Saturday, May 02, 2009


Tonite, Rhoda and I met up with Kent/Ashley and friends at Enigma on West 10th in Vancouver. A live Cuban band is playing at the restaurant and we went there to check it out. Kent/Ashley's friend, Veronica, knows the owners - a couple from South Africa, of this neighbourhood restaurant and the menu has a bit of everything altho, the calamari, yam fries and sticky toffee pudding are well known favorites! I had originally wanted to order the calamari and yam fries but opted to go with the 3 course meal with a Mexican theme - Cinco de Mayo. The appy was pretty good but the main course and dessert were not so great. Oh well, there is always a next time I guess... altho I probably wouldn't go back as it is a bit further from where I live and there are many neighborhood gems closer to our place. But it was a fun nite and everyone is always so nice and entertaining!!

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