Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sala Thai & Baby Jacob

Tonite, we finally meet little Jacob, Tim & Kelly's baby boy! How much has changed in the last 4 months, wow they grow up so quickly. But he is def Tim & Kelly's baby boy! Looks like Tim & Kelly, can't tell who he looks more like. We alll meet at Sala Thai cos for some reason Tim thought that was more central to everyone. I think Basil in Burnaby would have been more central but oh well, it was still nice to head over to the Cambie Village. We order a few dishes to share and dessert of course, ST's coconut ice cream is the best! After a few hours of catching up, it was time to call it a nite! Rhoda and I came back to my place (she drove over and parked her car) and I decided to bake cookies! Tomorrow I'm going to make a cheesecake brownie, mmmm.....

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