Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday with Mom and Sister

Today, mom and I got to spend the entire day with my sister! Luckily, auntie inge came by the house to take my grams, yee mah and bui jei shopping at Holt Renfrew in downtown cos that's one of her fave places to shop and they wanted to shop around HR. Mom and I took my sister back to Superstore for some last minute items, a quick break for HK style tea and mini meal, Dollar store for a few more items, and back home to rest so she could start organizing her luggage before meeting my brother in Richmond for a farewell dinner. Kay and her friend, Tash came with us to dinner cos we decided to take my sister to the Richmond nite market and those two made plans to head down there tonite. We met my brother at Boston Steakhouse and the steak wasn't too bad cos we had a stone grill steak which is the only way I'll eat a steak at a chinese restaurant. The best part of this meal is the dessert, a slice of mango cake - mangoes from the Philippines! The slice of cake alone costs $7.00!! We decided to pick up a piece to go for my grams cos she loves and misses Philippine mangos, you really can't get them here in Vancouver. After my brother and I paid for the delish meal, I got a VIP card for the restaurant for 10% off meals and 20% off whole cakes at the bakery where the mango cake is made. After some photo taking, we parted ways with my brother cos he has an early morning, a charity golf tournament and we headed towards the nite market. We left the girls on their own for the hour while we three browse through the stands. There really isn't much at the night market but I ended up picking 2 Hello Kitty (knock offs) shower caps :) After an hour in the nite market, we decided it was time to go home cos my sister needed to finish packing, gosh she has so much stuff - hopefully, everything will fit in her luggage! It was a great way to end the nite and I am going to miss her so much.

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