Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

or not.

I had a 7.25am start to the day cos I had to wake up early to drive my mom and sis to their pick up spot in Burnaby. I couldn't go back to sleep and I was too tired to go for a morning run so I decided to spend the morning in my PJs and watch TV while I waited for Kay to get up. She was suppose to take me out for brunch but never ended up doing so and I was so angry that I finally yelled at her to get up and tell her that Mother's Day brunch is cancelled cos I'm too hungry to wait any longer plus I started making my own brunch! She and I had a bit of a yelling matching this morning. Not the best way to start Mother's Day but this is the one day of the year where she is suppose to be less selfish and treat her mom to a day! After a little while I realized this wasn't good so I went into her room to explain how upset I was and she called me mean (cos I was yelling at her) and she was going to take me out, buy my a necklace, flowers and cupcake. I told her I didn't want all of that and all I really wanted was BRUNCH. One meal, her treat and that was all. She was suppose to head over to meet her friend at the library to study or something but she is not going to anymore. I guess I might have been a little over the top this morning but I was pretty upset when it was almost 1pm and she still hadn't woken up. I didn't appreciate her excuses about how I should have woken her up and when I mentioned how upset would she be if I had forgotten her birthday or made dinner plans and didn't follow thru and she said well people have forgotten her birthday. I said I'm her mother and not a friend, how would she feel if I did what she did this morning. It wouldn't have happened. I think she finally understood and I felt bad for making her cry and all the yelling I did this morning. Guess it doesn't help that I am having strong nictoine urges cos my sista has been bad and letting me take drags off her smokes! Oh well, I'm gonna go have a smoke now .....

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