Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Byes

Mom and I woke up early to drop my sister off at the airport today but first, we had one last HK tea and breakfast with her. Her suitcases were so heavy and full, gosh did she have a ton of stuff and hoping she does not go over the limit. Luckily, she did not when we checked her in at 12.30pm, she had an hour before heading through customs so we ordered coffee at Starbucks and sat in the waiting area to spend her last hour in Vancouver. Mom and sister were really really sad and didn't want to leave each other and I think it really hasn't hit me just yet. I'm not terribly upset at the moment but it could also be cos I know I'll see her soon! My plans to HK still remain for February 2010 so it's not that far away before I see her again! After sending her off to customs, we headed over to Kirin Seafood Restaurant in Richmond to meet my grams, yee mah and bui jei for dim sum. After dim sum, mom drove yee mah and bui jei to Costco one last time and I headed home with grams. Gosh, it's going to be quiet in my suite without my sister :(

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