes); I had in fact, arranged a surprise lunch with her closest friends at the office to help celebrate this milestone birthday! I made reservations at Joe Fortes cos they offer a very good lunch selection at reasonable prices and it's something different than the usual Cactus Club or Milestones, I booked a cake for her from Saint Germain's and picked up a pair of beautiful earrings from Swarovski. Over the weekend, our lovely JW came in on Sunday to decorate Val's desk with Happy 50th Birthday banners and balloons. Gosh was Val ever surprised when she came in, altho I think we could have done more and made it bigger, we all know how conservative Val is and the decorations were def not over the top. Once I arrived to the office, I went upstairs to give her the birthday gift right away and I was a bit worried that she might not have liked it or it may not be suitable but she loved the gift and she almost broke into tears! I did warn her that next year, don't be expecting anything this elaborate and I wanted to splurge a bit more this year cos it's a milestone birthday. At noon, I was a bit worried that she was going to cancel as she was having a very busy morning, I could see a look of panic on her face when I went to pick her up for lunch. But she decided to come out cos it's her birthday and it would be a nice break from the busy office. Phew! That's a close call! As we walked towards Robson Street to Tropika (that's where she thought I was taking her), I quickly grabbed her arm and walked her up to Joe Fortes and said, CHANGE OF PLANS!! She was really shocked, surprised and elated to see her friends at the table! Again, she nearly broke into tears and I think this was one of the best 50th birthday parties she's ever been too!

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