Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day

Today, my brother took us out for lunch at The Boss - my sister and her daily HK style tea. After lunch, we headed over to Garden Works cos my sister wanted to buy some tulip bulbs for her rooftop garden and mom wanted to pick up weed killer. But neither one got what they wanted, it seems that Burnaby (Vancouver to follow) has passed a law that bans weed killer (due to the harmful and hazardous chemicals) and tulip bulbs are only available in September. It was starting to rain a bit and we were not in a mood for any more shopping so we headed home. My brother had plans but before leaving mom wanted to take some photos with us since it's not often that she is with all 3 of her children. Very cute! We took some photos before my brother left with 3 cameras and all turned out pretty good. I was starting to get a headache and decided to rest in my suite before my yee mah and bui jei arrived. We had to figure out the sleeping arrangements and decided it would be best if NO ONE slept on the living room floor. We decided to put my gou jei in my grams's bedroom, grams in my mom's bedroom, mom in the computer room (on the floor), my yee mah in the spare bedroom on the main floor (with a bed), and my sister downstairs with me. Gosh will be a long week with so many women in the house!

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