Friday, May 29, 2009

Swimming and Dessert

After work, Rhoda and I headed over to HonHon's condo for a quick swim cos today was the perfect day (24C) to go for a dip in the pool! Originally, we had planned to hike the Grouse Grind but neither of us wanted to drive so we looked into taking transit up there, the time to take to get up there isn't too bad, only about 30+ minutes but coming back would take us an hour or more. I don't really mind but after an hour of hiking the Grind, I think we will be too tired too sweaty and too hungry to have the patience to get home so we decided to go for a swim instead. Also, I haven't gone swimming in a while and my knees are getting a bit sore from all the running, I need to start alternating my runs with swims. After our refereshing swim, we decided to head back to my place for dinner cos we too cheap to eat out. Besides, I have perfected my homemade kick@ss Caesar vinaigrette and I had some pesto chicken leftovers served on a baked mini whole wheat tortilla wrap. After dinner, we edited and updated her CHIC blog (partnered starter-business) and chatted a bit about stuff. Around 8.30pm craving for dessert, we headed over to a little HK style dessert house on Kingsway and Boundary. I choose to try a cold mango bobo served in coconut milk dessert and Rhoda had the same thing with mango juice, ohmy so yummmeeeeee......we deserve the light refreshing dessert after our 30 minute swim! A great way to end our nite!

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