Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinner and Dessert

Tonite, I headed out for authentic japanese on Main street with Shel and Kitty. Ohmygosh, it was really good and they have the most unique rolls I've seen in a long time! Zipang Sushi on Main street, the cross street is 21st - it's super busy and super small but you can make reservations which I highly suggest. Must take HonHon there, he would def enjoy the fresh and authentic sushi. At dinner, we caught up on life and I can't believe how generous these 2 are! Shel and Kitty bought a birthday gift for Kay and they ended up paying for the entire meal! These 2 are such good peeps! I also got the updates for their next holiday in September and wow, Asia for 3 weeks - how nice! Vancouver to Tokyo (omg, there is a Sanrio Land in Tokyo!) 7 days to Taipei 7 days to Hong Kong 5 days and back to Vancouver. Cost of all flights? Just under $1500! Wow what an awesome deal! Plus they are going to Priceline for hotels and hoping to get some sweet deals there. Wish Jas and I had considered looking for our San Fran hotel on priceline! Oh well, next time, now I know :) I am very interested in going to Sanrio Land in Tokyo and thinking about cancelling my stay at Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung where they have Hello Kitty rooms - ohmy what is wrong with me? Nah, I can do both! Hahaha... apparently a nite stay is $300 CDN, damn, didn't know that so now I might have to cancel this stay! After dinner, we had an hour before meeting up with Jimmy and his girlfriend at True Confections for dessert. I have known Jimmy since I was 14 and even tho we've lost touch thru out some of those years, we have a few common friends and ended up chatting again. For the last 7 years, he's been working in Taipei and coming back every year to visit. Since, Shel and I drove our own cars to Zipang, he and Kitty headed over to Future Shop while I drove into Kerrisdale to pick up Kay and Tash. After dropping Tash home, we headed over to True Confections on Broadway and Alma. Mmmm... I have been thinking about the Devil's Food Cake with Marshmallow icing since Shel mentioned True Confections earlier in the week. After an hour and half of chatting and catching up, it was time to say good bye cos I had to wake up early the next day. It was really nice to catch up with Jimmy and always a pleasure spending time with Shel and Kitty - they are really great people!

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