Monday, June 15, 2009

Allergic Reaction

Poor Kay! She's got a terrible allergic reaction to SOMETHING!! It's pretty bad, it's all over her body and the reaction looks a lot like hives. We are trying to figure out what she had that could cause such a bad reaction but there wasn't anything in her diet that she hasn't had before. There is a medical clinic not too far from our place (on Kingsway and Victoria) but it doesn't open until 9am. She has an exam at noon and I know it's going to be tough for her esp since she did not get any sleep last nite cos she was so uncomfortable from being itchy and scratchy! Poor thing, hopefully she'll get some meds from the clinic!

Update: The clinic by our place does not take WALK INS until after 1pm!! WTF? I gave Kay some money in the morning so I told her to go get some REACTINE to help bring down the reaction. She is terrified of swallowing pills but I told her she could not go to school and take her exam like this. She needs to take something so the allergic reaction will calm down. I am booking her to see my doctor for tomorrow!

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