Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Shopping and Eating

Ohmygoodness! Another long of eating and shopping! This afternoon, grams, yee mah and bui jei had appointments at grams's hair stylist on Granville and 60th. Grams had asked my mom to pick up yee mah and bui jei after their hair appointment and take them out shopping but by the time we arrived, everyone was finished including grams! Yee mah was quite hungry so they decided to have dim sum at Red Star which is where we are going for grams's birthday but yee mah had insisted that she wanted dim sum and there wasn't anywhere else close by to get dim sum before 3pm. Yee mah had ordered way too much food and we had to take a lot back with us. It was such a waste cos we three had already eaten before coming out and we all ended up going separate ways cos yee mah, bui jei and grams headed over to Oakridge Centre while we three headed home but made a stop for HK tea. Once back home, we did some resting before heading over to the Dollar Store (needed to pick up frames for grams's table placements) and Costco cos bui jei wanted to pick up some stuff to bring home to Hong Kong. After a lot of shopping at Costco, we headed home and it was time for another meal altho I choose to skip out and eat the dim sum leftovers cos my mom's car can't fit 7 of us. It seemed pointless for me to drive myself and my sister so I decided to stay home. But my sister decided to keep me company so she stayed home with me leaving my mom to be on her own with yee mah and bui jei. I am so stuffed that I can no longer button my button on my stretchy denim! I can't imagine trying to get into my R&Rs or Citizens! I def need to go on a diet once everyone leaves, way too much eating out!!!

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