Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Mhairi!


This evening, we celebrated Mhairi's 15th birthday with the girls and the mums. Jodi, M's mom, invited all of us over for pizza and salad to celebrate Mhairi's birthday and to visit their new apartment. Wow, the apartment is beautiful and the view - spectacular! I arrived a bit earlier than Laurie (Tash's mum) cos I had rushed over to Oakridge to pick up a birthday cake for M from Saint Germain's. Kay didn't tell me that Jodi had picked up a DQ ice cream cake but it's ok, everyone loves dessert and more the better! Jodi and I were getting to know each other, talking about life as we waited for Laurie, the girls (hanging out at the swings), and the pizza while we were enjoying a glass of red wine. Laurie arrived an hour later and the pizza was delivered half an hour after her arrival. We gave the girls a call to let them know it was time to come back to the apartment for dinner. Laurie made a really nice salad with homemade dressing which went perfectly with the warm temperatures we are having, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and strawberries in a light dressing with poppy seeds. Delish! After pizza and a bit of a rest, we brought both cakes out for M cos Kay was impatiently waiting for dessert. After singing HB, blowing out the candles and letting M make her first slice, the mums finished cutting the cakes into little pieces for everyone. Mums slowly savouring the pieces as the girls gobbled theirs down; quickly finishing, the girls wanted to head back outside to hang out at the swings. Laurie and I stayed a bit longer to chat before calling it a night around 10.30ish. After saying our good byes, we headed over to the swings to pick up the girls and Kay needed to go back to Tash's place to pick up her backpack before we headed home. It was a lovely evening and def nice getting to know both mums!

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